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Dee’s House was founded in 2010 in Fountain Valley, California. Adhering to the importance of healing a person’s mind, body and spirit, the facility offers holistic treatment services in an inpatient setting. Dee House is catered exclusively to women over the age of 30 with a focus on meditation and spiritual development.

Accommodations and Food

Based in California’s famed Orange County, Dee’s House operates out of a six-bedroom house in Fountain Valley, right near the edge of Huntington Beach and only seven blocks away from the ocean. Each client has her own bedroom with a twin bed adorned with a fluffy comforter and quilt.

All of the counseling occurs in the living room and the garage of the house. The house also has an office area on the first floor with a computer for client usage.

Clients are allowed to have visitors during a three-hour period on Sundays after their second week in the program. The following week, clients are permitted to leave the house during that three-hour period. After the initial month in the program, clients can have one off-site overnight per week if the counselors believe they are progressing in their treatment.

The women are responsible for their own breakfast and lunch, and counselors take them to a local grocery store once a week to buy food. Dinner is usually prepared by one of the residents and served family style. Dee’s House provides clients with $75 each week and also assists them with learning money management.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Dee’s House begins with a one-on-one assessment with the facility’s intake counselor to help determine if the program will serve the potential clients particular needs. If the counselor determines the client is unstable, she is referred to an outside detox program, as Dee’s House does not offer detox at this time.

The residential program lasts for 90 days and the treatment consists of group and individual therapy. Clients attend two to three group meetings Monday through Friday. The group meetings are led by a counselor and cover a variety of topics and focus points including relapse prevention, self-esteem and women’s specific issues. Counselors use CBT as one of their main therapeutic methods. Dee’s House also utilizes SMART Recovery in its groups.

Dee’s House is a dual-diagnosis equipped rehab, and has two psychologists on staff who assist with mental health counseling. If the psychologists believe the client has a co-occurring disorder and may need medication, the client is set up with a local psychiatrist.

Clients attend a variety of outside 12-step meetings every week including Big Book meetings, AA meetings on the beach as well as monk recovery groups.

The residential program is primarily run by two CADACs. There is also a “house mom” who lives on-site with all the residents.


Dee’s House has a massage therapist come once a month to provide massages to the women. Also, clients at Dee’s House are highly active and participate in yoga at least four times a week including Kundalini Yoga, gong relaxation and EFT. Residents also regularly go on beach and nature walks.

Although Dee’s House does not have an official aftercare program, it does make a point of setting clients up with a clear plan of how they will stay sober before they leave the program. This strategy includes finding the client a stable housing environment and any appropriate therapists. Clients are also encouraged to return every Wednesday evening for a Wing Repair meeting at the house. Dee’s House also assists with resume development if the clients request it.

In Summary

Dee’s House is an extremely viable option for over-30 women who want highly individualized residential treatment that goes above and beyond the 12 steps. The low number of residents allows clients to receive a high level of personalized care. And the supreme focus on meditation and yoga is an enormous perk for anyone seeking a wholehearted and spiritual approach to recovery.

Dee’s House Location

18886 Santa Marta St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Dee’s House Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Contact Dee’s House by phone at (714) 374-6873 or by email at Find Dee’s House on YouTube and Twitter

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