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Decision Point Center, a comprehensive treatment center in the heart of Arizona, has been on an upward trajectory since the spring of 2015, when Harvard Business School alum and recovery industry veteran Paul Auchterlonie came on board to lead a renovation of the entire program and brand. Many new staff were hired and programs were fundamentally redesigned to address the modern DSM-5 definition of substance use disorder.

A relatively affordable rehab that offers customized treatment plans and a huge range of therapies usually only found at luxury rehabs, Decision Point stands out from the pack by offering a comprehensive 15-day assessment along with 45 and 90-day residential treatment programs with tracks that focus on adults between the ages of 18 and 34 and another for those over the age of 35.

Accommodations & Food

Decision Point follows the “Florida model” of treatment, with living quarters detached from the clinical facility. The residents stay in two-bedroom apartments that are cozy and clean. Clients shop for and cook their own meals with guidance from a nutritionist and are required to keep the apartments neat and tidy as part of learning important life skills and responsibilities. Men and women stay in separate apartments.


Decision Point is geared towards chronic relapsers who need more than 30 days of treatment. Some clients stay for as long as six months, but the average length of stay is 45 to 90 days. They move through the phases of the program in stages according to their own pace.

Decision Point also treats co-occurring disorders. No matter the issue, the therapists will probe into the childhood traumas that spawned the compulsive behavior. A client’s treatment plan may include a combination of CBT, anger management, somatic breathwork, EMDR, relaxation and Motivational Interviewing (MI). While some of the group sessions are gender-segregated like the dorms, others are co-ed. The center also offers a special Spirituality Program for the Biblically inclined.

Decision Point respects the 12 steps of AA but offers non-12-step approaches for those desiring a different path to recovery.


Learning how to have fun while living sober is also emphasized. For a little mind-body integration, Decision Point promises yoga and Tai Chi as well as weekly equine therapy and daily gym time. But perhaps the biggest emphasis is on adventure therapy—be it backpacking, day hiking, rock climbing or the ropes course.

In Summary

On the whole, Decision Point Center is an appealing, relatively affordable option for long-term treatment, especially for those who have been suffering the effects of trauma.

Decision Point Center Location

505 West Whipple St
Prescott, AZ 86301

Decision Point Center Cost

Decision Point Center Cost: Varies depending on length of stay (15, 45 or 90 days). Reach Decision Point by phone at 855-566-5581 or by email at [email protected]. Find Decision Point Center on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube

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  1. Unhappy parents on

    We are very disappointed with Decision Point. We paid more than $7,000 for our 18 year old to attend their outpatient program at the Scottsdale location. The sales pitch was very convincing. Weekly group counseling sessions, private meets with counselors, and weekly drug screening. We thought everything was going great. Brad Kissler, Director of Outpatient Admissions, reported to us that weekly urine tests were showing no drugs present. We were very relieved and allowed our son to begin driving our cars again (You want to drive our cars, you have to be drug free, this is important). Shortly after completing the program we had suspicions of drug use and took him to a professional testing lab where the results showed positive for drugs. That’s when he admitted that he had been high during the entire Decision Point program. He had been gaming the urine tests because Decision Point’s drug screening is on the “honor system”. They send the addict into the bathroom with running water and no supervision. I called Brad and asked if this was possible. He confirmed that it is possible and defended his employer by saying that they are “not a professional testing facility”. Well that would have been nice to know up front. One of sales pitches for Decision Point is that the majority of their counselors are prior drug addicts, which they claim is a benefit because few can understand the layers of an addicts deceit better than another addict. Really?, but you allow the addict to give you a urine sample on the “honor system”! We would have been perfectly willing to take our son to the professional testing facility located only a block away from Decision Point and pay $45/per test had we known of this policy, but they didn’t tell us. Instead, we were lead to believe their testing was accurate and reliable. This means that during this program our son was also driving our cars high. To make is worse, he met a heroin addict at his Decision Point group counseling sessions and they began dating. She eventually had “health problems” and dropped out of the program. Wonder if her parents knew about the honor system drug testing? I left two phone messages for the President or CEO of Decision point to call me back to discuss this further, but in the past 6 weeks they have shown no interest in returning my calls. It is very unfortunate that I am writing this online review as it would be totally unnecessary had they simply called me back. What an unfortunate experience this has been. And to think it all might have turned out differently if we, the parents, were informed at the time of enrollment that reliable drug screening could only be obtained if we sought the services of a professional testing facility located right down the street. Decision Point’s program was never given an opportunity to work. What a waste.

  2. I recently sent my daughter to Decision Point and I could not have had a better experience. The professionalism and kindness she experienced from day 1 at the detox center to her graduation day was unprecedented. It was exactly what she needed. The clinicians are knowledgeable and the staff were always welcoming. Decision Point brought our family back together and our daughter has never been so outgoing and successful!

    • Fred Schaffner, CFO on

      I am so glad to hear the recent positive feedback from late 2015 and now 2016. The program at Decision Point Center has been redesigned significantly since our new CEO Paul Auchterlonie came on board in 2015. I am privileged to have been asked to join fall of 2015 as the CFO. I can report that no stone has been left unturned as we looked at every aspect of this program and brought on the right people for the right jobs. We now have the most highly trained and credential clinicians and residential behavioral health techs. Leadership positions are all newly staffed with forward-thinking professionals and programming is engaging and continuous seven days per week. Personally, I couldn’t be happier with the friendly staff culture and how I see all of us here engage the clients and involve them in providing a therapeutic environment that will help them succeed. I am so sorry for comments regarding the Decision Point program of the past and can’t wait to see the new better experiences get posted here.

  3. I recently completed 90 days of treatment at Decision Point. The staff and techs were very welcoming and supportive from day one through day 90. The facilities we clean and comfortable and the Prescott weather was nicer than I had imagined. I am back to work in my aerospace engineering job and doing really well. I won’t say it’s a breeze being sober. But if feels wonderful and worth every bit of hard work. I’ll be indebted to the fine people at Decision Point for a very long time.

  4. This place is genuinely different than any other treatment center I have attended. The staff is so organized towards meeting the specific needs of each client and provides so much space and care for people to succeed. Hands down the best experience I have ever had being apart of a treatment facility.

  5. Decision Point hasn’t changed, regardless of what they say. I was asked to leave and my family was lied to. There was no after care, I was denied my prescribed medicine upon departure, I wasn’t given weekly individualized/family therapy sessions, they took away family visits, there’s no equine therapy, in house gym, or rock climbing. My counselor, Bonnie, didn’t even have a masters degree and was only 3 years sober. This place hires anyone off the streets, can’t tell you how much the program costs, over bills insurance, and doesn’t care about their clients and their recovery. Four of the 5 female clients I saw leave in two months have relapsed.

    • People get sober in the worst rehabs and people get sober in the best it’s all about dedication and work. I had a good experience with DP and would recommend them to anyone who needs help. When I was there last year the staff was very genuine and very helpful and the living situation was decent. But all that aside the staff can give you all the advice and help you want but only YOU can keep yourself sober by working an honest program and truly being done. Don’t blame the rehab for getting “asked to leave” for breaking rules or stupid stuff. Follow the rules for a little bit and move on there done.

  6. Derek Sanders on

    We sent our 25 year old son Eric through the Decision Point program this past January 2016. It was the best thing that ever happened to him – or us. He’s now clean and sober and motivated to stay that way. Gary Hees and the rest of the staff somehow broke through with him and accomplished what two other centers could not. We are very grateful. – Derek S.

  7. Yes agreed, STAY AWAY FROM DECISION POINT, They ruined my marriage to my loving wife of 11 years, they purposly threw all her letters away that she was writing me while I was a patient at decision point, and they even portray her in letters and wrote fake letters acting like my wife to me , to destroy our marriage to con me into staying in there rehab another 6 months.
    the owener is a druggie and this place is a scam and is being in investigated for fraud

  8. Ashley Bender on

    do NOT send anyone you love to this place. They just threw my brother on the street without a phone or warning. He decided to leave the program after the 90 days he agreed to. He let them know he would be leaving may 8th. They then kicked him out. They gave him 15 minutes to gather his things and leave the property. They just put a newly recovered addict on the street. He is not from Prescott and it will take hours for my family to get there! The counselor has been no help in finding him now that he is gone. His words were “I don’t know, try looking in the square that’s where most of them go”. These people do not care about the residents they care only about their pockets!! It’s sickening. I will do everything in my power to warn people about this facility. This is a common occurrence here, I only wish we would have known before sending my brother there.

    • Paul Auchterlonie on

      This saddens me to read. I am sorry for your frustrations and less than desirable experience. You will be happy to know that as of 6/1/2015 Decision Point Center has restructured ownership and installed an entirely new leadership team. We are very excited to announce that we have also revamped our programming to reflect a new set of values. We will no longer be a punitive based program (like many programs available today) but instead be a program of respect and client empowerment. Challenging clients thinking, but supporting them in decisions that will help them to build a whole new way of life.

      I would be very happy to speak with you regarding your experience with the old Decision Point and talk in more depth about our new direction. We welcome feedback as we will continue to remain in a place of constant self-reflection and growth to ensure that experiences like yours are an unfortunate part of our past. With the introduction of new leadership we considered changing the Decision Point name to simply erase reviews like yours from the internet, but decided this would be incongruent with the message we now deliver to our clients. We encourage our clients to not deny or criticize their past, but instead to embrace it in order to benefit and grow from its many lessons.

      I look forward to speaking with you to learn more about your experience and how we can ensure that no one else will get anything but the best care available.


      Paul Auchterlonie
      Decision Point Center
      [email protected]

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