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Founded in 1892 by a group of Protestant ministers and concerned citizens, Deaconess operates six hospitals in southern Indiana. Deaconess Cross Pointe in Evansville offers mental health, psychiatric and substance abuse services to teens, adults and their families. A 60-bed psychiatric inpatient facility provides short-term medical detox, and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is available for those who need a rigorous program, but want to live at home during treatment.

Accommodations and Food

At Deaconess, the medically monitored detox unit can accommodate 18 clients and is open to both adults and teens, ages 14 and up. The rooms are furnished hospital-style, with twin beds and small cabinets to store personal items. Residents share a room with another client of the same gender during their stay—which is typically five to seven days.

Meals are served cafeteria-style and the menu is developed by the hospital dietician, so special dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Before admission to the chemical dependency outpatient program, clients are assessed by a physician and a therapist to determine the appropriate level of care. Outpatient detox typically lasts around three days and clients may be offered medication to ease the process. Clients who are deemed to require more intensive treatment are placed at an inpatient facility.

The IOP typically lasts for six weeks, but may take longer depending on the client’s progress and willingness to complete treatment goals. Dual diagnosis support is offered for those suffering from co-occurring disorders and medical doctors, registered nurses and psychiatrists offer medication management. The program includes individual therapy and group therapy three evenings a week. Groups focus on drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention and developing coping skills. Clients are also required to attend two off-site 12-step groups such as AA or NA per week.

The treatment program at Deaconess Cross Pointe is run by a multidisciplinary team of LADCs, physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists.


Aftercare groups meet twice a week and are free for anybody who has successfully completed the program. Family education and counseling is also offered, along with an anger management treatment and education program.

In Summary

Deaconess Cross Pointe offers a valuable service for clients who require mental health and substance abuse recovery services. A variety of treatment options is available for those with co-occurring disorders and clients can access a wide range of medical professionals. The added component of AA or NA helps clients to maintain their sobriety even after completing the treatment plans.Those without insurance are not accepted, as there is no self-pay option.

Deaconess Cross Pointe Location

7200 E Indiana St
Evansville, IN 47715

Deaconess Cross Pointe Cost

Depends on program. Reach Deaconess Cross Pointe by phone (812) 476-7200. Find Deaconess Cross Pointe on Google+

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  1. As I have read these reviews I don’t understand….I have been two e a
    Ll beat it was two years ago but it was nothing but professional ism while I was there…

  2. My sister went in last Friday. They released her,told me to get everything ready for her homecoming,she was looking forward to coming home and getting on with her life. Then today they call her and tell her “Oh,sorry. We need to see you for one last outpatient meeting,” Seriously?? You couldn’t have said what you needed to yesterday when she was still signed in?

  3. completely disgusted on

    Would not send a most hated enemy or a dead frog ha. Worst excuse for a medical facility I have ever seen. Nasty, filthy facility. Staff inept. People are treated cruelly. Have worked in this field a long time. Do not send your clients here.

  4. Absolutely horrible staff. My doctor has diagnosed me with acute stress reaction and thought I may benefit from an evaluation so her office called to let them know I was coming in. I got there, filled out paperwork and was told I’d be seen soon. I waited for 2 hours and every time I asked for a rough estimate of how much longer it would be I was given a very rude response. Then they finally tell me they don’t understand why I am even there and since I wasn’t talking about self harm they wouldn’t evaluate me even though my doctor wanted the evaluation. The girl was very rude and just shrugged her shoulder when I asked them why they let me waste 2 hours. It felt like the staff had no clue what they were doing or what was going on. Horrible staff and horrible experience. They should be ashamed of themselves, I have been through a very traumatic experience and was just looking for help.

  5. A bunch of enablers. Oh, you are less depressed when you smoke? Go ahead then, by all means, smoke to happiness! You definitely need medication for depression and just by looking at you even though you exhibit no signs of anxiety you have that too so here’s this medication. In group you can’t have permanent friends that can support you because you aren’t supposed to have each other in social media, texting, calls etc. They want you to become dependent on medication for happiness because they gain from it. They advise you to use people as a weight bearing crutch instead of moral support. Complete hookum. Period.

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