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Founded by a priest and two physicians in the early 60s, Daytop Village began as a single institution, offering residential substance abuse services for men on probation from the Brooklyn corrections system. Since that time, Daytop has expanded its services to include men, women and young adults in both residential treatment and a variety of outpatient programs from locations in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs to upstate New York. Though Daytop Village has become a massive operation, the basic elements of that early treatment program remain; group therapy, role modeling, job assignments and peer support.

Treatment and Staff

Daytop Village has eight outpatient locations offering adult and adolescent treatment for substance abuse: Westchester, Suffolk, Staten Island, Rockland County, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Starting with an assessment by a licensed substance abuse counselor, eligible clients are then scheduled for appropriate group sessions and individual therapy. The primary stage of treatment is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). IOP is scheduled four times per week for three hours each day. Two of the 12 weekly hours are devoted to individual therapy and the rest is spent in groups. Duration of outpatient is based on the client and the progress they make in therapy. A client is deemed eligible for graduation if they attend and participate in all therapy sessions, stay clean and sober and achieve prescribed goals. Group size is limited to 20 and topics include addiction studies, relapse prevention, peer pressure, coping skills, goals, avoiding procrastination, CBT and family dynamics. All clients are also encouraged to attend 12-step meetings.

A step-down in treatment to what would normally be called the outpatient program is known as the aftercare program at Daytop Village. Clients attend one group session per week at this level; relapse prevention groups, for an example, are an ongoing source of support. In the aftercare program, clients return to their neighborhood high schools, begin college or start working. They continue to attend counseling and support groups at a Daytop Center in the afternoon or evening. Counselors assist teens as they reintegrate with school and old friends and encourage them in reaching new goals.

Treatment teams vary from location to location, but there are always at least four licensed alcohol and drug counselors, two Master’s-level therapists and a psychiatrist on staff. Facility hours are Monday through Thursday, from 9 am to 9 pm and Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm. Clients have day or evening options.


There are several specialized treatment groups as well, for clients with co-occurring disorders, adolescents and women and girls. General group treatment sessions are co-ed, but specialized counseling and support services are also offered to address women’s needs. Specific women’s services vary by location, and may include Health Awareness seminars, assistance with child custody issues, trauma counseling for victims of domestic and sexual abuse, nutritional seminars and parenting classes. Girls also attend the weekly women’s groups to address topics such as self-esteem, relationships and abuse. Recent workshops include one on women’s health, presented by the Department of Health and Expression through Art and Music Therapy. Female only events are organized to promote bonding among the women clients and to reinforce positive feelings of worth.

Ongoing family therapy and education are crucial parts of the Daytop adolescent program. Daytop Village believes that families need to schedule family therapy sessions well into a teen’s sobriety. Adolescents who attend IOP also go to school on site. The Daytop Preparatory School is a registered non-public school with transferable credits and all teachers are state certified; classes are small and teachers target subject areas specific to each student. Daytop’s philosophy is that success at academics bolsters self-confidence and prepares clients to return to their neighborhood schools on par with their peers.

In Summary

Daytop Village offers specialized residential and outpatient services for substance abuse to men, women and adolescents. Special tracks for co-occurring disorders, gender specific groups and accredited schooling address the fact that recovery is not one size fits all. While the recent merger with Samaritan Village has caused some confusion, an update of services provided and locations should be forthcoming. In the meantime, they still have plenty of locations to choose from, making Daytop Village a convenient and comprehensive choice for treatment.

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