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The Dayton VA Medical Center (DVAMC), located in Dayton, Ohio,  serves veterans who are grappling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. The rehab facility is situated in a separate building a few steps from the main medical center, guaranteeing that good medical care is nearby if needed. Opened in 2010, the 28-day residential treatment program uses an evidence-based model.

Accommodations and Food

In the residential treatment area, the units are gender separate and each double-occupancy room has a hotel-like feel with a bed, nightstand and dresser for each resident in addition to a shared bathroom. There are also multiple media rooms with lounge areas and TVs.

Unlike many rehab facilities, residents may bring their own cell phones and Wi-Fi is being installed so residents can also access their laptops. An on-site gym can be used during free time.

Meals are served cafeteria-style with a large variety of foods including a robust salad bar for those mindful of health and waistlines.

Treatment and Staff

The residential program uses evidence-based techniques including  CBT and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET). Clients have both individual and group therapy with either a psychologist or social worker. Dual diagnosis support is available for up to two months. The Dayton VA offers SMART Recovery rather than a 12-step program.

A physician visits residents three times a week. The average staff-to-client ratio is one-to-18.

In addition to residential treatment, DVAMC offers an outpatient program, which meets for an hour three days a week, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)  that meets three days a week for a total of nine hours.

Aftercare is provided for up to 12 weeks.

In Summary

DVAMC is a viable option for military veterans seeking help with their addiction. The facility offers a well-rounded substance abuse program and comprehensive nearby medical care. There is no charge for veterans once they are enrolled in the Dayton VA program.

Dayton VA Medical Center Location

4100 W Third St
Dayton, OH 45428

Dayton VA Medical Center Cost

Free to veterans. Reach Dayton VA Medical Center by phone at (937) 268-6511, ext. 2188.

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  1. david steadman on

    maybe someone can help me with my concerns, I had a primary care doctor that did nothing about my complaints of my health. told him of shortness of breath, dizzy spells, sweats, blurred vision and weird feeling in my upper body. his answer to it all was your getting old. asked for a new doctor and got a nurse p. told her the same things and was sent to cardiology. found out I had an 80% blockage in the widow maker artery. requested all my primary care records and was nothing about any of this in them except the ones from the nurse. nothing from the doctor was even in the records, like they had been wiped clean.
    another thing is I have been fighting skin blisters off and on for over 40 years in Vietnam I was in direct contact with agent orange over and over. have talked to some of the men I was with and some have the same problems. then again come to Dayton va dermatology and told agent orange could have nothing to do with my problem. then the doctor tells me he sees this a lot in men my age. it don’t take a smart person to realize most vets my age are Vietnam vets, all I was told the blisters are call itchy red bumps and don’t know what they are but can’t be agent orange related I would just like to get a straight answer for a change

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