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Darp Foundation is a community-based sober living facility for men ages 18 and over. Located in the town of Decatur, Arkansas, this facility has been helping residents in Benton County and surrounding areas since 2002.

With the primary purpose of providing an affordable and supportive drug and alcohol-free environment, Darp services include case management, relapse prevention counseling, in-house 12-step meetings and educational and vocational planning. Darp’s objective is to help men in recovery bridge the gap between intensive treatment and independent sober living.

Accommodations and Amenities

Darp houses clients in a two-story building situated in a residential neighborhood. While the façade resembles a county facility, the interior is furnished comfortably with sofas and cushioned chairs for group meetings. There is a spacious kitchen, dining hall and TV room. All bedrooms have twin beds, nightstands and shared dressers. Darp holds up to 80 men, sleeping four to a room. There are also four communal bathrooms with multiple showers and sinks.

The facility provides three meals a day along with linens and phone service. Coin-operated washers and dryers are on-site and residents are responsible for their own detergent. While household cleaning supplies are provided, the men are responsible for purchasing any personal items. Clients are permitted two 15-minute calls per week: one incoming and one outgoing.

Rules and Regulations

Substance abuse, violence and stealing are grounds for immediate dismissal. Darp is a work house—meaning all men are enrolled in a job program contracted with the County of Benton. Earnings go directly to Darp and are dispersed amongst the clients (minus room and board) upon receipt. There is a six-month minimum stay but residents are welcome to stay as long as they need. Urinalysis and breathalyzer tests are administered daily by the house manager.

Along with working full-time, residents are required to attend daily on-site 12-step meetings, as well as two compulsory group meetings a week and two individual therapy sessions. All are facilitated by a CSAC.  Visitors are permitted on Saturdays between noon and 3 pm after each client’s initial two weeks. Weekend passes are available after 30 days.

Residents are responsible for personal hygiene, cleaning and maintaining their personal space, as well as one weekly house chore.


In addition to counseling, Darp provides vocational and educational training and case management for clients on parole and/or probation.

In Summary

While Darp Foundation is considered a sober living facility, they are structured more like a treatment center. Through its employment contract with the county and by providing job training, Darp is ideal for men who may be struggling to find work due to lack of credentials—such as men on parole.

With required 12-step meeting attendance and therapy, residents benefit from structured sobriety support as they build relationships and develop a sober community; making Darp an excellent choice for men truly looking to make a fresh start.

Darp Foundation Location

1199 Grant Ave
Decatur, AR  72722

Darp Cost

$750 (30 days). Reach Darp by phone at (479) 752-3411.

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  1. Does anyone know who to contact about a case and all the information they need from how we were treated down to the murder? I was there 6 months and was also hired by Raymond Jones to be the Supervisor.

  2. Tonia Gardner on

    It is my understanding that this place is under investigation and therefore, no one should be referred there. These men are not getting any type of structured recovery. There is no trained professional on sight, seemingly, it is run by those who need help. To me, this is no more than a slave camp. I am definitely looking into an attorney and having this place investigated further.

    • It’s a community, not an actual treatment center. If people understand what it actually is, then there’s not so much confusion.

  3. Follow the money. The men working for Hendren Plastic have not filled w-2 forms or receive any payment for labor to contribute towards court imposed financial obligations and necessary children support payments. There is not a trained drug consular on the premises. These men are being robbed of their civil rights.

    • DARP participants are contracted labor THROUGH DARP. Hendren Plastics pays DARP for every minute worked by each participant, AT more than minimum wage and overtime pay. It is DARP, that is not paying the participants, NOT Hendren Plastics. Just as through a temp agency, Hendren Plastics pays DARP and DARP is responsible for distributing the funds accordingly. Why don’t you educate yourself on contract labor laws and obligations. W-2s are issued to HIRED employees. Again, educate yourself. And robbed of their civil rights?? They made poor choices putting themselves in a less than satisfactory situation and sign an agreement of the terms of the rehabilitation center. Furthermore, the courts approve of these rehabilitation centers for placement in lieu of jail/prison time. Seems you need to educate yourself on the whole story instead of passing judgement on something you now nothing about, clearly.

  4. Frankie Jones on

    I am a graduate of D.A.R.P I checked myself into the program some years ago I wasn’t Court ordered it is a very structured environment you will follow the rules and you will learn how to respect others as well as how to get and hold a job you will not be handed anything in there you will earn every thing you get and you will come out of there a better person than went in.!!! If you get nothing from them then you never put anything into this program they will give you all the tools you need you have to apply them!!!!!!

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