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dare u to care reviewDare U to Care Review

A fixture in South Los Angeles since 1995, Dare U to Care was founded by Ruth and Thee Hamilton, a wife and husband team who describe their inspiration to establish the program as a religious calling. It is a 12-step facility offering a six-to-12 month residential treatment program for men and women—mothers with children up to 13 years old can bring them along as well. The program is founded in strong religious values and requires that all clients acquire employment during their stay.

Accommodations and Food

There are three residential houses in South Los Angeles, two for men and one for women. The program can host as many as 44 clients at a time; about 34 men and 10 women. Male bedrooms have bunk beds and can accommodate four to six at a time.  Most recovery activities occur in one of the male houses during early morning and evening hours. All residences have a live-in house manager.  The male residences have meals prepared for them but the female clients are expected to cook for themselves; however, the cost of food is included in the price of treatment.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is long term with an average stay lasting between six to 12 months. Recovery work is mostly comprised of therapy each morning before work and in the evenings, along with 12-step meetings and workshops on anger management, relapse prevention, domestic violence and grief and loss counseling. Towards the end of a client’s stay, course work in permanent housing placement and socialization programs are also featured, as well as a basic family program where applicable.

While there is no medical detox offered, Dare U to Care has a relationship with a local mental health facility and can help clients schedule psychiatric visits when necessary (however, payment is out of pocket). Since 1997, Dare U to Care has held a parole contract with Walden House SASCA, one of Los Angeles County’s largest treatment programs. The facility also visits various prisons to provide referral information regarding their available services.

Given clients’ busy schedules, recreation is not a big part of the program. Aside from group trips to a local park on Fridays, most of the resident’s free time is spent in the house doing recovery work, socializing or playing board games. There is also a TV in one of the houses’ common rooms for all to enjoy. Residents’ generally have free time for themselves on the weekends as well.


Dare U to Care owns and operates a Golden Bird fried chicken franchise (also known as the Dare U to Care Grill) near their facilities and offers clients employment there. The enterprise is very well received in the neighborhood. Since having a job is a requirement of the program, many residents use this opportunity as a way to build their resume while looking for other work. Those who do not work at the Golden Bird can participate in the Summer Food and Kid’s Snacks Programs, which delivers meals to underprivileged youths in the community.

In Summary

As a resident of Dare U to Care, you can expect a highly disciplined program founded in religious values and 12-step philosophy, at a very affordable price. With almost 20 years of service and an established connection with the community, Dare U to Care represents a recovery legacy that offers security and inspires trust.

Dare U To Care Location

316 W. 120th St
Los Angeles, CA 90061

Dare U to Care Cost

$600 (30 days). Reach Dare U to Care by phone at (323) 777-2372. Find Dare U to Care on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube

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