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Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Damon House was founded in 1971 as a non-profit social service organization aimed at helping those who suffer from substance abuse with both short- and long-term treatment, in addition to educating the community about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The men and women who come to this program are from a wide variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds, falling between the ages of 18 and 55. Typically, clients are at the end of the road financially and legally.

Accommodations and Food

The 70-bed Damon House facility is set up in an old, brick armory. Clients live in modest bedrooms furnished with twin-sized beds and small dressers. All rooms are shared with one other resident.

Three meals a day are prepared on-site by the kitchen staff and served cafeteria style. Favorites include pasta, soup, burgers, fried chicken, stir fry and sandwiches. While the options are not the healthiest, clients do not go hungry.

Treatment and Staff

Clients who enter the intensive residential program, which generally lasts six to 10 months, must complete detox before admission. The program concentrates on behavior modification rather than the 12 steps. Through the use of CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) in therapy,  clients can work on eliminating cravings for drugs and alcohol. Each client participates in weekly individual therapy, group therapy, nutrition education, recreation and meditation. Group topics include relapse prevention, anger management, life skills, employment, processing and codependency.

On-site AA/NA meetings are available several times a week. Residents can also go off-site for a meeting on Friday nights provided they have obtained a pass to leave the facility.

While there is no on-site medical monitoring, clients do have access to a visiting psychiatrist and medical doctor. The rest of the on-site staff consists of counselors, case managers and nurses.


Family therapy is a chance for clients to heal damaged family dynamics. Family members can attend counseling with the individual counselor, groups and educational lectures. A lawyer is available to help clients with legal problems.

In Summary

With a strong emphasis on behavior modification and no pressure to embrace the 12 steps, Damon House’s long-term program can help financially and legally troubled clients get their lives back on track.

Damon House Location

105 Joyce Kilmer Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 8901

Damon House Cost

Free. Reach Damon House by phone at (732) 828-6002. Find Damon House on Facebook

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  1. I am a graduate of Damon House, I was there 14 years. When entered the building didn’t know what to expect it was hard and emotional , but I knew that I needed to change my ways of doing drugs , stealing and lying to family and friends getting fried from jobs etc. I was lost soul empty . I started my journey to move forward and break the addition behaviors that had me chain for 25 years of my life. I was hard dealing with myself because I didn’t like who I was , but the councilors, therapist and other clients helped me move forward to a positive way of thinking and living and to attain I have no reason to use, I became the son and brother and friend I always wanted to be and also have had my job for 14 years also. What a life lesson to hear the voices of truth so I can live Ron

  2. This place is terrible. Clients spend most of their time cleaning. Women have 7 beds while men occupy the other 50 plus and yet women are expected not to speak to the male clients. They kick people out on the street with no notice or time for clients to plan aftercare. They make you memorize their mission statement and attempt to “break you” by treating you cruelly and subjecting you to embarrassing and shameful public humiliation. Staff has been fired for inappropriate sexual relationships with clients. It’s ridiculous. This kind of program may work for the few people who make it through but those are few and far between. Most are there to satisfy drug court or probation. This place is horrible and should be shut down

  3. I’m looking at the negative comments and I have to say, yes, it was a difficult program but I believe there are reasons for the way they do things. Those who say the facility doesn’t promote family interaction and try to alienate the residents from their families. I believe this is untrue but the perception that it is true is because (in my opinion), many times, the family of the resident is part of the problem and they are trying to separate the person from the enabling and triggering that family does. My son has been at Damon house for going on 9 months now. He graduated the rehab and is now in reentry. Prior to this program, he went to two rehabs in Florida. They were lovely places where the addict was treated gently and coddled. Neither of them worked. After he violated his probation for the 4th time, they sent him to Damon House. It was that or jail. This is the longest he has been clean ever. I’ll take the inconvenience of family visits and the difficulty in getting a call back if my son succeeds. This program is for THEM not YOU.

    • Thank you, I have a friend who is currently in detox at Bergen Regional and needs a rehab placement. As the child of an alcoholic, my mom went through a similar program. She wasn’t allowed to have any contact with her family for 30 days. So, I understand the rationale for eliminating family contact.
      My main concern for him is how he will be treated by staff if he goes there. He is emotionally fragile. Do they offer therapy by trained psychological professionals? The reviews I am reading are a bit disturbing, but trying to keep in mind that they don’t understand the process.
      Can you offer any information about your son’s treatment there?

  4. Damon House is one of the worst rehabs possible. The staff is absolutely rude, inconsiderate, and VERY unprofessional. When we called to check up on our family member we were hung up on multiple times and this wasn’t even in his blackout period! When we were allowed for family visitations the staff was extremely unfriendly and treated us as if we were stupid. Not to mention they treat the clients as if they are stupid as well. When our family member left they stole all of his clothes and replaced them with clothes THAT WERE NOT HIS, shoes that were not his and the clients are allowed to have money put into their accounts, well all of his money was put on an ebt card, NOT IN HIS NAME, with no PIN number to use, and no security password so he can’t even use it. These places are meant to help people get better but Damon House makes you worse. No one cares about your well being in this hell hole, all they care about is their money. No wonder why clients are fleeing left and right and would rather be in prison than stay here.

  5. Damon House is the best thing that ever happened to me I thank God for this program I have over 8 years clean and I ve couldn’t of done it without this program my way didn’t work they broke me down and molded me into the man i am today a productive member of society Thank you Damon House for saving my life and teaching me a new way of living

  6. thank god you tell the truth, damon house caused me P.T.S.D. .. it’s no joke.. thank god for AA after

    I am coming up on two years clean but if damon house inquiries I will tell them I relapsed when I left so they don’t try to add me as a positive statistic

    I lost my wife to illness right before I was admitted and they never addressed grief, they just yelled at me and punished me ( stand in corner for hours etc. ) I would be punished worse if I told my family and all mail is screened, and phone calls are on speaker with staff so it’s impossible to tell anyone privately how you are humiliated and mistreated.

    they should close any program that thinks T.C. or behavior based programs equate to cruelly treating clients and calling it therapy

    • I sufferd so much harm from Damon house I was in treatment and was screamed at stood in corners for hours the shaved my head to shame me it’s a bad bad evil place it was the house of horrors

    • I sufferd so much harm from Damon house I was in treatment and was screamed at stood in corners for hours the shaved my head to shame me it’s a bad bad evil place it was the house of horrors

  7. Hi Nathalie I was hoping you could email me privately and elaborate a little more on your experience there. Please and thank you!!

    • Frustrated Family on

      Nathalie is absolutely correct. They will NOT return phone calls. Damon House has no regard for family or children and purposely try to alienate patients from their families. Zero regard for work schedules for visits as well. They prefer the patient has zero contact with family because they don’t want to answer for any untoward behavior of their staff and a portion of their staff is absolutely rude and nasty towards their patients. They actively punish patients for telling family members what goes on in the program and promote a cult or “fight club” like atmosphere (The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club). It is a shame because there is a portion of the staff that does care and the behavior modification foundation is an excellent model. Very simply, the administration has lost sight of the humanity of it’s patients and their families and instead adopts a prison guard mentality reminiscent of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

      • Patricia Davala on

        Your comments are so off base….If you took the time to listen to the counselors and directors when you went for a visit you would find that this program is structured to help the client FIRST! Their methods are proven and their success rate for those that finish the program is HIGH! I have visited and called many times since my son was admitted in December 2015. The staff have been kind and responsive. It is your responsibility to follow up if you don’t get a return call as they are very busy with 60+ residents in the facility. This is not about YOU. Let them do what they do best and that is to re-wire the drug induced brains of their clients. They don’t need your interference if you don’t understand the Philosophy. I am a Happy parent that my son is in a safe. constructive environment learning how to become the man he was meant to be. Self controlled, law abiding, confident and independent!

        • The place is built on a bullshit model of breaking a persons spirt at Damon house it’s house no fucking place in the treatment world in human badtards shaved heads standing corners no food marathon encounter groups it’s a house of horrors counselors skeeping with residents it’s so bad I haven’t even touched on whAt I went through its a dungeon stay away if need a rehab

        • anthony cipolla on

          hi Patricia. my name is Anthony and my son is scheduled to be admitted at the damon house on Monday. please call me 973 557 6979 . Im really nervous with all these bad reviews

          • My son is getting ready go to Damon house and the reviews I’ve been reading don’t seem that too nice I called the number that was posted but it was the wrong number I don’t really want to put my number please put your phone number again so as I may call you thank you my name is Karen

  8. Worst program ever. The counselors do not respond to the families, nor do they show a regard to the resident’s children. Their way of “helping” these people is to alienate them from their entire life outside the rehab. I don’t understand this place. They never return calls, they have no remorse for their disgusting attitudes.

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