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D&A DetoxD&A Detox Review

D&A Detox was at first no more than founder Dave Troutman’s couch. By 1996, Troutman had a license from the state of California and starting capital from his brother, and D&A Detox in Rancho Cordova was born. In the last two decades it has expanded into two detox centers, one co-ed and one for male veterans, one residential treatment facility and several transitional care homes for men in recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Enticing though its name may sound, Rancho Cordova is no more scenic than your typical suburb—20 minutes from Sacramento and less than two hours from San Fran. Both the initial detox and residential living occur in traditional homes that have been outfitted to accommodate their specific programming. The detox facility has five rooms, 10 beds and few restrictions. There are no fixed bedtimes and unlimited television. The only rule is that clients must remain on the grounds at all times. Meals are professionally prepared and the fridge is always stocked.

D&A’s residential living is located a mile-and-a-half from its detox, and can accommodate 10 men at a time. Rooms are shared and clients sleep in bunk beds. There are no particular meal restrictions here. Linens and groceries are provided, but chores and meal preparation are residents’ responsibility. Clients are responsible for their own toiletries and personal items.

D&A encourages its residential clients to transition to sober living before moving out. Sober living is the most expanded part of D&A’s network: it now owns eight houses for men. Double and single rooms are available. There are only four rules here: pay rent; stay sober; submit to random drug tests; attend one house meeting a week. Clients are meant to regain their independence and prioritize recovery. Groceries, linens and washer and dryer are provided, but, like in residential living, clients prepare their own meals and are responsible for their own laundry. Clients from different houses get together to collectively prepare meals. All the houses have furnished common areas. Weights are available to use. For clients with cars, parking is free.

Treatment and Staff

D&A provides a five-to-10 day non-medically supervised detox—but does allow medications prescribed by a physician to be taken to ease the process. Each participant is taken to see a physician to get medically cleared and receive medication to aid in a safe detox. D&A works closely with a local doctor and the nearby Veteran’s Administration. Treatment begins here; clients meet with individual counselors on a daily basis and 12-step meetings are hosted on the property.

Men who choose to stay on will move a mile-and-a-half from detox into D&A’s residential housing, where they will participate in 28-, 60- or 90-day treatment programming. Residential clients are expected to attend groups daily, where topics range from 12-step study to anger management to esteem building and self-awareness to relapse prevention. Other groups are lecture-based and clients learn about the physical and psychological consequences of chemical dependency. Finally, family group is a weekly part of the schedule.

Licensed drug and alcohol counselors staff all groups and see clients individually; D&A does not employ psychiatrists or psychologists. This program is solidly 12-step in focus. D&A hosts daily 12-step meetings. Every morning, there is a meditation meeting, where readings are drawn from recovery-related materials and meditated on. Additional AA, NA, and D&A house meetings are held every night. Alumni are encouraged to attend house meetings, get sponsors and work the steps, thus under-lining the sense of community D&A cultivates. Morning meets are open to the public, giving family members additional access to the recovery process.


Longer-term residents at D&A Detox can look forward to participating in classic “fun in recovery” activities: camping, softball, barbeques, fishing.

In Summary

D&A Detox is a good fit for the detoxing addict whose situation is uncomplicated by a co-occurring disorder, like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Other facilities offer more individual therapy but for the cost, D&A is right in line. Women who detox here will be referred elsewhere, so potential female clients looking for a long-term fit for treatment should keep looking. Men prepared to be responsible for their own recovery while being entrenched in a supportive peer group should look into this 12-step focused program. Certainly founder Dave Troutman’s heart is in this business: potential clients should give his story a read.

D&A Detox Location

2721 Barbera Way
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

D&A Detox Cost

$3,000 (28 days); $900-$1,575 (7-10 day detox). Reach D & A Detox by phone at (916) 364-7660 or by email at [email protected]. Find D&A Detox on Facebook

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