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Cumberland Hall HospitalCumberland Hall Hospital Reviews

Cumberland Hall Hospital is a psychiatric hospital founded in 1987 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. In 2012, they opened a brand-new 97-bed facility that provides inpatient treatment services for adults and adolescents suffering from a variety of mental health issues, including addiction and co-occurring disorders. At the new facility, which is just five miles from the Fort Campbell Army base, Cumberland Hall Hospital treats active duty military clients and civilians in separate wings.

Accommodations and Food

At Cumberland Hall Hospital, both the military and civilian adult residential treatment programs have a 28-bed capacity, while the adolescent substance abuse program has 24 beds. The facility is new and modern, with sleek furniture, lots of natural light and dove grey walls. Gender-specific rooms are shared, each with their own bathroom, and are sparsely furnished with twin beds, nightstands and bulletin boards to display unframed family photos. The military wing embraces military structure and protocol and has a dedicated staff with military backgrounds. Cumberland Hall Hospital treats those with co-occurring disorders in a separate unit. There are also six beds for children who require dual diagnosis support.

Three nutritious meals and two snacks are served daily. Residents eat in shifts, with those from the same unit, in the hospital’s cafe. Menu options include entrée choices like roasted chicken or beef chips, with sides such as mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal veggies. A salad bar stocked with fresh leafy greens is provided during lunch and dinner. Meals are planned by a certified nutritionist and the hospital accommodates those with special dietary needs and religious food requirements. Smoking breaks are designated throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

Cumberland Hall Hospital’s addiction treatment approach for adults, adolescents and military clients uses evidence-based methods, specifically CBT, in conjunction with the 12 steps. Upon intake, residents receive a two- to three-hour comprehensive assessment and an individualized treatment plans. On-site detox treatment typically lasts three to five days and residents are monitored 24/7 by doctors and nurses. Those who complete detox are not obligated to stay for more treatment, but are offered a bed in the inpatient program. Treatment typically lasts 28 days for both adults and adolescents. There is only one outpatient program—a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for active duty military personnel. Clients attend treatment in the military wing Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Cumberland Hall Hospital provides Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to ease withdrawals from opiates and alcohol, as well as medication management for those with co-occurring disorders. Those receiving medication-assisted treatment or co-occurring medication management meet with their psychiatrists on a daily basis.

The weekly routine for all adults and adolescents includes individual therapy, group therapy, recreational therapy, family therapy, and drug and alcohol education classes. Group and class topics include dual diagnosis support, relapse prevention and 12-step instruction. The number of therapy sessions varies, depending on each resident’s needs. Residents go to 12-step meetings on the premises. Adolescents attend the on-site school, which is part of the Christian County School district, for six hours daily during the school year, and four hours daily during the summer.

Staff includes board-certified adult and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, mental health therapists, recreational therapists, CADCs, certified teachers, a nutritionist and a therapy dog. While Cumberland Hall Hospital accepts a variety of health insurance plans, including TRICARE, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, and Indiana Medicaid, out-of-pocket cost is typically $700 per day.


Family therapy is a vital part of the adolescent program. Loved ones and young residents work together to change dysfunctional family dynamics and create a plan for the resident’s recovery process.

Recreational therapy includes use of outdoor recreation areas, an indoor gym and a rock-climbing wall.

In Summary

Cumberland Hall Hospital is not cheap, but it offers clients a pristine environment and highly-qualified support to navigate the recovery process. Caring professionals help overcome the stigma attached to mental illness and addiction, especially for those in the military. The sparkling facility and rigorous treatment schedule can offer a sense of stability and confidence for clients of all ages.

Cumberland Hall Hospital Location

270 Walton Way
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Cumberland Hall Hospital Cost

$21,000 (30 days). Reach Cumberland Hall Hospital by phone at (270) 886-1919 or at (877) 281-4177 or by email.

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  1. I don’t recommend this place. Unforuntely, for military. We don’t have much of a choice.

    I had severe pain for a prolong time and I was admitted for suicidal thoughts. Not once was I there did I receive any treatment, therapy or anything thing about suicide.

    The third day I was there, the doctor prescribe me a pill that took all the pain away. Then I sat around for 16 more days doing random groups lead by MFTs and Gym. After 10 days of being I asked my doctor many times why I was still there and what I needed to do. Doctor said she didn’t know, but she is part of my treatment team. Later the doctor said it was for PTSD.

    I spent little time with my therapist the 19 days I was there. I saw the therapist for 2 mins. when I first got there. Therapist lead 3 groups in that time. Conducted two unit sessions, where I talked to someone in my unit and the therapist just sat there and did nothing. The therapist is suppose to do at least one therapist session a week and will say that the unit session was my one therapy session each week. Brought me a treatment plan about a week after I got there, treatment plan refer to me as a she/her. The treatment plan said I was there for grieving counseling. Even though doctor said PTSD and I signed in for Acute pain and suicidal thoughts. Twice the therapist told me I will have therapy that day to start EMDR. Both times she didn’t show up. On the 16 day there, which was a Saturday. The therapist set up my family session with my wife, and when I say set up. I mean she left a sticky note on the weekend therapist desk, which my wife was called around 2 hours before. It was the weekend therapist 1st day back from over a year from working at Cumberland Hall. I never met her before and after the session she took me back to the unit and then went back to my wife and told here I wouldn’t be released anytime soon. That I threaten to kill myself, won’t eat, refuse to take meds, would not do treatment and refused to do therapy session that was never set up. I called my wife that night and she was crying and having chest pains from stress as she has a bad heart and pacemaker. I filed a complaint with Patient Advocate because everything you do or don’t do is recorded and all my charts showed that none of what she said was true. Two days before I left, they sent a weekend therapist I never met to do a therapy session, since I filled complaints about no therapy. I declined the session to the fact I would have no time to build a relationship with the therapist. She would need to get my back story and that is all what would have gotten done. So the patient advocate and head therapist wrote off the complaints as they said they fixed the problem and I refused it.

    I had a family emergency come up and my wife had to leave town. When I saw the doctor, she asked if I had anxiety. I said a little and explained why. She offered me a pill. I told her this is a normal feeling and she told me to go get the next person. She came off as very unconcerned about my family and myself and showed no compassion. Because of this, her not giving any feedback on treatment, not knowing why I was there and really not helping I requested a new doctor. I was refused a new doctor and got upset. A doctor promised to see me if I took a triple dose of one of my medications. After I took it, he refused to see me.

    I also requested a new therapist and was refused. Last time I talked to my therapist, I told her I couldn’t trust her and feel like she didn’t cared. I told a Tech if she really wanted to help me, she could call my wife and apologize. The tech told her, she never did call. But a nurse, who had nothing to do with it did call my wife.

    I volunteered to go there, then I wanted to sign out. Staff told me I would be billed $700 a day if I did. Patient Advocate said she couldn’t reeducate the staff on the misinformation or less I gave all the names of who said it.

    After being discharged I started to feel physically sick, mind is foggy. I realized today that the doctor double all the dosage of meds I was taking.

  2. Concerned mother on

    The admission nurse Doreen matheny is a drunk and a whore. She should never be allowed to work with troubled adults let alone teens! She was pulling trains with her friends husband and her crazy alcoholic husband for years…if that’s the kind of nursing staff they hire I can’t imagine what the treatment standards are.

  3. Definalty wouldn’t go there. Ever. UNless you want your mental health to get worse. The doctors are full of bull shit. They don’t do anything. They scream at you, cuss, and threaten you. They push you down on the floor and lie to your family. Don’t go there. If you were already feeling suicidal, this place will confirm your feelings. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!

  4. Definitely don’t recommend this place. My fiancé is still in there for the military and he is prescribed way too much medication. Not only that but me and his family are from Indiana and they usually let us visit for both adult and military visits since we live 5 hours away and all of a sudden their risk manager put in specific orders to only allow us one visit and with two people and we were not notified until we got down here. And we nor him has EVER caused any trouble. Definitely disappointed this is how a soldier and his family are treated!!

  5. I would not recommend this place my husband was treated awful! He was talke to like a child not a man who serve the military for 10+ years. The treatment is bull crap went in stayed 3 weeks and left with no medication nothing save your time and money and take your loved ones to a nice safe place that actually cares!!!

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