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Crossroads’ Turning Points (Men)


Crossroads' Turning Points (Men)Crossroads’ Turning Points (Men) Review

Crossroads’ Turning Points has been treating addiction in Colorado since 1979. They have two inpatient facilities in Pueblo, one of which, the 13th Street Campus, serves only men, offering a two-week program for those on probation and parole called STIRRT and a 30-day inpatient program.

Accommodations and Food

This 24-bed facility is located on a residential street near Fountain Creek and Mineral Place Park. Residents of both inpatient programs live dorm-style, six to a room, with little more than the necessities, bunk beds and minimal storage space. There is a common area with a television that residents can enjoy during free time and also a small outdoor space for cigarette breaks or a bit of alone time.

Residents are served three meals a day plus two snacks at the on-site cafeteria. The cooking staff tries to make sure the meals are filling and that healthier options like salads are available if desired. Meals frequently include meat and vegetables.

Crossroads’ Turning Points not only offers residential treatment, but also outpatient mental health services and DUI and offender services, making the 13th Street Campus rather busy throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

Crossroads’ Turning Points utilizes an evidence-based model that incorporates dual diagnosis. Their inpatient residential treatment program and STIRRT operate very similarly, except that STIRRT is shorter and involves more thorough case management.

Treatment begins with an on-site medically supervised detox if needed. Residents then follow a busy schedule, which includes 10 hours of Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment consisting of individual therapy and group therapy, There is also grief and loss counseling, relapse prevention, anger management, personal control groups, Seven Habits groups, off-site 12-step meetings, DUI classes if needed, life skills such as budgeting and job readiness and general health education about topics like STDs and nutrition. Crossroads’ Turning Points incorporates physical activity into their program by taking residents to the nearby gym twice a week and on therapeutic walks.

A typical day at Crossroads’ Turning Points begins with an early morning wake-up, followed by breakfast and various groups until lunch in the early afternoon. Residents continue groups at 1 pm, taking a break in the late afternoon for some sort of exercise, such as a walk to the park. After dinner, they might have an AA or NA meeting and a life skills class before enjoying free time until lights out.

Staff members include several licensed counselors, two on-site managers with alternating shifts and administrative staff. The staff-to-resident ratio during the day is one-to-four. At least two staff members are on-site 24 hours a day.


Crossroads’ Turning Points offers family therapy by request. The sessions, led by a licensed clinical social worker, address any communication issues families may have and educate families about the psychology of addiction.

Staff highly recommend that residents sign up for their outpatient programs after the initial 30 days. They can also refer residents to 12-step meetings in the area.

In Summary

Crossroads’ Turning Points could be ideal for men seeking help with DUIs or other legal troubles or men searching for an affordable treatment with sliding scale fees. As far as affordable treatment centers go, this one offers quite a few resources for residents, but Crossroads’ Turning Points does not offer much in terms of privacy or luxury.

Crossroads’ Turning Points Location

509 East 13th St
Pueblo, CO 81001

Crossroads’ Turning Points Cost

Sliding scale (30 days, $575 down payment). Reach Crossroads’ Turning Points by phone at (719) 546-6666 or by email at [email protected]. Find Crossroads’ Turning Points on Facebook and Google+

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  1. sadley disapointed on

    I would have to say the detox center there is a freaking nightmare, I honestly believe the health department needs to pay them a visit it is so filthy and unsanitary I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy.

    • Was you recommended to go there? How long? And did it help you any any way or waste of your time to get the help you needed? Im asking cause im told my 24 old son is to go there!! I just want him to get the help he needs!! Where else can men go to get help? Why is it that the womens is much nicer dont get it!!! Help!

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