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Crossroads Treatment Centers


Crossroads Treatment Centers Review

With clinics spread throughout the United States, Crossroads Treatment Centers is a broad outpatient-based behavioral health organization that offers a combination of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and evidence-based counseling to clients struggling with opioid addiction. Unlike some similar programs that provide Suboxone or methadone dosing and outsource the counseling and medical care, Crossroads Treatment Centers has a complete continuum of treatment and keeps the majority of its services in-house.

Crossroads Treatment Centers is a vast organization with clinics in many states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia,  Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Of those states, only Arkansas, Colorado and Massachusetts are served by only one clinic—the rest have multiple locations.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, all potential clients go through a series of initial clinical and medical assessments to help the staff determine their overall health and treatment history. Though intensive inpatient detox or medical stabilization services are not provided, referrals can be made whenever necessary. On the other hand, the program is essentially an ambulatory detox option with counseling; those stable enough to pursue it may be able to forego inpatient detox altogether.

Once accepted, all participants work with the staff to develop their individualized care plans. In addition to regularly scheduled and medically-supervised MAT sessions (where clients are typically dosed with either Suboxone or methadone), they also attend both individual and group therapy with evidence-based treatment practices often including CBT and DBT. The specifics of counseling is likely to vary by clinic, client and counselor. In the middle stages of care, groups cover a range of topics including stress management, life skills, trigger identification and relapse prevention. Any necessary medical care, including any medications, can be coordinated by on-site physicians.

Because of the organization’s medical resources, some initial dual diagnosis support and assessment services, including medication management, are available as well. Still, those who need more intensive psychiatric help may need to be referred out to other facilities. Finally, though clients are often encouraged to participate in 12-step programs, they are not always required. Programs typically last for 12 months.

The staff at Crossroads Treatment Centers consists of doctors, nurses, case managers, LCSWs, LPCs, CADCs, medical technicians and additional Master’s and PhD-level clinicians.


Though MAT and opioid replacement programs are often aimed specifically at users of street drugs like heroin, Crossroads Treatment Centers works with clients who are dependent on a wide variety of substances including fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone and other related compounds. Once clients have completed their year-long primary care plan, staff members and counselors work with them to develop discharge and aftercare plans (which also involve weaning clients off of Suboxone and methadone).

In Summary

Overall, Crossroads Treatment Centers facilitate outpatient-based, opioid-replacement-style programs from a balanced perspective. Though the crux of these programs is on “replacing” one dangerous drug with a more controllable one, all programs also include individualized treatment planning, medical oversight and evidence-based care to help clients see their way through MAT purely as an intermediary step to full recovery. Although clients in need of more intensive psychiatric help for co-occurring disorders may need to find additional support as well, Crossroads Treatment Centers remains a strong resource for clients dealing with moderate to severe opioid addiction.

Crossroads Treatment Centers Location

Crossroads Treatment Centers
A full list of addresses is available through their website.

Crossroads Treatment Centers Cost

Varies by insurance and treatment specifics. Reach Crossroads Treatment Centers by phone at (800) 805-6989. Find Crossroads Treatment Centers on LinkedIn and YouTube

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