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Crossroads Aftercare


Crossroads Aftercare Review

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Crossroads Aftercare is a transitional residential program and sober living that offers housing and therapy to adult men and women. Though it is not a permanent housing solution, residents can stay for flexible lengths of time for up to 24 months (with an average stay of seven). Throughout their time at Crossroads, clients are encouraged to develop life skills and prepare for a transition back into civilian life.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Crossroads facility is a three story, dormitory-style building with 34 rooms available for men and women. Both single and double occupancy rooms are available and each includes a private bathroom and shower, twin beds, a dresser, nightstands, lamps, storage, a mini-fridge, a microwave and chairs or small sofas. There are also many common areas including several lounges with satellite TV, a piano, WiFi, a dining room and fully-equipped kitchen. Throughout their stay, residents are expected to cook and prepare their own meals.

Rules and Regulations

To stay at Crossroads Aftercare, all residents must be 18 or older and have completed a primary treatment program for addiction or gambling addiction. They also need a referral from the program they attended. Additionally, all clients must have no criminal, on Suboxone or methadone dependency and no major mental illnesses (though depression, anxiety, bi-polar and ADHD are all acceptable). Before getting started, everyone also completes an interview with the staff to determine their needs and history.

Like most sober living programs, all clients are expected to work, volunteer or go to school during their time in the home. The program runs through three phases. Phase one has residents meeting for individual therapy once a week, meeting with a sponsor, attending off-site 12-step meetings and remaining busy outside the home (after 30 days). Phase two builds on this and transitions clients into two group meetings a week covering relapse prevention, meditation, mindfulness, peer-led recovery or women’s recovery at their choosing. Individual therapy is decreased to only once or twice a month. After three months total and with counselor approval, residents move into phase three which decreases group meetings to once a week and individual meetings to once a month.

The staff at Crossroads Aftercare consists of case managers, house managers, LPCs, financial coaches and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


As mentioned, residents can stay for up to two years before transitioning out of the program. All programs are flexible and clients can work with the staff members to develop financial literacy and to pursue additional support groups as well. Clients can also work with staff when they are ready to discharge to find permanent housing.

In Summary

Overall, Crossroads Aftercare provides a safe and stable environment for men and women in early recovery. Although clients are given plenty of independence, they also follow a structured program that includes group and individual therapy, educational sessions, 12-step meetings and more—all at an affordable price. While extensive dual diagnosis support and medical services are not included, Crossroads Aftercare remains a strong option for clients in the area.

Crossroads Aftercare Location

Crossroads Aftercare
2823 South Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Crossroads Aftercare Cost

$730 (30 days); $160 (initial deposit). Reach Crossroads Aftercare by phone at (866) 719-0504 . Find Crossroads Aftercare on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn

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