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Counseling Services of Southern UtahCounseling Services of Southern Utah Review

Counseling Services of Southern Utah was founded in 1991 in Saint George, Utah. Although the organization utilizes some Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (LDS) elements, clients do not have to be LDS, or any specific faith, to participate in Counseling Service’s treatment programs. The organization provides outpatient and residential treatment to adult men and women in southwestern Utah.

Accommodations and Food

The inpatient program is in a house in a small subdivision in Toquerville, Utah. Although the house has a total of 12 beds, the organization usually only has between four to eight clients at any given time. The counselors believe it’s in the client’s best interest therapeutically to have a roommate while in the program. As such, each client shares a bedroom with another client.

Clients are assigned chores and required to assist with the upkeep of their living environment. The house is also a smoke-free facility and although caffeine is offered, counselors encourage clients to abstain from that as well.

Counseling services provides clients with food for three meals a day, however clients are responsible for the preparation of their own meals. Clients usually trade off the cooking duties, with one or two clients preparing the food for the entire house. Although Counseling Services provides clients with a basic menu to work from, they are allowed to improvise a bit with their cooking.

Treatment and Staff

To enroll at Counseling Services, clients must first complete a phone assessment followed by an in-person evaluation with one of the organization’s case managers. During these two assessments, the staff at Counseling Services determines the client’s needed level of care. If the client is unstable or going through withdrawal symptoms, he or she is referred to an outside detox program.

The residential program offers a variety of different lengths of stay including 30 days, 45 days, 60 days and 90 days. Clients’ length of stay meets both their treatment needs as well as their budget. The residential program consists of both group and individual therapy. Clients begin their day with group meetings from 8am to 11am and then have individual meetings, 12-step groups, step work and LDS recovery meetings in the afternoon. Counselors implement a diverse range of therapeutic techniques including CBT, DBT and EMDR.

When clients complete the residential program, they have the opportunity to step down to Counseling Service’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Counseling Services offers three separate lengths for the IOP: a five-week program, six-month program and an 18-month program. Like the residential program, the length is based on the financial capacity of the client as well as their needs. The IOP consists of three group meetings a week. The group sizes for the IOP vary but are usually less than 12 clients. Like in the residential program, counselors use a variety of treatment techniques including CBT, relapse prevention, DBT and EMDR.

The residential program and IOP are based around the principles of 12-step recovery and clients regularly read the Big Book, use a 12-step workbook and complete step work while in the programs. The IOP requires at least two outside AA or NA meetings a week.

Counseling Services is also dual diagnosis and offers mental health counseling to clients with potential co-occurring disorders.

Clients in both programs are also regularly drug tested and breathalyzed.

The organization’s counseling staff consists of LCSWs and MSWs.


During the week, clients engage in a variety of recreational activities including volunteering in the community, walks in the neighborhood and visits to the local gym. On weekends, clients go on long hikes or participate in larger service projects in the community. Clients also attend equine therapy once every other week.

On Sundays, clients attend a LDS church for a three-hour service. Although clients do not have to be LDS to attend Counseling Services, they must attend church weekly with the rest of the program.

Counseling Services also offers an aftercare program that is simply a step-down from the IOP and consists of two group meetings, twice a week. These meetings last for 90 minutes and center around relapse prevention.

The residential and IOP offer a weekly family program on Wednesday evenings. Family members meet with the clients and discuss co-dependency issues. Every week, the family members are given homework to complete before the next meeting. The residential program also offers family visitation every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.

The organization also offers a variety of other substance abuse programs including motivational speaking services, an adolescent placement program, a R.O.P.E.S. therapy program, a domestic violence program and Biosound therapy.

In Summary

Counseling Services of Southern Utah creates an intimate setting in a highly structured environment where clients can track their own progress. The extensive amount of recreational opportunities and alternative treatment techniques that incorporate both evidence-based and spiritual components are added benefits to receiving treatment here.

Counseling Services of Southern Utah Location

561 E. Tabernacle
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Counseling Services of Southern Utah Cost

$16,000 (30 days). Reach Counseling Services of Southern Utah by phone at (435) 673-2822. Find Counseling Services for Southern Utah on Google+, Facebook and Twitter

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