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Counseling Center of the Rockies


Counseling Center of the Rockies Review

Counseling Center of the Rockies is a multi-location substance abuse treatment program that can be found in the towns of Westminster, Denver and Englewood, Colorado. Since 2014, CCR has been offering a variety of services geared toward those who have ongoing issues with the criminal justice system. Most clients who utilize CCR are on parole. However, CCR also offers individual, couples and family counseling to anyone with substance abuse issues. CCR does not utilize a 12-step modality or have detox services but it does offer CBT-based relapse prevention group and a specialized group that addresses co-occurring disorders.

Treatment and Staff

The most popular service at CCR is its “Level II Education” which provides 24 hours of DUI classes over the course of 12 weeks, by which it meets state standards of required education for DUI/DWI offenders. This group has two hour sessions, once each week. CCR’s “Level II Therapy” may follow the education when necessary. The therapy program may last from five to 10 months and provides peer-driven conversation on numerous topics, including stress reduction, natural highs, refusal skills, self esteem, and high risk factors of substance abuse. This group is led by a CADC and meets once a week for two hours at a time.

The length of participation in the therapy program depends on the magnitude of the offense. For example CCR’s Track A requires clients to attend for 42 hours over 21 weeks, if they are first time offenders who were arrested with a blood alcohol level below .17. Meanwhile Track D requires 86 hours over 43 weeks and is for those with prior DWI/DUI offenses who were arrested with a blood alcohol level of .17 or higher.

Relapse prevention group at CCR is offered with a CBT basis and covers substance abuse and impulse control issues. Clients are educated on the cycle of addiction, active and passive recovery and coping with urges and cravings. They also work on cognitive processing, like deductive reasoning, problem solving, creative thinking, social skills training and anger management. The relapse prevention group meets once a week for an hour-and-a-half at a time.

CCR also offers marijuana-specific treatment where clients are guided to grow and upkeep a determination to change, learn new skills and access needed community support. This group meets once a week for 90 minutes. Neither marijuana treatment nor relapse prevention have a set length of treatment. All groups run Mondays through Saturdays.

CCR employs six CADCs and several rehab technicians and there is a maximum group capacity of 12 clients at a time.


Among CCR’s extra services is an anger management group that meets once a week for 90 minutes.

CCR also offers “Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change” geared towards clients who have a past of criminal conduct with co-occurring alcohol and drug problems. This group meets once a week for two hours at a time and is divided into three phases of treatment—phase one lasts 18 sessions and is intended to motivate clients to change; phase two lasts 22 sessions and focuses on coping, social and communication skills and phase three is about taking ownership of change over 10 sessions that deal with maintaining sobriety and a new lifestyle.

In Summary

Counseling Center of the Rockies offers very specific services. While there is a large variety on offer, the reality is that most of CCR’s programs are meant exclusively for those who have trouble with the law because of their substance use. Thus, CCR may be the ideal place for those who find themselves in that particular situation because of its specialization. Still, the prices are reasonable enough that it may also be a valuable resource for those who don’t mind getting their treatment amongst a majority of clients who are in trouble with the law.

Counseling Center of the Rockies Locations

Counseling Center of the Rockies
1520 Marion St.
Denver, CO 80218

2701 W. 84th Ave, Ste. 101
Westminster, CO 80031

4195 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113

Counseling Center of the Rockies Cost

$125 (evaluation); $25 (group co-occurring disorder therapy); $55 (per hour, group or individual substance abuse treatment session); Sliding scale is available for those who qualify. Reach Counseling Center of the Rockies by phone at (303) 412-7723 or by email at [email protected]. Find Counseling Center of the Rockies on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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