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Cottonwood Springs is behavioral health facility that offers inpatient and outpatient mental health and addiction treatment to adults and their families. It opened in September 2015 in the Kansas City suburb of Olathe, Kansas. A variety of treatment options are available, including a medical detox, inpatient care, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Accommodations and Food

The newly-constructed, 72-bed facility offers comfort and modern amenities. Located on a private, park-like campus, it has outdoor areas designed for walking and exercise, as well as an indoor workout room. Residents are separated into three 24-bed units depending on level of care. Both private and gender-specific shared rooms are available with shared bathrooms. Throughout treatment, residents are provided three healthy, delicious cafeteria-style meals a day. A nutritionist designs the menu and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, clients undergo an initial assessment and work with staff members to develop an individualized treatment plan. As mentioned, those in need of detox before beginning treatment can do so on site. Once stabilized, clients can begin the inpatient program, which consists of up to 10 hours a day of individual and group therapy that employs evidence-based practices such as CBT and DBT.

Based on progress, clients can step down to PHP when they are ready to go home. This program runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. The IOP is designed to be the last step in the recovery continuum prior to individual outpatient appointments. IOP consists of three group sessions a week for three to four hours each, Monday through Friday. These sessions are offered in the evening to accommodate work, school or family commitments.

While 12-step participation is not required, residents are encouraged to attend several on-site meetings a week. Support for co-occurring disorders, including medication management, is also available.

Staff includes MDs, RNs, psychologists, LMHCs, LMSWs, CSACs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


Cottonwood Springs offers personal wellness programming including nutrition counseling, workout activities, yoga, and art and pet therapy.

Programs also facilitate family involvement through family meals, for inpatient clients, and family education sessions.

In Summary

Overall, Cottonwood Springs offers individualized treatment for addiction with ample medical and psychiatric support for co-occurring disorders. Each program is customized and uses evidence-based care. While cost may vary depending on insurance, Cottonwood Springs is a strong resource for a wide range of mental and behavioral health needs.

Cottonwood Springs Location

13351 S. Arapaho Drive
Olathe, KA 66062

Cottonwood Springs Cost

Varies by insurance and length of stay. Reach Cottonwood Springs by phone at (913) 353-3000 or email at [email protected]. Find Cottonwood Springs on Facebook and LinkedIn

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    Abbi Meredith is absolutely correct in her review above. I was a voluntary patient in Cottonwood Springs in mid-January 2019. While the group sessions were helpful, I was desiring one on one therapy and counseling. When I asked a therapist named “Brandon” if I could get a one on one appointment with him, his response was “I have 72 hours before I have to see you”. As an HR Director, this was a very troubling response to me. I took this to mean that the primary objective here was to bill my insurance for the most amount of time as possible, 72 hours, regardless of whether I needed to be in the facility for that length of time. I expressed my desire to leave since I was in there voluntarily and not receiving individual therapy, and was threatened with the courts being involved to compel me to stay there. Again, as an HR Director and a patient I found this very disappointing and inappropriate. I am fortunate in that I am in a progressive Health Plan option known as SPIRA through Blue Cross, Blue Shield of KC. They actually sent a case manager to the facility. Brandon all of the sudden approached me out the blue to say “your insurance guy is here. You don’t have to talk to him.” My response was “Why wouldn’t I talk to him, he’s my advocate?” Low and behold, later that same day (after 48 hours in the facility) I had a meeting scheduled with Brandon.
    I can’t help but wonder what happens to other patients who do not have advocates who let the facility know they’re being monitored, at least from a billing standpoint? My 26 year old roommate constantly complained that they were not helping him. Simply overmedicating him which resulted in him sleeping all day. I tried to help by waking him up and encouraging him to go to the cafeteria with me for meals. I also asked staff to help him, but my requests fell on deaf ears. I’m sorry to say I cannot, and WILL NOT recommend this facility to friends and employees in my organization who may be struggling with mental health issues. This facility does not place the interests and needs of its patients above it’s for profit motive of billing their insurance companies for as much as they can.

  2. Abbi Meredith on

    If you are referred to this facility, RUN. I went in to “check it out” per my therapist, “get an assessment and see if it’s right for you”. My husband and I went in to do this. It was chaous, we sat for over an hour and almost left. After the assessment and watching the time and absence of staff and receiving apologies, being brought paperwork to sign quickly (no time to review or read) we decided as husband and wife that this was not for us. I had severe anxiety just sitting in a closed room for so long. I put an X through the entire front page on their forms, dated and initialed it. We left the room and went to the exit, but needed to be let out. When a lady saw us we explained as a couple that we didn’t think this was the right choice for treatment. We were told I could not leave because I had signed a consent for treatment form. My husband said she hasn’t seen a doctor or been treated and we wanted to leave. Another woman came over and opened the door and told my husband to leave and I had to go with her and if we wanted to call the police to go ahead, they could not do anything. So not wanting to upset my husband I told him I would stay the night and we were told by the white lady that he could come back tomorrow and get me. Thus starting a three day nightmare for our family. Do not believe them when they tell you are the voluntarily, if you sign an “Against Medical Advice” form they will take you to court and hold you for 72 hours. There is a woman there who has been there for over six months. If you try to transfer to another treatment center, they do the court order which makes you stay at their facility. This a private for profit organization, they want every bed filled 24/7. How I got discharged. I had a bad knee replacement almost two years ago and it stays swollen and looks and is very painful. I told them I needed to see a medical doctor because I get blood clots and thought one was developing and I was afraid I may need to on another blood thinner. I told the night shift this and the day shift as soon as they came in. My leg does look extremely bad and I do need a knee replacement revision surgery. Within 20 minutes of my second request to see a medical doctor the psychiatrist was in there asking me if I was ready to leave. There is so much more than this, lying to my family, lying to me. I’m not the only person that was in there, the are many. The wards are men and women together, door open at all time policy, I was afraid for my life because there were a few some individuals that had severe mental disorders and one that was homeless but had Medicaid so he went there and lied about his mental health to have a place to stay. Just remember this, if you go here thinking you can leave when you want because you signed in “voluntary”, you don’t know when you will be allowed to leave. Anyone who has stayed here and would like to contact me, Abbi Sisco Meredith, facebook.

  3. Don Schleicher on July 31st, 2018

    Other than than the social worker and psychiatrist sessions, which were extremely short or non-existent, depending on the day, the staff, RN’s and facility were awesome and above-board. My only and MAJOR complaint is with the individual therapy involving the psychologist/social worker and psychiatrist. I never expected hour long or more sessions with either of them daily, but DID expect to see both of them daily and at least for 10 minutes at a minimum, or better yet, 15 to 20 minutes. However…. I didnt see either of them my first full day there of 5 workdays, ( the psychiatrist was on call the 1st day, so understandable ). I only saw the therapist/social worker 2xs the whole week, of which the longest with him and the psychiatrist, was when they conferenced callled my wife, and only because she was demanding a CAT Scan for me for some head trauma prior to my stay. i think the call lasted 10 to 15 minutes and was to appease my wife and certainly didnt constitute therapy for me. I saw my psychiatrist as short as 45 seconds..the longest 10 min.

  4. The team at Cottonwood Springs did a tremendous job caring for my family member, who required tools and understanding of her current conditions.

    Their outpatient program provided the flexibility she needed to feel both supported and in control of her life.

    With Mental and Behavioral Health resources few and far between, Cottonwood Springs has become a wonderful beacon to guide individuals through their personal storms.

    Thank you for all you do.

    BB – 2018

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