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Costa Rica Recovery Review

Located in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica Recovery (CRR) is a non-profit treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients and families struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Jim Dopp founded CRR in 2006, recognizing the need for an English-speaking treatment center. Dopp also saw the benefits of Costa Rica’s national program that ensures quality health care and its system for training addiction counselors. Licensed by the Ministry of Health and certified by the Institute for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, CRR facilitates a customized, holistic treatment approach designed to treat the mind, body and spirit. It offers a full continuum of care including a residential program, outpatient services and aftercare.

Accommodations and Food

Incoming clients are picked up at the San Jose airport by staff and taken to the facility. CRR is situated in an upscale house surrounded by nice shops, convenience stores, parks and the embassies. As there are typically only between eight and 10 clients staying at a time, the recovery atmosphere is communal without sacrificing privacy. Residents stay in private rooms while in detox and then share with one or two roommates during the rest of the residential program.

Clients enjoy amenities including a common area with a ping pong table, an outdoor pool and basketball court. In addition, CRR offers an on-site laundry and dry cleaning services. CRR recommends individuals bring $300 for various expenses. Residents are encouraged to spend time in reflection. As such, the use of electronic devices is restricted. The team provides transportation to offsite 12-step meetings.

Residents enjoy healthy meals planned and prepared to replenish the body’s nutrients. Individuals with dietary preferences and restrictions are accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Clients entering the program first undergo a comprehensive assessment to help the staff create a personalized care plan tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs. If deemed necessary, clients enter into the detox phase. CRR offers a medical detox with around the clock supervision.

While lengths of stay vary depending on the specific needs of the client, CRR encourages residents to stay as long as possible and offers 30, 60 and 90 day residential programs. While the 12-step recovery method is the bedrock of treatment, the curriculum also utilizes an integrated approach that incorporates an array of therapeutic methods including evidence-based and holistic therapies, psychoeducation and fellowship. A resident’s typical day includes a morning meditation and workout session at the gym, individual and group therapy, a 12-step meeting and a psychoeducational class. CRR also offers the evidence-based REBT behavior modification and separate individual sessions with an addiction counselor and a psychologist. Psychiatric consultations are offered for an extra fee.

In addition, CRR’s employs a robust psychoeducational series with topics including addiction education, recovery skills, sober recreation, relapse prevention, violence cycle, social networking, the three stages of denial, dependency symptoms, value-based living and spirituality development.

The Costa Rica Recovery team is made up of gender-specific addiction specialists, a psychiatrist, psychologist, chef, yoga instructor and support staff. Medication management is available for individuals in need of dual diagnosis support.


CRR does has a family program. Also, the treatment schedule allows for more flexibility on the weekends, and clients can relax and see visitors. The staff here believes finding fun sober activities is a key component to a successful recovery. To this end, every three weeks clients go on outings to the beach, mountains and other beautiful Costa Rica locations

In Summary

Costa Rica Recovery is a nonprofit treatment facility that specializes in the care of English-speaking clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. CRR provides a full continuum of care that includes individualized detox, residential treatment, outpatient and aftercare with 30, 60 and 90 day options for the residential phase. While the 12-step method is the cornerstone, CRR integrates holistic and evidence-based therapeutic methods along with psychoeducation, fellowship and wellness activities into the treatment programming. For clients seeking comprehensive residential care with a compassionate staff in a beautiful place, CRR is a great option.

Costa Rica Recovery Location

El Triangulo Comercial
Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Recovery Cost

$3,950 (first month); $3,450 (each additional month). Reach Costa Rica Recovery by phone at (866) 804-1793 or by email at [email protected]. Follow Costa Rica Recovery on Facebook

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  1. Dear Parents,

    Please read my “real review” above. My son did / does have access to an addiction psychiatrist who prescribes and monitors medications. He also sees a therapist who provides guidance that has been very helpful to him. The house is nice, not fancy, and our experience was not like what you described. It is so painful and difficult trying to help our kids who have been hijacked by addiction and I hope you have found help for your son. Costa Rica Recovery has been a positive place for our son over the last 10 months (with fingers crossed).

    Wishing you well…

  2. My son, now 30, started out in the intensive program last December 2018 and then transitioned to their sober living home next door where he is still living (Oct 2019). He had been through some of the most expensive, highly rated programs in the States, but he inevitably relapsed and before coming here, was at the end of his rope and in trouble with the law. We seriously worried he would die. Meth and God knows what else was destroying him – mind and body. He was living out in the streets, even though he could be enjoying an affluent lifestyle had he not chosen drugs instead. Anyway, whether it was getting him completely out of his old environment or maybe he was just FINALLY ready, this is the longest he has been clean and sober since he was a young teenager. He finally got on board with 12-Steps there and he found support from the people he met through Costa Rica Recovery. He still meets weekly with their in-house therapist and finds value in her guidance (a first). He has finally accepted help from a psychiatrist with meds for his severe depression, which have made a big difference in his mood and outlook on life. He still has a long way to go from all of his years of using, but he feels positive for the first time in a long time. Is Costa Rica Recovery a perfect system? Not for everyone. It’s not Betty Ford or a shi-shi rehab resort. However, for a grown up seriously looking for a place to pull it together with people they might relate to, this could just do the trick. As his Mom, this was the last ditch effort, a Hail Mary, and I was hopeful, but not confident, given the heart breaking relapses that we had lived through over and over and over in the past. BUT, he has now joined a community of people who support each other in their sobriety and that may be what has been different for him. AND, Costa Rica Recovery has been immensely more affordable than any of the other programs he has been in. It is not as “buttoned up” as those expensive programs, but for my son, it was the right fit. I hope this insight helps. Good luck and hang in there…

  3. Costa Rica Recovery has been in operation for 13 years; far longer than any other facility. I don’t believe this experience is genuine – for example all of our mattresses are new and have mattress covers. Sounds a little dramatic and contrived – “fled”- obviously this person has an agenda in defaming Costa Rica Recovery, a licensed and helpful program that has helped hundreds of addicts regain their lives. You can judge for yourselves by visiting or contacting their staff to ask about what they offer.

  4. Whole heartedly agree with the Nightmare review. Took my son there in hopes they were a real recovery center. Found appalling conditions and an untrained staff. They tried to berate us into staying- but we fled before they were able to get anyone else there.

    Yellow stained mattresses, people lounging and watching TV- no structure, or seemingly hope, in this place. Not sure any of these reviews are real.

    Please stay away- do lots of research. There are wonderful programs out there but you need to work with an addiction psychiatrist who can help you navigate through the scans.

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