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Cornerstone Medical Arts Center


Cornerstone - Medical Arts CenterCornerstone Medical Arts Center Review

Since 1974, Cornerstone Medical Arts Center has been providing substance abuse treatment to adults in Fresh Meadows, an area of Queens, New York. The Medical Arts Center is the more clinical option of residential treatment offered by Cornerstone Treatment Facilities Network, the other being Cornerstone of Rhinebeck, upstate. Both of these programs offers a continuum of inpatient services for the treatment of substance abuse for adult men and women, from detox to aftercare. With current extensive modernization of its facility, Cornerstone Medical Arts Center claims to be one of the most comprehensive alcohol and drug programs in the state of New York.

Accommodations and Food

Cornerstone’s co-ed substance abuse program in Fresh Meadows occupies two floors of the Cornerstone Medical Arts Center. Just north of the Union Turnpike in Queens, this facility is convenient by train or highway from all five boroughs. The 150-bed program is divided into four units with 50 residents on each and one unit designated for detox clients. This is a typical clinical environment, with linoleum floors and a nurse’s station on each unit. The rooms are double occupancy, with twin beds, shared dressers and closets, with a bathroom off of each room. While clients do not have assigned chores, they are expected to make their beds and attend to their own laundry. There are two washers and dryers on each unit and laundry soap is provided by the hospital.

Meals are prepared in the hospital cafeteria and served three times a day in the units. Dietary requests may be accommodated. Each unit has a dining room and a small kitchen area for snacks, which consist of fruit, yogurt, and protein bars. Caffeine is permitted at breakfast and decaf for the rest of the day.

Treatment and Staff

Once clients are done with a medical detox (if necessary), they transition into the 28-day residential treatment program. Residents eat breakfast at 7 am followed by free time until the 9 am morning group. Each client has a personal therapist who they see once a week for individual therapy. Those with co-occurring disorders who require medication or a psychiatric assessment meet with a psychiatrist twice a month and attend specific group therapy geared toward their diagnosis. The residents have lunch at noon and groups begin again at 2 pm. Session topics include health and wellness, anger management, gender specific groups around trauma, lectures, films and educational seminars and CBT. Some afternoons, clients attend a family session with their designated counselor. These appointment are made to meet the specific needs and schedules of the significant others. 12-step meetings come to each unit twice a week. Residents do not leave the facility, to attend outside meetings or otherwise. They are allowed to have visitors, though, after two weeks, on Sundays from 1 to 3 pm.

The treatment team consists of registered nurses, Clinical Substance Abuse Counselors (CASCS), a licensed physician and support technicians. There is at least one nurse and three treatment techs on the floor around the clock. All of these employees make for a respectable client-to-staff ratio of eight-to-one.


Exercise is built into the schedule; three times a week clients have yoga, stretching and Tai Chi. In addition the family program is extensive. Family services include individual sessions, group sessions and family education. Family counseling services encourage attendance at self-help groups, such as Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and Alanon. In addition, family members and friends may attend family programs whether or not the alcoholic or substance abuser is in treatment.

While Cornerstone Medical Arts Center does not have an outpatient component on-site, clients are provided with a specific discharge plan as aftercare. This usually includes follow up visits with their counselor, 12-step meetings and often a referral to a local outpatient program.

In Summary

For 40 years Cornerstone Medical Arts Center has been providing substance abuse treatment to adults in the New York area, from detox to aftercare, in a hospital setting. This is a short stay program with comprehensive services for those with co-occurring disorders as well as a thorough family program. Clients with less complicated cases who are looking for a quieter place to recover would do well to check out Cornerstone of Rhinebeck, the sister facility in the Hudson Valley.

Cornerstone Medical Arts Center Location

159-05 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

Cornerstone Medical Arts Center Cost

$14,000 (28 days). Reach Cornerstone Medical Arts Center at (718) 906-6700 or by email at

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