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Cooper Fellowship, Inc.


Cooper Fellowship, Inc.Cooper Fellowship, Inc. Review

A state licensed and certified residential substance abuse treatment facility in Santa Ana, California; the Cooper Fellowship has been helping people get sober for 35 years. It provides 12-step focused recovery services to private clients in addition to the Orange County Health Care Agency, hoping to maximize the potential for a sober lifestyle, free from crime.

Accommodations and Food

Five housing units on residential Cooper Street host up to 60 residents at a time, with a sixth building accommodating administration and treatment facilities and a pool in the center. Men and women are separated into furnished houses, sharing bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas, with television. Cell phones and personal computers are not allowed.

Clients do all of their own cleaning and laundry. They also shop for and prepare all of their own food, so meals are determined through group consensus. This means candy and caffeine are okay and also that residents do all of their own dishes.

Treatment and Staff

Though detox is not offered at Cooper, individualized treatment plans are designed and modified by the staff as clients progress through the program.

Cooper’s 90-day treatment plan is of mixed modalities—combining 12-step treatment with CBT augmentations. Clients go to group therapy and classes daily and one individual session per week. Each case manager is responsible for six to 10 residents, so group size remains small. Classes focus on independent life skills training, social skills development, crisis intervention and addiction. Clients do not go offsite to AA but are required to attend daily meetings at the facility, as well as encouraged to work the steps.

Visitation hours are from 2 to 4 pm on the weekends, and family is invited to attend the open AA meetings at the facility on Wednesday and Saturday nights.


The pool, exercise room and softball are some of the extras offered at the Cooper Fellowship.

In Summary

The Cooper Fellowship offers affordable recovery services in the Orange County area and access to the local sober community, though the Parolee Program might be a deterrent for some. If this is the case, the extended length of the program, sober living aftercare and 35 years of experience should also be taken into consideration.

Cooper Fellowship, Inc. Location

409 N. Cooper St
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Cooper Fellowship, Inc. Cost

Cooper Fellowship Cost: $2,000 (30 days). Reach Cooper Fellowship by phone at (714) 554-1152. Find Cooper Fellowship on Facebook

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  1. Cooper is a awesome program and I owe alot to them. For me……I really had to get busy on my steps, work with a sponsor and therapist. All I asked for was to find a little peace. I’ve found so much more. I am truly blessed. I am very grateful. And only someone not wanting a better life, and ready to put in the work will think negative and fail. Relapse is apart of my story, but today my life has changed so much that I recommend cooper to any and everyone who’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. Who wants to go on failing at life? Not me. Staff, clients, po, and programs can’t make you change your life….only you can so if you want help, it’s the place to go.
    I am a very grateful client who has been through hell and back…..and the light I am seeing at the end of the tunnel is not a train….

  2. As the old adage goes,you get what you pay for. This is an indigent rehab program. Bottom of the barrel.
    It mainly has people who do not want to be there. They are either court or probation ordered. The accommodations are horribly unkempt, with numerous health and safety issues. They serve week old food on Sundays calling it a “BUFFET”. The staff is not highly accredited counselors, just your minimal basic crediting,they lack professionalism as one counselor will cuss and give sexual innuendos during a class.
    The director takes no interest in the clients as I can assure you she could not enter a group and name 5 people by name or know their situation, You are a number, cattle, just making money for them. I suggest if you really want to get sober with a quality program at low cost, get on the waiting list for Woodglen Recovery. Its by far the best thing going for people lacking funds or insurance
    good luck

  3. Cooper Fellowship…”enabling addicts and alcoholics for over 35 years”. This program is a joke. Cooper Fellowship is a flop house for repeat relapsers that gives the wards under state and county supervision a super nice air conditioned room, decent food and many healthy activities to go nicely alongside a big pat on the back for “making it back to Cooper”. There is NO limit to the number of times one can be “re-admitted” to this institution and little to no consequences for straying from the ultra lax rules of this glorified sober home. It’s quite obvious that the people who run Cooper have very little interest in seeing residents re-assimilate into the work force either and they limit the hours and number of days one can work to the point of it being prohibitive even. In today’s more non traditional workplace, these limits along with the inability to possess a cell phone make Cooper’s antiquated parameters even sillier and I’ve the addict more fodder for failure..

    • Hi James. Hey i am on the waiting list for cooper. Ice was heard it was a good program that is not lax at all and has you busy all day with working on yourself all day and therapists. now i am worried because of your AND others reviews. just got out of phoenix house and , now, that place was a big joke itself. could you please either call me 714 472 3530 or reply back just exactly how cooper works? i would sure appreciate it… i am an alcoholic, used to do heroin. i really need help and GOOD help! thanks,


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