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Connecticut Renaissance Inc. is among the old guard of substance abuse treatment programs in Connecticut. Renaissance was founded in 1967 in Waterbury, a town located on the Naugatuck River, 77 miles northeast of New York City. Renaissance provides outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and residential treatment to adult males, including those with co-occurring disorders. Renaissance’s outpatient and IOP treatment includes services for women, adolescents and court-ordered clients.

Accommodations and Food

Renaissance offers three residential treatment programs—Renaissance East Drug Treatment Program, Renaissance West Drug Treatment Program and McAuliffe Center Co-occurring Program. The Renaissance East and West drug programs house 32 men per site.

At the Renaissance East location, men 18 and older participate in residential treatment or the Community Release program for court-ordered clients. A building that was once a convent now houses men seeking treatment for substance abuse. Meals are provided and clients contribute to preparing homemade food.

The Renaissance West location houses male clients 18 and older who have been referred to the program by the Connecticut Court Support Services Division and Federal Probation. Renaissance West is a three-story walkup building of traditional, New England-style apartments.

The McAuliffe Center location includes four apartments, housing five clients per apartment. The small apartment complex features colonial-style architecture with a modern façade. Meals are prepared by staff with client participation.

Treatment and Staff

All Renaissance treatment programs utilize evidence-based practices. The programs includes 12-step meetings as well as individual, group and family therapy that takes place in the Renaissance headquarters. The goal of residential treatment at Renaissance is for male clients—especially those who have been incarcerated—to reintegrate themselves into society by building coping skills and identifying triggers that lead to substance abuse. Clients stay anywhere from three to six months at Renaissance West and a minimum of six months at Renaissance East. The level of care is determined at the client’s evaluation at the onset of treatment. CSACs measure client progress throughout treatment.

Renaissance West is a program with phases representing constructive steps toward assimilating back into the community. Renaissance works closely with the courts to provide accountability on behalf of the clients. At the McAuliffe house,  psychiatrists provide dual diagnosis support through psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Clients residing at the McAuliffe house generally stay for 30-45 days, depending on their individualized treatment plans.

There are three facilities for outpatient care—Norwalk, Stamford and Bridgeport. Renaissance residential and outpatient treatment use therapies including Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), CBT and 12-step based practices. IOP treatment is based on the Matrix Model and requires clients to attend group therapy sessions three days a week for three hours at a time. Individual and family therapy is conducted separately, as needed. The Renaissance program strongly emphasizes relapse prevention and anger management. The outpatient adolescent program caters to clients aged 13-17 with substance abuse issues, particularly those with co-occurring disorders.

All Renaissance clinical staff are certified substance abuse counselors for residential and outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient staff include Masters-level social workers. Both the Norwalk and Stamford outpatient facilities have psychiatrists on staff. Renaissance programs are certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


Renaissance offers a sober living facility for adult males transitioning from incarceration back into the community. Bridgeport’s Maple Street house is available for clients from Fairfield County.

In Summary

Clients arrive at a safe haven when they seek treatment at any of the Connecticut Renaissance locations. Renaissance provides affordable substance abuse treatment and a second chance for clients rebuilding their lives after incarceration. Women benefit from the outpatient and IOP programs at Renaissance, though this treatment center is probably best suited for men seeking gender-specific residential treatment. In particular, Renaissance is suited for those with co-occurring disorders in that there is an entire residential treatment program dedicated to their specific needs.

Connecticut Renaissance Inc Locations

Renaissance Headquarters
350 Fairfield Ave, Ste 701
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Renaissance East Drug Treatment Program
31 Wolcott St
Waterbury, CT 06702-1727

Renaissance West Drug Treatment Program
466 West Main St
Waterbury, CT 06702

McAuliffe Center
70 Central Ave
Waterbury, CT 06702

Connecticut Renaissance Inc Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Connecticut Renaissance Inc by phone at (203) 866-2541.

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  1. Dont forget to mention the employees. If you look up to see who works there, the only thing you find is a 23 year old girl who has provocative photos online. Classy. Her twitter name is “gotthatbomb”. REAL PROFESSIONAL! Her pictures with her chest out or her in the mirror in a mini skirt are even better. What does a 23 year old female know about being an adult male in rehab. Most of these guys have been doing drugs longer than shes been alive.

  2. Too add to this.

    The weekday groups are just as bad. The morning groups on Monday were suppose to be 9-9:30 and then 10-12.

    The groups went to 9:20am and they got “credit” until 12. The excuse from the female counselor Alisha was that they were understaffed.

    My family member went upstairs and read his self help books that I brought to him and adult coloring books while the guys sat downstairs and played cards, smoked cigarettes and drank coffee. All addictive things. They promote gambling too apparently.

    Todays group was suppose to go from 10- 12 and it was over at 10:40.

    The staff proves to be lazy and inconsistent every day.

    Not to mention the building is so dirty and full of mold that my family member is coughing up black stuff and everyone in the building is coughing as well.

  3. Renaissance West is a terribly sad disappointment. The reason for the lack of reviews has to be due to lack of success rate from this repulsive rehab. My family member needed help and this was the first response to a rehab they had, first available bed, but now I see why. I am going to write just a few of my experiences with this place and please note that my family member has ONLY been here for less than 48 hours. Lord knows I would have a book to write if I kept him here for the full 90 days.

    My family member went into this facility on his own free will, not out of prison for help. First of all the guys in this facility maybe have 12 teeth combined. They are all looking to network, not get clean. They play games and smoke cigarettes all day and night. All you hear is yelling and the clients blasting music that would make any life sober person want to pick up a drug habit. This just isn’t a place for a “normal” person to try and get clean. I have seen more respectable people with a ball and chain on their ankle. Not many mandatory groups, especially on weekends, so they sit around and watch tv, play on the computer, lift weights, or go outside and play basketball. And to mention again, they have about 50 smoke breaks a day and have coffee any time they want. Talk about addiction. They can’t have food when they’re hungry but they can have two more addictions when they leave. They should be teaching about a healthy lifestyle, but clearly they don’t care about that. Even the staff says “play your cards right and you can be out of here in 70-75 days instead of 90.” If you read online, it says 30-45, that is far from the truth.

    Now to talk about the rules. They are not allowed food with them, but they feed you like you are a teenage girl with an eating disorder. They FORCE you to be on state assistance and then charge the card. The staff turnover is so tremendous that no one really knows what the rules are because each of them says differently. I was told I could bring coffee, so I went and spent 12 dollars at starbucks to get screamed at by Ursula from the little mermaid, but goes by the name of Priscilla off the tv apparently. First of all, if you sit your fat self at the front desk on visit day, I suggest you lose your attitude and greet people in a respectful manner or get a different job. Clearly it is difficult to go from a beautiful home and family to the scum of the earth Waterbury where the tenants hear and see gunshots right outside the windows. They wont let you take your purse in, so they take it but make sure you don’t have gift cards in there! I am missing a $50.00 Pier One gift card and my daughters Toys R Us gift card. The staff are like convicts, mostly females working with 32 men. WHAT RESPECTABLE FEMALE WOULD WANT TO DO ROUNDS OF 32 GUYS BEDROOMS? Where I come from, we call that a desperate whore. No self respect.

    When my family member checked into the drug networking crack palace, he was not even patted down. I assume because there was only female on staff with all these men, but that’s more of a reason why these guys should have male counselors. They can’t watch them take the drug tests, they can’t pat them down, they can’t be in control of the men like they need to. These woman are just in it for an easy, lazy job. This is probably why they are all morbidly obese to say the least. My family member got yelled at for opening the door for me while I was carrying his belongings in when my hands were full, but you didn’t see her even thinking about getting up to open it. All she wants to do is sit there and be a control freak and a fat and lazy one at that. It took everything I had to not tell her to shut her fat face and go off about how she’s clearly eating well while these guys starve. Also not to go off about how she can be friendly and not jealous because her pinky finger is bigger than my torso. Unreal the disrespect these people have. I also want to mention when I dropped him off, three druggies were standing at the door that was wide open and walked to my car and grabbed his stuff and brought it in. No one got yelled at for touching the door and it was guys that “knew the rules.” I feel like she is a bit racist especially since he got yelled at for having his hood up and guys walk around with doorags and bandannas.

    I also don’t understand how they can order take out but can’t have unopened oatmeal or nutritional drinks. I don’t understand how they can walk to the store with 2 cent prostitutes and clear as day drug dealers standing outside and buy their own food but the people who WANT them clean and sober cant give them healthy snacks or bring them a home cooked meal.

    They also tell you that people are not on drugs while they are there. We wouldn’t let him into a program where they push methadone or suboxone and they said no one is on anything prescribed here. First let me tell you about the guys going around telling everyone about the anti-psychotic meds he was on. So that was another lie on their part. Also, when they take the meds, they do not make sure they swallow them before they leave the room. I am sure they are snorting them when they go upstairs with the rest of the upstanding citizens they are housing there. When my family member walked in, the guys all came up to him saying his eyes are pinpoint and wanted to know what he brought in with him. Clearly looking for something from the outside.

    My family member has a roommate with mental illness. The kid doesn’t know what date it is and he has thrown things against the wall when he was angry. When the kid was on the phone with his mom she told him to go and talk to someone because he needs help and he told his mom they wont help him, hes asked for it. The staff keeps asking my family member how’s the room going and telling him to switch rooms because his roommate is “crazy.” When he told them that his roommate is going through something and needs to talk to someone, the staff just shrugs it off. Instead of helping this poor kid, they just let him stay upstairs and be confused and alone. I guess trying to help someone is just too much work for them.

    During my visit I could not stop coughing. The filth that was in that place was unbearable. The dust on the walls and ceiling was an inch thick. Garbage and food all over the floor. There was an obvious leak in the ceiling that has never been addressed. Dirty dishes just sitting there. The microwave station was never cleaned and looks like there has been food stuck to that area since 1952. There was trash sitting in the window sill. The floor looks as if it hasn’t been washed and I am not sure what the color it started as. My family member said that the light in his room flickers so bad, he can’t even use it. There is also black mold all over his shower curtain. There was food all over his floor and took him 6 hours to clean his room.

    Groups…. Well those are a joke. Clients host the groups…. Are we short staffed? What is a drug addict going to tell another drug addict how to be a better addict? Then when Ursula (Priscilla) sat into the group, she said no cell phones but when all these idiots did it anyways, she just laughed about it and it was okay. For some people, rules apply, but the new guy who is not the same race as her, opening the door was the worst thing that has ever happened to this place.

    Snack time. They call the guys down who aren’t out smoking to get a snack and bring it upstairs. But snacks aren’t allowed upstairs… 5 minutes ago.

    I can’t even tell you how disgusted I am. I could literally go on forever and he has only been there for less than 48 hours. Please do not even consider putting your loved ones here.

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