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glenville new yorkConifer Park Residential Review

Conifer Park is located in Glenville, New York on 32 acres of woods. The facility provides detox and inpatient programs for adults with substance abuse dependency and co-occurring disorders. Treatment follows the principles of the 12 steps with the inclusion of evidence-based therapy sessions offered in both group and individual settings. The facility also offers outpatient treatment at a network of clinics located throughout New York.

Accommodations and Food

Residents are accommodated on a large plot of open acreage and though the entire facility is co-ed, men and women are housed in separate buildings. Both the female and male facilities combined have a total of 200 beds. Residents sleep in twin beds, typically with three people to a room and a shared bathroom. The grounds are large allowing residents plenty of space for walking and exercise as desired. The facility also has a gym, basketball court, pool and Jacuzzi which residents can use during their daily hour of supervised recreation time. Both the female and male units have common areas and living rooms. Group therapy is held in classrooms in each facility.

Meals are served three times a day in the on-site cafeteria. The kitchen staff prepares hot meals which include options like eggs and bacon for breakfast and pastas, meats, soups and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Snacks and coffee are available throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

Both residential and outpatient clients start treatment with an assessment. After that, residents are placed in the program that best suits their needs. Those in need of detox are offered a medically monitored program that lasts three to four days.

The inpatient program includes 12-step meetings, addiction workshops and group and individual therapy sessions. Though the structure of treatment is fairly basic, all programming is gender specific and specialized to meet the needs of each client. All residents engage in groups and individual sessions that consist of CBT, DBT and relapse prevention. Groups are held daily while individual sessions usually meet two to three times a week. Women have a separate program component that consists of groups discussing issues such as parenting, codependency, grief, loss, self-esteem, ego strengthening and nutrition. Those with dual diagnosis meet with a psychiatrist or LPN who can prescribe medication when needed.

CP’s outpatient facilities offer an Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) as well as standard outpatient sessions with active participation in individual and group therapy. Group therapy sessions are offered for an hour to three hours at a time depending on each resident’s needs. With six locations, groups are plentiful and are available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. There is also therapeutic support for those with co-occurring disorders.

The staff at CP includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers and addiction counselors.


Referrals for vocational education services are available to both men and women in the inpatient program. Counselors also work with clients to develop job skills, college skills and HSE/TASC prep.

Adolescents seeking inpatient treatment are also offered a holistic program at CP’s sister facility Arms Acres in Carmel, New York. The program is multidisciplinary, and uses evidence-based modalities like CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-step principles and alternative services like acupuncture, yoga and art therapy.

In Summary

For those seeking comprehensive residential services using the 12 steps, evidence-based modalities and recreational activities, Conifer Park is a comprehensive recovery destination. Treatment is available for both adults and adolescents, with additional outpatient options for those in need of less intensive care. In all, Conifer Park is a strong resource to begin long-lasting recovery.

Conifer Park Location

79 Glenridge Rd
Glenville, NY 12302

Conifer Park Cost

$13,200 (30 days, residential). Reach Conifer Park by phone at (800) 989-6446. Find Conifer Park on Facebook

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