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Community Rehab Sober Living


Community Rehab Sober LivingCommunity Rehab Sober Living Review

Community Rehab is a comprehensive boutique treatment facility that offers residential, detox and sober living services to men and women suffering from substance abuse and addiction. The sober living homes are located in Long Beach, California, a half an hour away from Community Rehab home base in Orange. While the sober living homes are primarily reserved for individuals who have completed primary care at Community Rehab, accommodations are also open to others seeking a transitional home in which to continue recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

Community Rehab sober living accommodates up to 12 men and women in a homey and renovated bungalow in a residential neighborhood. The house has six double-occupancy, gender-specific bedrooms, each with twin beds with linens and pillows provided. The three shared bathrooms have showers and while Community Rehab supplies towels, residents are responsible for their own toiletries. The home also has on-site laundry facilities, a large backyard with seating for socializing and a pool for recreation.

All meals are served family-style and prepared by cooking staff three times per day. Clients who prefer their own meals are permitted access to the kitchen and can cook at their leisure. Snacks are available throughout the day. Most meals are traditional comfort food but special diet restrictions and allergies are accommodated. Caffeine and sugar are allowed and clients may smoke cigarettes in designated areas.

Rules and Regulations

Community Rehab sober living residents are encouraged to develop autonomy and independence but each day is carefully planned. Typical length of stay is 60 to 90 days and clients are expected to continue to attend group therapy through a local Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Attending four to five community 12-step meetings per week is expected and, while clients are not required to get a sponsor, they are encouraged to seek help from others in recovery. Caring for the house and tending to assigned light chores is also expected.

No curfew is enforcedCommunity Rehab encourages residents to be responsible for themselves. Clients who bring illegal substances or alcohol onto the property will be evicted. Any resident who relapses is removed and referred to more intensive treatment options through Community Rehab.

Cell phones and computers are allowed, as long as residents are  focusing on their sobriety. Residents are permitted to bring pets as long as they are approved by management and are up to date on all vaccinations.


Community Rehab emphasizes the importance of recreation by scheduling weekly outings including trips to the beach, movies, sporting events and concerts with fellow residents. Staff are available to accompany residents on outings.

Clients are encouraged to express their own individual style—including tattoos, music choices and clothing—and to cultivate their autonomy during their stay.

In Summary

Community Rehab’s sober living provides clients with a stable foundation for post-treatment recovery. With a comprehensive treatment program including detox, inpatient and outpatient tracks and a strong fellowship in sober living, it is ideal for young adults at risk of relapse who wish to focus on building sober lifestyles while maintaining their individuality.

Community Rehab Sober Living Location

Community Rehab Sober Living
1731 Appleton St
Long Beach, CA 90802

Community Rehab Sober Living Cost

Call for price. Reach Community Rehab Sober Living by phone at (855) 547-4174 or by email at [email protected]. Find Community Rehab Sober Living on Facebook

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