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Community Network Services is a private human services agency based in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Michigan that provides comprehensive outpatient treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders and substance abuse issues. The agency serves residents of Oakland and Wayne County with facilities in Novi, Pontiac, Waterford, Southfield and Dearborn.

Treatment and Staff

CNS provides psychiatric evaluations, counseling and education, case management, medication administration and review, and pharmacy and laboratory services. Mental health and chemical dependency are treated concurrently.

The facility takes an integrated approach, assigning each client to a care team of medical and behavioral health professionals with whom they work during the course of treatment. An individualized treatment plan is determined at an initial meeting. Clients are required to meet with their assigned doctor and case manager at least once a month. Detox is not offered, but Suboxone can be prescribed for opioid recovery. Persons with co-occurring mental illness can be evaluated and treated as part of the program.

In addition to substance abuse counseling, group therapy and case management, the array of services offered here is astounding: Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT), Family Psycho-education, Consumer-run Drop-in Centers, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Smoking Cessation Assistance, Personal Action Towards Health (PATH), Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), Psychiatric Nursing Services, Individual Placement and Supports, Family Support, Clubhouses, Community Education, Community Living Supports, Trauma-Informed Service Delivery, Children’s Services, Anti-Stigma Programs, Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Services. The modalities are suggested by staff, but clients have input and make the final decision about their treatment and the family psycho-education takes place twice a month for clients and their family members. These sessions are conducted by professional trained staff and typically go on for about a year. CNS is not 12-step affiliated.

The staff at CNS includes psychiatrists, case managers, nurse practitioners and nurses, CADCs, therapists and pharmacists, all of whom have years of experience providing treatment and assistance for mental disorders, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. Psychotherapy is administered by certified and licensed Master’s-level counselors and psychologists who work in both group and individual sessions.


On the second Wednesday of each month from 6 to 7 pm, the Family Education and Support Group meets to address myriad topics relevant to recovery. These sessions are free of charge and often feature guest speakers. They’re also open to the public.

A range of community education workshops are also offered to clients and family members on subjects such as mental health, borderline personality disorder, time and stress management, positive thinking, gender socialization and total wellness.

Special language services provide assistance for the hearing impaired. Interpreter services are available for other languages.

In Summary

Community Network Services is a unique network of facilities in that it provides integrated services to clients with both mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse or alcoholism issues. As such, individuals considering CNS will likely benefit from a care team of professionals working collaboratively to manage a client’s mental illness in addition to achieving recovery.

Community Network Services Location

Community Network Services
24230 Karim Blvd, Ste 100
Novi, MI, 48375

Community Network Services Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Community Network Services by phone at (800) 615-0411 or (248) 745-4900 and by email at [email protected]. Find Community Network Services on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Under the leadership of President Michael Garrett and his current administration, CNS has become a cesspool of corruption and unethical practices. The President replaced the former administration with friends, family and church associates, who are mostly African American with a track record of being racist, shamefully incompetent, unprofessional and ignorant. The Human Resources Director and her Payroll protegee are known for abusing their authority conducting random and quiet “witch hunts” throughout the agency for the sole purpose of harassing and eventually terminating employees and supervisors. The Human Resource Administration’s unscrupulous business practices are deplorable and matches that of the City of Detroit. The Administrators, Program Manager, Case Managers, Clerical and IT Staffs are certified mentally ill individuals who are in/out of recovery, and in many cases, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals with felony and prison records. Most of the workers are from the streets of Detroit. These are the professionals who are actually running the company and providing case management and psychiatric services to the community. Basically, this is one big clubhouse replete with a god-awful corrupt “talking head.” The company is only as good as the leadership. It has been rumored that the CNS Administration and HR Director has been abusing and distributing the psychiatric drugs for personal profit. Due to the company’s poor reputation, they have a very low hire rate and overturn rate. In 2016, CNS fleet of cars were quietly repossessed without giving the workers a clear explanation of what occurred. There were two Program Managers, who have worked for the company for several years, suddenly quit their jobs due to on-going harassment and bullying of the Human Resource Director and Payroll Administrator. On 10/6/2016, CNS had a poor turnout at their career fair to hire new workers. Based on their reputation in the community, no one showed except 3 clients who were immediately turned away. This placed the company is a desperate need of workers. The HR Director and Payroll Administrator hired several temporary workers with no formal or informal interviews, background checks or application for social worker positions. I personally and professionally would not recommend CNS as a job or career. I would not recommend CNS for mental health services to the community of clients in Oakland County or elsewhere. Most, if not all employers in Michigan are aware of CNS being staffed with administrators, program manager, case managers, clerical and IT staff, who are certified mentally ill clients in/out of recovery and the morale is extremely low. You don’t want to be professionally connected or linked to the company because of their reputation, which is ruined in the community. The workers (past and present), and I have witnessed the deterioration of this company under the leadership of President Michael Garrett and his corrupt administration. For fear of losing their jobs, the workers are afraid of speaking out about it. Instead, it’s the offices’ quiet “water cooler” conversations. So, I will do the honors. It’s in the best interest of Community Network Services and its clients for this President and his incompetent and criminal friends in Human Resources, Senior Leadership Team, Programs and his buddies in case management and throughout the agency to resign and look for employment that matches their skill set and low morale practices. The Human Resource Administration, who come from a pharmaceutical background, is totally unqualified for their positions. This is evidenced by the corruption they have displayed during their leadership. In addition, it would be beneficial for the company to conduct random drug testing on administrators, program managers, psychiatrist, therapist, clinical and clerical; and facilities management and staff. Many of the staff have the marked behavior of suspected drug abuse. CNS and the clients in Oakland County deserve much better. This company deserve much better.

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