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Community Care Alliance of Woonsocket, Rhode Island was founded in 2014 as the combination of two non-profit agencies—NRI Community Services and Family Resources Community Action. Today, Community Care Alliance is a CARF-accredited, comprehensive mental health facility offering over 50 different programs for men, women and adolescents with individualized, holistic treatment.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment available through Community Care Alliance is offered in three levels of care. There is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) where clients attend group therapy sessions for about five hours a day for five days a week and one individual therapy session per week. There’s also an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which includes group therapy three evenings a week for three hours per session. Both of these programs last for approximately four weeks. It’s common for clients to then step down to a standard outpatient track which meets once a week for as long as necessary.

Programs at Community Care incorporate a range of treatment methods including CBT, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing (MI), art and music therapy and meditation. The facility also offers gender-specific groups in both the PHP and IOP tracks. Therapists work with clients throughout treatment to design goal-oriented plans which include any continuing care that may be required. The programs themselves are therapy based, though the facility encourages clients to attend outside AA/NA meetings and can provide references when necessary. In both the adolescent and adult programs medication management and psychiatric services for co-occurring disorders are available. Family participation is also encouraged in all programs.

The staff at Community Care Alliance includes Master’s-level LCSWs, MFTs, LADCs, LPCs, psychiatrists, psychologists and caseworkers.


Community Care also offers job training and placement services for those who are currently in treatment or continuing care. Family and couples counseling sessions are available on an individual basis. Outreach programs for clients with HIV/AIDS are available three times a week which provide breakfast and lunch for participants. Random drug screening is conducted on a weekly basis as well.

In Summary

Overall, Community Care Alliance offers a range of individualized outpatient services for adults and adolescents. Treatment is customized and flexible incorporating a range of evidence-based and holistic practices. While those in need of a more intensive residential program may need to look elsewhere, Community Care Alliance remains a strong resource for individuals seeking comprehensive outpatient care with a credentialed staff.

Community Care Alliance Location

Community Care Alliance
PO Box 1700
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Community Care Alliance Cost

$1,500 (30 days, IOP/PHP). Reach Community Care Alliance by phone at (401) 325-7000. Find Community Care Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. Ariella Fahey deSouza on

    I wish there was a place for negative stars. What a joke. They do not provide real therapy here at all. It’s mostly for people who are on drugs, dealing with severe addictions, chronic homelessness or similar mental issues. If you are simply looking for a regular therapist and not aware of how the therapy world works then don’t bother. From an administrative point of view to therapist, ceo’s and others employed they do not keep their word. CCA’s fees to request records are ridiculous (1-2 pennies under state max) and do NOT even get sent in a timely manner -try 4 months NO RECORDS after being requested. When push came to shove every single person I met their ended up being extremely unprofessional. All filled with lies some even with snarky remarks who refuse to do what their job is this is including ALL levels of the agency from file clerks to therapists and privacy administrators.

    It’s not like I did not give this place a chance -I spent 2 years here as a client. It took me 3 therapists to even find someone REMOTELY good at their job even then she turned out to be unprofessional as well.

    My journey here started out with me just needing therapy. I was a recent move in to the city and needed someone to talk too/help me resolve a few things. Boom… I go through an evaluation process/intake then am placed with a therapist who unbeknownst to me is fresh out of college with the ink of her license not even dry yet. I am then with her for about 9 months (like I said I REALLY gave each therapist a chance) and we never made forward progress. There was 0 interest in getting to know me as a person or what my thought process was with how I saw things in my own life. Just this constant comparison to who she is, what she went through, etc. Now, I get that people do this so they can understand but, not everyone has had a “perfect” life with 13 aunts and uncles, a husband, 3-4 kids, etc. That’s just not reality. I tried everything I could to get her to level with me. NOPE -never happened. All I was looking for was for her to understand some level of brokenness in a human way. What I received instead was extreme diagnosis’ like psychosis, delusions and the wrong use of flashbacks. When someone is so new to the field they have this tendency to make sure their sheets get checked off correctly for their own job/paycheck this woman did precisely that this is why I say she had no little to no interest in me as a human being, therefore I never received real help. Even terms like DBT she used incorrectly. Calling the rest of serotonin in the brain DBT.. what the hell?!! Cluelessness all around I tell you.

    I have a considerable amount of empathy so yes it took me a good 9 months to kind of see that this person didn’t truly care about how I was doing as a person. I finally call a supervisor and get switched. Ok. Good. New therapist hopefully not the same problems or any and we can just get to work. (I did make a formal complaint about her later on to which was flipped back on me like I am the bad guy… kind of gas lighting yet, they are a therapist’s office… more details below)

    NOPE! I am then with another therapist who is one that isn’t at CCA as much as the first -some type of contract arrangement they have internally I was told by the supervisor from earlier. Okay. Cool I am going to trust the supervisor and her knowledge of her staff to see that this person is the best fit for me based upon intake and the bits of information I have been able to give them so far. OMG… it was like a joke or a bad dream. The 2nd therapist has been there for several years, in practice for at least 20 so you would think yes finally I get to build trust and open up. Never happened. During the change of therapist’s I saw an outside provider who was to contact them to receive information/provide (pcp or similar). The new therapist blatantly lied and/or dismissed my claims that they reached out when I gave the other person her contact information with a written release yet, she wants me to tell her how I feel!?!??! What the F bomb… that did not happen. Why would it? I barely know you, your hiding information from me, and we haven’t built up even a centimeter of trust. I felt really cornered emotionally by her and the agency at this point. I know I have a very sticky personal situation where changing therapists is going to look really bad so I really did not want to do it. So one of my last 2 visits I brought in an article, “50 signs of bad therapy”. Lol… she wasn’t amused. I politely and calmly read a few that I thought she met i.e…. 9. Counselor is judgmental or critical of your behavior, lifestyle, or problems, 10. Therapist “looks down” at you or treats you as inferior in subtle or not so subtle ways, 22. Counselor cannot accept feedback or admit mistakes, 30. Counselor tells you what to do, makes decisions for you, or gives frequent unsolicited advice, 34. Therapist is contentious with you or frequently confrontational, 43. Counselor seems overwhelmed with your problems, 45. Counselor pushes you into highly vulnerable feelings or memories against your wishes, 48. Therapist tries to get you to exert overt control over your impulses, compulsions, or addictions without helping you to appreciate and resolve the underlying cause, etc. I wasn’t happy. She felt insulted so to the supervisor I went again this time in person.

    Now, I felt good. The supervisor initially heard my concerns and directed them appropriately but, nope turns out she even lied. Being extremely fair I asked upfront if the first therapist was new to the field (my research showed that YES she was but, I was not going to tell her that) she shook her head no… #areyoukiddingme? I still suck it up and keep going to the new therapist…

    I meet her and within 15 minutes I am thanking God for helping me to find someone remotely understanding or good at their job. She is. Therapy goes really well for me for awhile as I was with her for a year. Few snags took place which ultimately caused me to leave the agency entirely…

    The first few sessions with a new therapist are all about building trust. From your standard/mandatory, “get to know you” forms to just information about each other’s background -same as in dating the interview process is still taking place. Considering this woman was my 3rd therapist and my last at this facility (no matter what as I had already decided if this does not workout I am leaving). So my version of building trust was telling her frankly how poor of a job I thought the other therapists did, what we can do to correct it going forward and overall just make sure that we are on the same page. Standard stuff as changing therapists happens in life. We were on the same page where she had agreed with my feelings about the different situations I encountered, how I felt about them and why. Then the misinformation/lies came… first it was about subpoenas. I asked about how subpoenas work when it comes to CCA and privacy. The woman told me that they had a lawyer to fight for their clients privacy. Yeah. No. Never heard of that but, HEY I am a client here maybe you facility really is different and does. I end up asking someone in a different building one day when I am there (a file clerk, receptionist or similar) they don’t have one. I am annoyed but, realistically she the therapist may not know. I let it go. One mistake does not warrant me firing another therapist. So I file a formal internal complaint/remarks about the past 2 therapists I met with. After being dismissed when I verbally explained myself to one of the higher ups in administration I hand delivered my requested changes to the CEO along with a letter addressing my concerns – this is not a one sided relationship. I am a client. I have rights too. It then took CCA longer than the initial time frame to get back to me. They got back to me after I requested a check in -suspicious?? Nooo never that (sarcasm). It seemed like they literally did not read what I had to say or take me seriously. My request to have my records changed was denied. This was even after the last therapist agreed with me about the changes AND the CEO. What the F bomb… who does that?? So I filed an appeal that was never processed and even lost on the way to the office who handles them by the therapist. Irresponsibility to me falls under the umbrella of “professionalism” -losing something counts. The woman even had “reactions” to information I told her when I was reminded of things I did by a relative. A therapist should never have a reaction. You are not a friend, family member or even a stranger. As a professional (at any level) you don’t get to react.

    At the end of the day I spent 2 years in a crap hole community agency with great services for food, housing, drugs, rehab just NOT therapy. They use electronic equipment to gauge how someone is enjoying the therapy -why not just ask them?? How is someone going to know what a strategy or skill you have available if you’ve never told them? Why should a client have to ask, “Oh what’s this, what’s that, etc”. It gets annoying and they probably feel annoyed.

    The stories I have now heard from others have included them calling DCYF on clients for minor issues, helping DCYF instead of advocating for their client or even playing a middle man, bashing people who have a religious belief and wanting to diagnosis them and practically facilitating someone committing suicide. To be told you’re, “venting” about serious issues and constitutional rights violations is unacceptable in my eyes. Something like that should be handled with the utmost care and responsibility even if you’re therapists are wrong. I felt like I was being gaslighted by the end of it all 100%. To be told I am wrong about things that you’re therapists did wrong?!?! Just why in the world am I dealing with office politics in a therapist’s office? I need to talk about my office politics issues not add to them.

    Overall, I hope that whoever reads this can save themselves the time, energy and headache to avoid this place like the plague. I never got to fully let down my guard which is a total shame.

    What I learned about the therapy world and the “hierarchy”…..

    Community agencies -drugs, addictions, homelessness and the “Seedier” sides of life (not commenting on any of this as we all need to start somewhere just a fact).

    Private therapists -Actual therapists who will teach you skills to do things on your own not just expect you to talk about them all day long. Examples include: Plaza Psychology…

    EAP Therapists -Typically highly experienced as you do not get this job without it and they tend to be more expensive as well.

    **If you want to write me personally I will share names and/or details so you can understand why I say this about the entire facility just not doing that over the internet for privacy’s sake as well as lawsuit sake.

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