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Community Bridges Inc. was established in 1982 as a comprehensive behavioral health facility. For over 30 years, it has served the state of Arizona with multiple locations and 30 treatment programs. Offering detox, short-term residential, outpatient, and gender-specific and sober living programs for adults and families, this facility has become a trusted name within the communities it serves.

Accommodations and Food

The two residential programs are located in the Yuma Lighthouse and Benson Desert facilities. Length of stay varies from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the client’s needs. Yuma Lighthouse can serve up to 24 adults at a time, and Benson fits 12—most rooms are double occupancy with private bathrooms. The main goal of these facilities is to have individuals transition to outpatient as quickly and successfully as possible. Meals are prepared on site and served in dining rooms. Most special dietary needs can be met.

Treatment and Staff

CBI offers an inpatient detox treatment that lasts between three to five days in a supported medical environment. After detox is completed, a short-stay residential program or one of CBI’s Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are recommended for continued treatment. After a thorough assessment is performed by an intake counselor, an individualized plan is formulate that may include dual diagnosis support and medication managed by an on-site psychiatrist.

Whether in the residential or the IOP, CBI uses evidence-based therapy methods, like CBT and DBT, during group and individual therapy. The IOP serves individuals not only in need of substance abuse treatment, but also with co-occurring conditions. Typically, clients participate in up to seven groups per day in the residential program. IOP includes three group therapy sessions per week for three hours at a time, and one individual therapy session with a counselor per week.

Psychoeducation is a major part of treatment practices at CBI, with classes like relapse prevention, coping skills and parenting skills being offered to clients regularly. Though CBI is not a 12-step based program, the facility does hold AA and NA meetings on-site. Clients are encouraged, but not required, to attend and peer counselors occasionally lead the meetings.

CBI employs over 700 individuals including “peer support” counselors, who are former clients and now help others achieve sobriety. Additionally, staff consists of licensed professionals including psychologists, RNs, MFTs, licensed addiction counselors, LPCs and LCSWs.


CBI offers extensive educational programs about the disease of addiction to surrounding communities, as well as information and resources about family support programs like Alanon.

CBI also provides specialty programs like the Center for Hope, which is designed for pregnant and postpartum women and their children up to the age of six, offering a transitional housing unit and outpatient treatment.

A relatively new treatment program is Unscript, which focuses on prescription pain killer addiction. Currently, this program is only available at the Scottsdale location.

In Summary

Community Bridges Inc. says its mission is to maintain the dignity of human life. All the treatment programs it offers reflect that philosophy. The success rate of CBI is in the 80th percentile, which is a testament to not only its services, but also the caring nature of the staff, many of whom are former clients. This is a workable program devoted to the continued success of each individual who walks through its doors.

Community Bridges Inc. Cost

$7,500 (30 days, residential); $5,400 (30 days, IOP). Reach Community Bridges Inc, by phone at 877-931-9142 or by email. Find Community Bridges Inc. on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Leonard Josef Moores on

    I spent 90 days in the Dodge Residential program in Tucson. Although I was CT Ordered to be at CBI I can tell you that in the first week of being there I kicked and screamed about everything but as time went on I realized that this program was what I needed. There are no weights,no hot tubs and nothing extravagant but it did provide me with what I needed. Raw recovery!! No bells and no whistles! Just recovery that taught me the initial coping skills that I needed in my early stages of recovery! After my release I continued with my recovery by attending IOP and MRT classes. I’ve stayed in my transition thru Self-determination and self-management. I thank the staff at CBI for their diligence and compassion that was given to me and others during my stay at the Dodge treatment center.

  2. This Place is terrible the Management is only interested in Numbers, and payments, Terrible to the Staff, Under paid, not enough employees, and they CONTINUE to give employees Time Off (Know as a Career Day or – Think about what you Did day or Days, which puts a strain on the Already Short Staff. Some caring Staff but eventually they get BURNED OUT. Human Resource Department is a Joke. This Facility NEEDS TO BE CLOSED.
    Does not have the Homeless. Addicted or Mentally Challenged best Interest at Heart. Administration does not have a Clue only concerned about getting paid by ACCESS.

  3. If I could give this place no stars, I would. Terrible place…. not for people who are suffering from severe mental illnesses. Most of the people there were detoxing from drugs and/or court ordered to be there. Conversely, my daughter experienced a bipolar psychotic episode and required immediate intervention. During her episode, other people taunted her (which further escalated her episode). She was given several different medications, none which helped stabilize her. Thankfully she was transferred to an inpatient psychiatric hospital where people truly cared about her and treated her mental illness accordingly. She’s doing much better now because she received the proper level of care elsewhere.

    • We should hold a protest at this place. They Media and community needs to know how they treat there patients, very terrible. I was attacked by a patient twice, second time I received a severe concussion, the Staff did nothing and the patient was still in the large room with me for six day. We were all in one large room, ALL the time, approximately 40’x70′ all the time. Everyone slept on vinyl recliners, I slept on mine for six days. I had severe neck and nerve pain when I left. Bright lights and T.Vs left on all night long. It is a TERRIBLE place.


      [email protected]

      This place should be shut done

  4. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE… My son reached out to the East Valley facility seeking assistance for substance abuse. I took him, it was his first time dealing with this issue and he did not want it in his life but did not know how to handle it himself. I took him at 7:00 am in the morning. The attendant told us it would take some time so I left him there and went to work. At 5:00 pm after I got off work I went to follow up in order to get information on what the process would be after he was admitted. To my surprise and utter disappointment my son was still sitting there waiting to be admitted. We are talking about 10 HOURS….. When I arrived he told me that they had taken other people before him that were high but he had been sitting there and obviously in physical distress. When I asked the attendant, he talked to a Supervisor and assured me they would be taking him next. While waiting there I spoke with a few young people that had been there more than once and were apparently under the influence of drugs, which they freely admitted to me. MY GREAT DISASSPOINTMENT was that they use this as a revolving door to detox, they leave and continue to use drugs and then go back to detox over and over. I was very mad that they would have my son wait while they took the obvious abusers of the system but not my son that was crying out for help. When they admitted my son, he called me that next morning and told me that they had released him because he wasn’t bad enough to keep him in the program. When I arrived I verified what he had told me and it was true. This place is a joke. It enables drug addicts to continue to use this program in order to continue to use drugs and get clean when they have no other resource in order to continue to get high. THERE WAS NOT HELP FOR MY SON, THEY REFUSED HIM “BECAUSE HE WASNT BAD ENOUGH’….
    I took him to another facility out of Arizona.. It has been a year now and he is completely drug free and perusing his career. DONT RECOMMEND IT FOR ANYONE…

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