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Since 1991, Colonial Clinic has provided adult outpatient substance abuse treatment for residents in Spokane County and the surrounding areas of eastern Washington. Located in the city of Spokane just west of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Colonial Clinic aims to promote long-term recovery by providing extended care for clients who remain together throughout treatment.

Treatment and Staff

This facility is located in a shopping mall in downtown Spokane. The interior is a traditional office setting, with counseling rooms for individual therapy and conference rooms for groups.

Prior to beginning treatment at Colonial, all clients must take an eight-hour ADIS (alcohol drug information school) course. Following this course, clients are placed at either the intensive or the regular level of outpatient care.

Colonial Clinic offers a uniquely designed Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)—it is 12 months long and broken up into four phases. In the first phase, clients are assigned to a group of people that they remain with throughout the program. Colonial believes being in treatment with the same five to eight people and creates a solid bond and sense of support and trust. Phase one is five weeks long. Clients meet for group therapy five days a week, Monday through Friday from 9 to 11 am or from 6 to 8 pm, with individual therapy once per week. Group topics include physical affects of drugs and alcohol, family dynamics, responsibility, communication, relapse prevention, anxiety and depression, coping skills and anger management, with CBT as a primary treatment modality.

In phase two, clients attend two groups per week, from 9 to 11 am or from 6 to 8 pm, with a total of four individual therapy sessions. This phase is 12 weeks long. Phase three is also 12 weeks and clients attend group once a week with three individual therapy sessions. The final chapter, phase four, is five months long—clients meet once a month for individual therapy and once a month for group. Group topics for all phases remain similar. All clients are encouraged to attend outside support groups such as AA and NA during treatment.

The outpatient program is six months long and consists of 10 individual therapy sessions and group therapy once a week. As with IOP, clients must attend ADIS prior to starting the program. Outpatient groups also remain static for the duration of treatment—no new members are brought in and the counselors remain the same. Group topics are similar in scope to IOP.

The Colonial Clinic treatment team is made up of licensed substance abuse counselors and one Master’s-level therapist specializing in addiction. While Colonial Clinic does treat people with co-occurring disorders, there is no psychiatrist on staff for medication management.

In Summary

The design of Colonial Clinic’s programs ensures that while some people may drop out of treatment, no unfamiliar faces are added. Colonial Clinic provides long-term care at a very reasonable price and an intimate sober community; not having to initiate anyone new during treatment could be a unique comfort at a time when there is already so much change.

Colonial Clinic Location

Colonial Clinic
910 N. Washington St. #210
Spokane, WA 99201

Colonial Clinic Cost

$656 (prorated 30 days) Reach Colonial Clinic by phone at (509) 327- 9831 or by email. Find Colonial Clinic on Facebook

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  1. What’s sickening is you throw somebody out of a program and then turn around and sue them for money when they were paying cash out of pocket already. Your disgusting greediness shows. So bottom line you don’t care about people’s problems. Your in it for the almighty buck. Hope that money hugs you at night.

    • T. Huston Stolz on

      Colonial Clinic does not “throw” anybody “out of a program.” We also have never “sued” anyone. I’m not knowing of your particular case nor could I comment on that if I did. I don’t even know that you were provided ANY services with us. Our program is confidential and protects people’s information. We only charge for treatment that a person participates in. We most often divide the cost of the treatment (into monthly payments) over the length of the program. If you did not stay for the entire program and only made a payment or two, it might be that you still owed for some treatment sessions. We do charge for our therapy services and all of the costs are discussed thoroughly always at the beginning. Our counselors are well trained and experienced with most having Master’s Degrees. Most of our staff and counselors are in recovery themselves, including the owners, and we tremendously care about helping families and those who are addicted. The services Colonial Clinic provides is specifically and exactly helping and caring about people! We have provided that in Spokane for 33 years! I sincerely hope your journey is a successful one! – T. Huston Stolz Owner and Treatment Director of Colonial Clinic

  2. This is very inaccurate information. I was employed at Colonial Clinic for 8 years, and only left due to the chance to travel for a while. Whoever created this website is way off. Listen to T. Huston Stolz, the above comment, he is the owner and I worked for him. No one explains The Colonial Clinic Program better than him.
    Teri Pratt

  3. T. Huston Stolz on

    I am the owner and Treatment Director of Colonial Clinic. (09/12/16) I’m finding it bizarre that some of the information posted above is accurate while much of it is absolutely inaccurate. Colonial Clinic has been in Spokane since 1985 and is not “located in a shopping mall.” The vast majority of clients do not take the 8 hour ADIS course. Our addiction treatment closed groups have up to 12 group members in them. We have a complete parallel Family Program. “The outpatient program” is not 6 months long. A 6 month program is recommended for people not diagnosed with substance dependency but with Substance Use Disorder Mild. An evaluation can be completed in the same week you call. The cost information provided above is very inaccurate. For accurate information please call 509-327-9831 between the weekday hours of 9 am – 6 pm Pacific Time or visit our website at At the website you can print yourself a brochure. I or any of my staff would be glad to speak with you during weekday business hours. We answer our phones during business hours. I will look forward to hearing from any interested party! Sincerely Huston Stolz

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