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Cold Creek Wellness CenterCold Creek Wellness Center Review

Cold Creek Wellness Center, located near Salt Lake City, offers experiential therapies, comfortable accommodations and recreational opportunities for a whole-body recovery. Aside from alcohol and drug addictions, they also treat video game, sex, gambling and pornography addictions.

Accommodations and Food

Cold Creek Wellness Center occupies a spacious residential home in Kaysville, a small town 23 miles north of Salt Lake City. The house holds a maximum of eight residents, who may or may not share rooms depending on availability. Private rooms feature a queen-sized bed, while double rooms have two full-sized beds. The decor emphasizes the desert location, with neutral, beige and brown tones and impressionist paintings of the Southwestern landscape. Residents can enjoy two large common areas, one of which has a television and a foosball table. Cold Creek Wellness Center does not offer on-site recreation, but they are located across the street from volleyball courts and baseball fields and include a complimentary Gold’s Gym membership with admission.

Residents eat three meals a day together in their dining room, which is adjacent to the kitchen. The food is light and healthy and frequently varies depending on which chef is on the job. Dinner options may include meat and potato type dishes or modern traditional meals like pastas or chicken dishes with risotto and vegetables. They can accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets as well as any religious dietary restrictions.

Treatment and Staff

Cold Creek Wellness Center offers a 45-day treatment that includes individual counseling (three sessions per week), group counseling, CBT, DBT, EDMR, mind-body bridging, Motivational Interviewing (MI), psycho-educational intervention, optional 12-step meetings, addiction education and experiential therapies such as equine therapy, music therapy, art therapy, yoga, sauna detoxification and mindfulness. Each resident also has one meeting per week with the medical director. It does not offer detox.

A typical day at Cold Creek Wellness Center begins with a 7 am wake-up. Residents then exercise either at the gym or the athletic park across the street, followed by breakfast and a group meeting before lunch. After lunch, residents have a short break and then engage in more recreation time or an experiential therapy. They also may have an individual session. After dinner, they continue treatment into the early evening and have a bit of personal time before lights-out around 10 or 11 pm.

Staff includes multidisciplinary counselors, Master’s level therapists, a physician, social workers, experiential therapists and chefs. The staff-to-resident ratio is about one to two at any given time.


Cold Creek Wellness Center offers and encourages family counseling. If family members cannot attend counseling in person, they can use teleconferencing or video chatting.

After the 45-day treatment, residents can either attend a 90-day outpatient program or move into one of Cold Creek Wellness Center’s two sober living complexes. Neither program is mandatory but may be recommended based on a resident’s progress after the first 45 days. The sober living complexes are divided by gender and are also located in Kaysville.

In Summary

Cold Creek Wellness Center is ideal for someone seeking treatment that includes a lot of individual counseling, thorough aftercare and a program without spiritual emphasis. For those seeking a more picturesque, recreation-based treatment, Cold Creek Wellness Center has another facility in the Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City that offers extensive outdoor physical activity opportunities like skiing, rock-climbing and hiking.

Cold Creek Location

845 West 200 North
Kaysville, UT 84037

Cold Creek Cost

$25,000 (45 days). Reach Cold Creek Wellness Center by phone at (877) 593-6777. Find Cold Creek Wellness Center on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter

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  1. BEWARE!!!
    Never saw a doctor. Had dangerously high blood pressure with a history of strokes and seizures. Was prescribed meds without being seen by a doctor. Malpractice? Left after 3 nights. My husband picked me up and took me to ER. I was seen by a doctor and on the verge of stroke which could have resulted in loss of speech, motor skills and paralysis any or all of which could have been permenant. Thank God I left and got medical care. Had to stay in hospital over night. Hospital staff appalled by Cold Creek behaviors. Would cost more to sue Cold Creek to have medical costs paid so I have to pay myself.
    Cold Creek took 4 months to give me a partial refund. They kept $5000.00 for 3 days. They refuse to provide a written accounting of how/where they justify that exhorbinant expense. They were only entitled to $1500.00 according to their fees. Yet they kept $3500.00. Refuse to return the stolen funds. Won’t answer where all that money was used in 3 days when EVERYTHING is supposed to be covered by $500.00/day. Again it would cost more to sue than it is to let them get away with stealing my money. They didn’t care about me, they just wanted money and cheated me out of $3500.00

    • I guess all these other people are living in lies because all Cold Creek did was screw my Insurance company for $40,000 dollars. Yes I said THOUSAND DOLLARS, with insane unneeded “testing” fees from a company that is not even within the system. I am not paying them a cent! And then they tried to send me a bill for $1,200 dollars for the treatment center itself when that’s a bunch of bull**** when EVERYTHING was covered when I went in. This place is a total SCAM!! If I would have known this before I would have never gone in. They are a system who using sick people to profit off their Insurance companies. I hope they rott in hell and they will never be getting any of my money.

  2. Barbara Bethke on

    Lied about refunding money. I cannot seem to get my money back. It’s been over 6 weeks. I stayed 4 days and never saw a doctor on admission as promised. After drumming “therapy” and just going to AA meetings it was clear that I would not be provided with the mental health care desired. Payment was made promptly as required. But now they just keep your money. Terrible business practices. Not as represented.

  3. Great treatment program. The staff and clients there are all great. Counselors are all very helpful and non-judgmental about anything you have done. I feel like everything I learned there is going to be very helpful in the future for years to come for me.

  4. I love Cold Creek Lodge. I would recommend any and every one to attend this program. I have attended other rehabs that don’t come close to the success I have had with Cold Creek. The counselors, support staff and even the owners care whole heartedly, for each individual client. They don’t just focus on your addiction; they focus on the core issues of your life. I learned so much about myself and issues I tucked down deep. I feel so free and happy about my life and who I am.

  5. If you have been through other treatment programs in the past and are still dealing with the disease of addiction. Cold Creek is the answer and should be the next phone call you make. You won’t regret it.

  6. If I hadn’t chosen Cold Creek as my residential treatment facility I don’t think I would have been able to finish my treatment. I came here thinking I had the answers & knew what I needed to do to stop using. I came to understand through individual and group therapy that it was okay to talk about the past & open up to people I could trust. I would recommend this facility to anyone hurting from addiction, I truly feel like I was given a second chance with this place.

  7. I came to cold creek with an addiction and I am leaving with the knowledge about how to handle my addiction an take my back. Since I came here I am loving my life an looking forward to living free of alcohol and drugs. I would highly recommend this treatment center for anyone that needs help. The counselors will help and push you to be the best you can be.

  8. Alexandra S on

    I absolutely loved the lodge. It’s a great place with awesome, interesting therapies. The staff is amazing, highly qualified, and very caring. I would recommend treatment there to anyone I know that needed help. Thanks Cold Creek!

  9. I feel like Cold Creek saved my life. After a fifteen year on again off again relationship with heroin I found myself divorced with my self confidence in the toilet. My depression, anxiety and bipolar were out of control. After attending three other rehab facilities and relapsing each time, I had very little hope of anything being different. I ended up staying inpatient at Cold Creek for almost sixty days. The first big difference I noticed was how sincere the staff was compared to any of the other programs. The fact that they seemed to truly care about me and my recovery gave me hope to try one more time. I enjoyed the entire program, but for me the individual counseling sessions and weekly meetings with the psych doc made the biggest difference. I was able to work through issues that had been plaguing me for my entire adult life and get my meds in a place where I felt really stable. The setting was perfect. I really benefitted from the mountain environment. The hiking, rock climbing, and fit2recover were AMAZING. Thank you Micky, Newel & Mandy. I love you guys.

  10. As a client at the Cold Creek Lodge I experienced many amazing things that include: Positive atmosphere, a welcoming feeling of comfort, Rock Climbing, Frisbee Golf, and the most amazing food. You will never go hungry lol. seriously though if you are really ready to get sober, then Cold Creek is the way to go. you wont find a better place!

  11. My stay at Cold Creek was amazing! The support staff and counselors know what they are doing. Groups and education was on point and useful. I’ve been to many treatment centers and Cold Creek is different. They are understanding and treat their clients with respect and the genuinely care! Cold Creek helped me to get my life back and I am so grateful!!! I highly recommend Cold Creek if you are suffering from any kind of addiction! THANKS COLD CREEK!!!! Oh, and the Hikes, climbs and skiing are wonderful!!!!

  12. My stay at Cold Creek was amazing! The support staff and counselors know what they are doing. Groups and education was on point and useful. I’ve been to many treatment centers and Cold Creek is different. They are understanding and treat their clients with respect and the genuinely care! Cold Creek helped me to get my life back and I am so grateful!!! I highly recommend Cold Creek if you are suffering from any kind of addiction! THANKS COLD CREEK!!!! Oh, and the Hikes, climbs and skiing are wonderful!!!!

  13. This was my first time in rehab being treated for Alcoholism. I did a lot of research and Cold Creek Behavioral Health met all of my criteria. Their online reviews were positive, they are Non 12-step program and offered dual diagnosis treatment for my anxiety and depression. I stayed at their Lodge location near Brighton Ski Resort. The three things that made the biggest difference was the 1 on 1 sessions with my therapist, the physical activity, and the staff. The one on one sessions really opened my eyes to a lot of the thinking errors and cognitive distortions that were contributing to my anxiety, depression and relationship problems. I had a clear picture of my relapse cycle and a solid aftercare plan before I transitioned into the Intensive Outpatient Program. I have always been quite active, so the physical activity was perfect. We went ice climbing, skiing, snow shoeing and attended a recovery based fit2recover program 2x per week, which was great. There was such a wide range of actives, equine therapy, drumming, breathworks meditation, process groups, serenity lounge, hydrotherapy. I really felt as thought the staff were since and truly vested in my recovery, which kept me motivated. As I compare rehab experiences with some of my friends, I cannot imaging going anywhere else. For the first time in years I am clean sober and have hope for my future. Thank you Cold Creek Lodge & Staff. Jeff J.

  14. Cold Creek is awesome! This was my 3rd Rehab. I thought it would be just like other rehab facility’s but It’s not The staff is really great the program they have here is really good I learned and gained life skills and tools to help me throughout my recovery! the place is really beautiful. The therapy is really great! My favorite part of being here was the Rec therapy was AWESOME! the activities they take you are so much fun! I liked how serious they are about recovery and want to help you they care so much!

  15. Cold creek has been a great experience for me. I have been to numerous treatment centers in the past and none of them have helped me very much and I have always went back to heroin and meth after a short period of time. The people at cold creek really care about your recovery and focus on putting you in the best position to succeed in the future. The counselors are great and the support staff is great is as well. They take you to do outdoor activities and try to help you find positive things you can do for yourself when you get out. They also have a great sober living program that you can do after you complete inpatient. I would definitely recommend cold creek for anyone that wants to get help or is looking for somewhere for a loved one to go.

  16. In and out of court-appointed treatment centers — iop, pobation etc. Overdosed in the fall on 2009 and went directly from icu to Coldcreek’s inpatient treatment center in Kaysville and I’ve been clean ever since.

    It was challenging and a lot of work but the environment felt very caring and adept. I think the family sessions were the most valuable, my mom is very loving but was also very codependent and she learned some very valuable tools. Excellent family care program.

    I felt some of the counselors may have been a bit stubborn in their assessment of me which was frustrating, In hindsight, still very valuable in helping me process my feelings.

    Coldcreek employs multiple therapies all of which were valuable. Equine was especially helpful in teaching me about patience and teamwork.

    You get out the work you put in to it. All the counselors and will provide guidance and tools but the real work is up to the clients. All in all, Coldcreek is an excellent program and I recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction,

  17. Great experience. Wonderful staff!!! Absolutely put my recovery as a first priority. Loved all of the tools I learned to stay in sobriety. I would definitely recommend!!!!

  18. Cold Creek saved my life. This is my 4th go at recovery and the most humbling, spiritual journey I have ever experienced. Thank you to all of the support staff and therapists that helped me along the way- I never imagined the level of care I ended up receiving. Thank you Micky and Newell! THE BEST OUT THERE!

  19. I had a great experience at Cold Creek. The staff were wonderful, the doctors were great and the activities were incredible. Everyday I learned something new and improved my sobriety. The doctors really helped me manage my detox symptoms. I loved the yoga, snowboarding and rock climbing. I give the program 5 stars!!!

  20. Cold Creek Behavioral Health is an amazing addiction treatment program. They offer an evidence based program that utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other clinically proven methods to treat addiction. As I study the most effective treatment approaches recommended by National Institute on Drug Abuse and Columbia University, Cold Creek is implementing these methods in their programs. Here is a quote from the website “Effective treatment programs should incorporate many components, each directed to a particular aspect of the illness and its consequences. Addiction treatment must help the individual stop using drugs, maintain a drug-free lifestyle, and achieve productive functioning in the family, at work, and in society.” This accurately describes Cold Creek’s programs. They offer a comprehensive program covering Inpatient, Outpatient, a Family Program and Sober Living. Mental health treatment or dual diagnosis is incorporated into their program, so they treat the whole person. If clients are struggling, they don’t just kick them out to fill another bed and keep their money. Cold Creek really works hard to help their clients achieve success. The therapist to client ratio is about 1 therapist to 3 clients, so everyone gets the individual counseling they need. There is never more than 8-10 clients in a program so no one just slides through the program unnoticed. Finally, the owner is committed to making the program successful. He invests the money back into the program and directs whatever resources necessary to make the program successful. You may have guessed that I work at Cold Creek, but I love this company, watching people change their lives and families heal as they overcoming addiction is a great privilege.

  21. Between the exceptional staff and their invaluable experiences, the “at-home” vibe of their first class facilities, the dedication to teaching their clients how to build a foundation in Recovery, Cold Creek not only gave me help when I needed it most, they gave me the support and boundaries I needed to succeed in creating a fulfilling life for myself. I am proud to be Cold Creek Alumni. My clean date is July 23rd, 2014. I’ve been celebrating every day since.

  22. I cant express how grateful I am to have gone through the Cold Creek program. The caring clinical staff helped me not only to understand my addiction but more importantly what was driving my addiction. The knowledge and tools I gained while in treatment, I still use on a daily basis to become a better person and to keep my recovery strong. I’m proud to say that not only was I a client but I am now part of this amazing team of people who want to help others overcome their addictions.

  23. I was a client of Cold Creek for about 10 months. I had the privilege to be treated in both there Kaysville, Brighton, and sober living locations. Cold Creek staff were able to guide me with knowledge and experience teaching me how to live not only a life with out addiction, but to a happy healthy lifestyle. I see the world completely different now and the staff there has become a second family that I can always rely on.


  24. This is such a great program!!!! I have gained so much from being here. I’m so grateful for the continuing care and support of sober living and IOP. The family program has been wonderful for my parents, they have expressed how much they love it and how much they have learned from attending classes and counseling with me.

    Thank You for this wonderful program I have been very blessed (-:


    Danette L.

  25. Casey Persinger on

    I feel the staff here has shown me that they are willing to do what ever they can to help everyone involved with the horrible disease that is addiction. Their staff was willing to go above and beyond to help the loved ones of addiction to better understand the dynamics of addiction and to help the loved ones to cope better with their addicted loved ones once the addict has completed the treatment.

  26. Rhiannon Macbain on

    I love everything about Cold Creek. The clinicians and support staff really care and they know what they are talking about because some of them lived through addiction themselves. They helped me through some of the darkest times I’ve had in my life. I was a struggling addict before I came here and now I’m recovering happily in their sober living facility. I am so grateful to everyone at Cold Creek! I can’t say thank you enough!

  27. Horrible experience, the staff is extremely inappropriate with women. This is not a safe environment and I would never send anyone to this place.

    • Cold Creek absolutely does not tolerate “inappropriate behavior” directed towards any of our clients or staff of any gender. We have well established Joint Commission approved procedures in place for investigating and addressing client or staff concerns. To protect our clients, we have camera’s throughout all of our facilities. Everyone who works at Cold Creek must pass an extensive Department of Human Services background check. We have someone on staff 24/7. Men and Women sleep on separate floors. There are separate Male and Female Sober Living apartments. I strongly encourage you to contact me with any concerns so that we can resolve any issues you may have experienced.

      Scott Pryor
      Operations Director
      Cold Creek Behavioral Health
      [email protected]

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