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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles Review

Located near the UCLA campus in the neighborhood of Westwood in Santa Monica, California, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles (CBTLA) is a treatment facility that specializes in the care of clients struggling with mental illnesses, alcohol and substance use disorders, and relationship and personal issues. CBTLA provides client-tailored therapy on the outpatient level with an emphasis on evidence-based methods. While the team provides extensive therapeutic services for the spectrum of mental illnesses, medication management is not available for clients with co-occurring disorders.

Treatment and Staff

Clients begin treatment by undergoing an assessment during the first session. This evaluation provides an opportunity for the client to fully explain their current challenges as well as their goals for therapy. The assessment also helps the therapist to create the most effective treatment plan to meet the specific needs of the client, and the therapist and client may review the program together at the end.

The CBTLA team specializes in the use of evidence-based methods that have been proven to be the most successful in treating a multitude of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD, OCD, phobias as well as alcohol, substance use and eating disorders. Evidence-based therapies are also very effective in the treatment of relationship problems as well as personal issues like smoking cessation, anger management, weight and health problems, insomnia, general life dissatisfaction and excessive rumination.

In addition to CBT, the facility employs an array of mindfulness-based therapies like DBT, ACT, mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. The team also offers exposure therapy for clients with anxiety and phobias, as well as the cognitive behavioral assessment system of psychotherapy (CBASP) and behavioral activation as focused CBT therapies designed specifically for clients suffering with depression.

CBT and other evidence-based therapies treat clients faster and more effectively than traditional talk therapies. The length of treatment varies depending on the client’s needs and goals, though CBT typically takes less time than alternatives because it is a problem-solving method that teaches clients how to use techniques to help themselves. Once individuals have learned how to treat themselves, the therapist is no longer needed.

The CBTLA team is comprised exclusively of psychologists with extensive expertise in the use of evidence-based treatments. Many of the staff are also acting faculty at universities. There are no physicians or psychiatrists on staff so, as previously mentioned, medication management is not available. Also, 12-step recovery is not necessarily discouraged, but it’s not facilitated on-site.


Clients are assigned homework between therapy sessions. Homework helps clients master CBT problem-solving skills and become self-sufficient.

In Summary

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles is an outpatient psychotherapy facility that provides individualized care for clients struggling with various mental illnesses, relationship problems and personal issues, as well as substance abuse and eating disorders. Programming utilizes evidence-based methods like CBT, DBT, ACT, mindfulness-based models as well as CBT-focused therapies for clients with severe and chronic depression. For clients seeking treatment that comes equipped with a team of psychologists with extensive experience in evidence-based therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles is a great resource.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles Location

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles
10921 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 901
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles Cost

$200-$250 (per 50-minute session); most out-of-network PPO insurances partially accepted. Reach Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles by phone at (888) 813-9613 or by email at [email protected].

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