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COBRA Addiction Treatment

COBRA Addiction Treatment

Being addicted to something, whether it be drugs or alcohol, creates a negative life experience for the addict, to say the least. However, the addict isn’t the only person being affected by addiction. With the benefits of COBRA Addiction Recovery you can nip your addiction in the bud, which will make for a better life for you and those whom you love.

Addiction Affects Others

In the case of drug addiction, the most notable problems are the health effects of others. For example, as noted by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, drug abuse affects others in the following ways:

  • Secondhand smoke from smoking tobacco, marijuana, crack, meth or heroin
  • Prenatal drug exposure to infants, either through secondhand smoke or through ingestion of drugs by the mother
  • Spread of infectious diseases through intravenous drug use, which creates a lax in judgment regarding sharing needles and unprotected sex

Other ways that addiction affects those around addicts includes the lack of positive influence and poor relationships. Individuals who are addicted to a substance are focused on getting their next fix in order to feel happy. They are not interested in having healthy relationships where they can get happiness and joy from those around them. Additionally, addicts have a tendency to feel guilty about their addictive behaviors, which further isolates them from their loved ones. COBRA Addiction Recovery offers you hope in getting your addictions under control so that you can reconnect with your loved ones, and start feeling joy and happiness through human connections.

Getting Help for Addiction

One of the best methods for treating any addiction is through the use of addiction treatment facilities. COBRA Addiction Recovery offers a healthcare benefit that grants insurance holders a chance to recuperate from their addictions in a safe and professional manner. COBRA Addiction Recovery addiction treatment centers offers a wide range of services for addicts including:

  • Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Medications prescribed to manage the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of the addiction
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Counseling, therapy and psychotherapy as needed to manage the addiction in the recovery process

Having COBRA Addiction Recovery is an advantage for someone struggling with addiction as it offers financial support through this time of dire straits. If you are a carrier of COBRA health insurance check with your insurance provider to see what coverage benefits you have under your particular level of coverage. In general, most of the treatment services throughout the recovery process are covered in some aspect by this type of insurance via COBRA Addiction Recovery.