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Club SOBA Review

Club SOBA, which is affiliated with SOBA Malibu, offers detox, residential treatment, outpatient and sober living. The philosophy at Club SOBA is to combine a structured home base, outpatient services and individual freedom, in order to foster personal responsibility.

Accommodations and Amenities

Club SOBA has a workout room on-site, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi and laundry facilities and apartments are decorated with earth toned colors and fabrics and mid century furniture. All apartments are two bedrooms and two bathrooms with double room occupancy. Residents have double beds, nightstands and shared dresser and closet space. Each unit has a spacious kitchen, dining room and living room. Internet, cable TV and Netflix are included.

A private chef prepares meals for all clients in detox and residential care and complexes are staffed around the clock. House managers are responsible for enforcing curfew, urinalysis testing and other house rules. SOBA also provides transportation to and from appointments and meetings.

Rules and Regulations

Clients must be willing to actively participate in outside 12-step meetings, submit to weekly drug testing and participate in the hours of treatment determined in their individualized treatment plan. Residents are transported to the outpatient facility in West Los Angeles five days per week for group and individual sessions. Master’s level therapists and substance abuse counselors facilitate daily group therapy, combined with addiction education. This includes individual therapy one or two times per week (depending on the level of care and treatment plan). Residents typically stay at Club SOBA for six months to one year.

In addition, a minimum of three 12-step meetings a week is mandatory. If necessary, staff provides transportation to and from meetings. For clients who work or go to school, outpatient services are scheduled accordingly. Aside from outpatient and meeting requirements, residents can come and go as they please. Weekday curfew is at 10 pm and weekends at 11 pm. All units are non-smoking and fighting or discrimination of any kind is grounds for dismissal. On weekends, the staff provides transportation to sober outings and residents get to choose the destination as a group.

In Summary

Off-site transportation is a definite perk at Club SOBA and the price, considering the high quality accommodations, can’t be beat. One important thing to keep in mind: clients are required to have health insurance in order to bill for the mandatory outpatient therapy. Asssuming that’s not an issue, Club SOBA is a great option.

Club SOBA Location

3384 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Club SOBA Cost

$650+ (30 days). Reach Club SOBA by phone at (424) 290-8725 or by email. Find Club Soba on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. good job to soba for being money hungry greedy criminals. hope mr. Hannley’s pockets worth more than everyones lives. classy guy

  2. Yeah, Rob is a dick. But did you also know that there are cameras everywhere, that are monitored 24/7? The ‘detox ‘ program is based on Family Guy reruns,HotPockets and AA meetings..for which insurance is billed $2500/a DAY.
    Scam. When u wanna get clean, just do it. You don’t need hokum outfits like this to do it

  3. It’s hard to sum up in words the gratitude I feel towards Soba. From the second I got picked up to come to Soba I was welcomed with nothing but genuine love and care. I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was my first time ever getting clean so I was skeptical that what they offered was something that could help me, let alone something that I wanted. I had the opportunity to live at several of their properties and each one far exceeding my expectations. It was truly unbelievable that I could come from such a gnarly place of despair and hopelessness too such light, love & beauty. They really pay attention to detail! Everything I could hope for and more was provided. Setting aside all the material gifts they provided me with I gained inner peace for the first time in my life. That’s truly what I was searching for! The in group sessions I attended for nearly a year provided me with tools to walk out in the world today and face any situations. The one on one therapy helped me to uncover some rooted issues and make peace with them and move on. My case manager helped me to find a job and pushed me to see what my passions were again. The staff genuinely care for each client that walks through the door. I feel so blessed to have been giving the opportunity be a part of Soba. If you are out there struggling and not sure where to go, please reach out!! They truly saved my life and could save yours too.

  4. Great experience working with them thus far. A very good comprehensive company for those battling addiction/alcoholism. They do offer all levels of care from inpatient to outpatient and everything in between which I found very good for my continuity of care. Despite disparaging remarks from another commentor I felt the inpatient was extremely well run, and found the supervisor to be very kind and client focused. I do certainly see that each resident receives treatment specifically tailored to them and that some may not like that style, though I consider it to be one of their strengths if anything. Each persons fight for recovery will be different and it makes sense that a blanket approach is not practical. A big draw for me was that this company boasts Joint Commission accreditation which, from what I understand, is the same accreditation shared by some of the nations top hospitals. I strongly recommend them if you or a loved one need help overcoming the disease of addiction.

  5. This place is a sham. The supervisor at the residential facility on Patricia is a completely controlling asshole. His name is Rob. Everyone hates him including the people that work there. The management doesn’t follow any consistent rules, b ut changes rules depending on who you are. Do Not go to this place.

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