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Cliffside Malibu


The Basics

Those that have to have the finest of everything go to Cliffside Malibu—which creates custom treatment plans for each client and has the sort of accommodations that might have you considering the Ritz comparatively shabby. While an ever increasing trend in treatment is for rehabs to advertise themselves as “non-AA,” Cliffside is the only one that truly embraces the one-size-does-not-fit-all philosophy and is the most individualized rehab out there.

Accommodations and Food

Located on two acres near Malibu’s Zuma Beach, the Cliffside property features a heated wading pool, breathtaking views, a meditation garden, gym, rose garden and plenty of warm ocean breezes. All rooms include DVR’s, Blu-ray disc players and DirectTV and anyone who opts for a private room is even allowed to bring their dog. Rooms are equipped with only the finest furnishings and linens. Computers and cell phones are allowed, though rumor has it that they established a “no computers and phones” rule during the first 72 hours of detox after a Wall Street magnate lost in excess of 100 million dollars during his detox (by the time he left treatment there, he supposedly made it all back).

No luxury is spared—meals are all organic and locally sourced when possible and clients eat in a dining room with floor to ceiling window views of the ocean. The expert chef assures that dishes are bursting with health and taste.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is based on the Stages of Change model and if clients aren’t interested in AA, they facilitate recovery through SMART Recovery or other meditative, spiritual, educational or supportive techniques.

Clients meet with their therapists every other day for intensive one-on-one psychotherapy. Forms of therapy offered are DBT, CBT, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy and orthomolecular therapy, among others.

The first 30 days are dedicated to exposing the client to everything (most clients extend for an additional 30, 60 or 90 days). Residents report that “it’s a lot like college” in that residents receive an initial, general education before focusing on a major (“It’s like going to a fine restaurant and ordering off the menu those services that most made an impact,” a recent grad reports.) The idea is for clients to get the most out of treatment designed specifically for them so that they have input in their recovery options. According to another alum, “I’ve been through more rehabs than I care to recount; trust me when I say there’s nothing like it. I actually felt like I got more than I was promised. I really felt the love.”

Cliffside is also quite likely the only rehab with its own full-time addiction research fellow (they’re usually reserved for universities and not treatment centers), Dr. Constance Scharff. (Scharff and Cliffside founder Richard Taite co-wrote the best-selling book Ending Addiction for Good that was endorsed by Dr. James Prochaska, one of the most referenced psychologists in human history.)


Treatment is rounded out with with yoga, massage, acupuncture, art therapy and music therapy, Tai Chi, equine therapy and even sweat lodges. In addition, the many, many great views one has from the various locations on the compound are considered one of Cliffside’s greatest assets.

In Summary

Essentially, for those that’ve heard about a celebrity who went to rehab but never found out where, there’s a good chance they went to Cliffside Malibu.

Cliffside Malibu
30060 Andromeda Lane
Malibu, CA 90265

Cliffside Malibu Cost: $58,000-$88,000 (30 days). Reach Cliffside Malibu by phone at (800) 410-5596 or by email at [email protected]. Find Cliffside Malibu on Facebook

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  1. Nicole L Benitez on

    I would love to be able to rehab at this wonderful place . Do you accept United Health Community Care insurance plan.? My AHCCCS policy # A 00545473 .my name is Nicole Benitez my phone # is 6024257113.


  2. I was there in July of 2017 and it’s just not quite what they make it out to be. The organic food comes in largely frozen and often from Costco. They prepare meals for many different houses there, so those that require a special diet often have to ask many times to get the food they can eat. While they do offer some of the things mentioned, it is often difficult or chaotic to access these programs – they can’t find a driver to take the group, there is no car available, or no gas in the car, etc. When clients mention, “hey, I think it’s supposed to work a bit smoother than this” they are told to mention it to their therapist, who then tells them to mention in their exit interview. Basically, the underlying message is “you are a pathetic addict and we think you are demanding.” For those who are keen on privacy… from the driver who loudly asks in a crowded public waiting room (you have to go to the lab for blood draws), “what’s your drug of choice?” to the text you get on your phone from retired staff who “want you to have their private number” there just is no real privacy. I followed up about this text – how does a retired person get access to my cell phone number? – and was referred to their general counsel, who presented me with copies of HIPAA regulations I signed upon entry into rehab and refused to answer any further questions. The therapy is good, but you should know that whatever you share with your therapist and in group is accessible to the staff – even those staff that are not trained as therapists. Apparently, even staff who identify themselves as retired. Again, that message of “you are just a pathetic addict, why are you asking this” is conveyed. It’s three thousand dollars a day – I think there must be a better way to spend this money to get the help with more privacy and without the shame.

    • Debra Reece Simons on

      Personally I think a place like in Nepal or India where the recovering addict is there to help people in need would teach a lot more lessons than being taken on trips and pampered with special diets whether or not they got those diets or they came from Costco’s is irrelevant.
      If you’re going there for Rehab all those amenities are nice for a vacation but for serious recovery involve yourself seriously in some helping Organization for homeless children or animals in need the moon bears in Vietnam etc etc and after a few weeks or months of this maybe you will be a stronger person but you certainly will have done something for somebody else.

  3. Cliffside Malibu not only saved my fiancé’s life, but it gave him an entirely new life to fill with value and love –rather than endless amounts of pills and depression. From the moment I initiated contact with Cliffside, the health and safety of my loved one was the only concern. They didn’t ask for our money, they didn’t ask us to commit, they simply wanted to ensure that we had a safe place to land wherever that may be to best fit our need. The selflessness employed by Cliffside’s Admissions Team is emulated throughout the entire staff. I was fortunate enough to attend many therapy sessions (family involvement is encourage and in my opinion critical for long term success) and I have never felt more comfortable, more listened to, more understood, and more loved…and I wasn’t even the patient. This place has changed my family’s life. This place breathed life back into a rising young professional who was minutes away from death. This place, Cliffside, is a gratitude in my prayers each and every night. Do not be frightened by cost, it’s worth the call – worth the time – it’s worth fighting for a bed here. Why? Because this is a rehab that actually delivers on its sobriety promise. We stay in touch at least 1x/month with our therapist, who is to this day more supportive than ever; the support literally does not end with program completion. Thank you, Cliffside, for welcoming us into your community and making us your family. To everyone reading, I was in your shoes once and I promise you cannot go wrong with Cliffside; they are love and healing.

  4. I want to say that sending my daughter to Cliffside has been such a wonderful experience. She was ready to get help and I was desperate to get her away from everyone and everything that was keeping her down. From the first phone call, I knew this would be a caring and supportive group of professionals. I had the pleasure of flying to LA and spending some wonderful time with her, Everyone who was at the house while I was visiting was very nice and the cook made excellent meals. People think that you have to be super rich to come to this place but we have a moderate income and our insurance paid out of network benefits so it really did not cost a whole lot and was worth every penny. She was able to stay 3 months and is now in sober housing nearby. Thanks again Cliffside!

  5. Unreal. I would’ve never thought I’d be writing something like this. After many years of solid sobriety, the recent rocky months saw my life take a dive. I felt so lost. Cliffside really took care of me. I came in for detox and alcohol and right now I’m still at their sober living. My therapists were so patient and kind. The setting is really nice, but it’s the people that make this place so great. I came to terms w/ the fact that my life had become unmanageable and I needed help. All those years of sobirety convinced me I had it all figured out. Not true people! SOmetimes a guy needs help. I hope people reading this can appreciate a place like Cliffside. I feel stronger now. Sometimes I still miss the food.

  6. I just want to thank Cliffside Malibu for helping my cousin, Justin. He has been battling his addictions for a long time with many unsuccessful attempts at sobriety. This was the first place where he made forward progress and started gathering some momentum to live a new and productive life. He said that the staff was kind and understanding, the food was great, the serenity of the location was immaculate. More than anything, I’m just happy to have my cousin back. Although he has only recently completed his program, he is clearly excited about his new life, and so am I. A big thank you to everybody over there. While it is not cheap, it’s hard to put a price on sobriety.

  7. How can anyone leave a reivew here that’s anything but positive? This place has it all! I’ve been sober for more than 6 months after spending 120 days at Cliffside earlier this year. My therapist and I still keep in touch once in a while, but I really miss the food. I was blown away by how beautiful my room was. It was the little touches like this that made my stay a go smooth. 11/10, if that makes sense. Ha!~

  8. Three years ago, I spent every night and most days getting loaded. There used to be nothing more important than working up to a nice, steady load. Whiskey, meth, usually a Xanny or two to even it out. My load was my bff.

    Today, I am 101% clean. Spending 60 days in Malibu could go down any number of ways. From what I learned, there’s a lot of bs in this game. Fortunately, my first 60 days happened at Cliffside. Everything since has been a gift. I fell like I owe so much to my therapists, but one in particular would probably say it was really me to the work. Namaste, bitches!

  9. God I hope you will consider me a candidate for a scholarship I already emailed you and thank you for the one life you do save a year out of the kindness of your hearts.

    • Cliffside Admissions on

      Tommy, we have no way to reach you to discuss what it is you need. Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information or call us at 800-501-1988

      I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time.

  10. Cliffside is a spa. It’s a big money grab, scam. Trust me, do your homework before thinking about going to rehab. This place is owned by a large corporation.

  11. I just left cliffside. I signed up for 30 days and decided I wasn’t ready to leave so I stayed an additional two weeks. I’ve been been 3 prior centers and I have to say, this was my best experience so far.
    I felt like they really cared and was treated with love and respect. My therapist Donovan changed my life.

  12. Guys. Isn’t this supposed to be for reviews of rehabs, not twitter or Facebook where people throw keyboard courage out. There are always different levels of treatment. I’m sure not all of cliffsides people are mega rich. I’ve been to a couple programs. One that was for the poor and one that insurance paid 40k for 30 days. I actually was very happy at the lower end program. I noticed all over the LA area if you really want help and check your ego at the door and don’t blame others then you can get help and have a better life. Please this is not for throwing insults at each other. People read these reviews to see if a place is right for them.

  13. I wish I can get In there but I live in Youngstown Ohio my boyfriend is willing to pay for it I just can’t get there if I can I would

    • I’m only 25 I need it bad I bean upswing for 8 years it’s time to get my life back I miss it a lot all the fun things I use to do

      • Susan we don’t have your contact information please call us at 800-501-1988

        Or go to and send us an email if you feel more comfortable communicating that way.

  14. Just got out, did 60 days, and after being at 6 other centers I can’t beleive a place like this even exists. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

  15. To Mr. Richard Taite,

    I have spent the last 5 years of my life fighting an addiction which is slowly eating me alive from the inside out. I lost both my parents to heroin addiction and have tried various services as well as inpatient rehab in order to get clean, all of which have failed despite my ongoing effort to put one foot ahead of the other and keep moving forward. I am at this point scared for my life and need REAL help. I am BEGGING YOU, please consider taking me into your seemingly fantastic, effective facility as I am only 25 years old and am terrified I won’t live to see my 30th birthday. Please… I don’t know what to do anymore. I have no one to help me and no means to get real help. These state-funded facilities are overbooked and I felt like a number, not a person. I can’t live like this anymore…

    Thank you for reading…


  16. To: Mr. Richard Taite.
    I wanted to take a moment and apologize for giving my opinion on your facility without first doing any research. I was judgmental and for that I’m really sorry. I spent the day reading about Cliffside and was delighted to learn that most former clients, as well as most magazine articles had only good things to say about Cliffside.
    At this point I’m going to beg you for your help and i pray that you are philanthropic enough to assist me and aid me. I emailed the rehab however I just wanted to take a chance and hopefully communicate with you personally. I really need help. I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t totally desperate. Could you please contact me back? At this point, I feel like only a miracle could save me.
    Thank you for your time.
    Julie R.

  17. Hi Danielle Simons.
    I really appreciate you responding to my post. I wanted to apologize. Instead of looking info it. I just automatically assumed it was a different type of rehab. I made an assumption without first looking into all the details. Plus I also associated Cliffside Malibu with Passages Malibu. That place I know for a fact is just a waste of $$. My friend took out a loan to go there and she said it was unsupervised for the most part and that was the least of the problems.

    • Danielle Simons on

      Thank you for your apology Jules. Sorry about what happened to your friend. Wish you all the best.

  18. bryan rey tablate on

    I what to live longger, me for my family and 4 childrenchildre,..i have no budget to rehab my self. we are poor family,..pls help me..god help me give me a meracle to save my self..

    • That’s a great question Jenna. I was just wondering the same thing myself. It sounds like a vacation resort rather than a rehab. Even with a sliding scale, there’s no way I possibly could afford this. The PEOPLE who HAVE went to THIS rehab have NO idea just how lucky they r. America is full of addicts who truly want and desperately need help however $$$ runs the world and the truth Is the govt don’t care about a person like me simply because I’m not important enough. This rehab doesn’t care at all because all they want Is ur $$$. If this Rehab really cared about people ( and not just about the wealthy people) if they really did want to help the less fortunate, then they would give out 2 to 3 beds per month for free. They could definitely afford it. I welcome anyone from Cliffside to respond if you feel what I wrote is incorrect. In the meantime I’ll be waiting for a miracle.
      Dying to live. Tired of rejection.

      • Oh stop it if you want to live so bad there are PLENTY of government funded programs, I have been in atleast one in 4 states. Don’t blame Cliffside for being selective. If you’re desperate enough like I was to get clean you will find a way!

        • First off don’t you dare tell me to stop it. You don’t know me from a hole in the wall, you don’t know anything about me so don’t you dare pass ANY judgement on me whatsoever. You said yourself that you’ve been to four state funded rehabs, obviously the first 3 didn’t work. This is not a real Rehab in my opinion. This is a vacation getaway for people with too much money. I personally would confuse this place for Club Med or a sandals Resort. You’ve obviously never been uninsured and unemployed living in New York City. If cliffside Manor really gave a crap about helping people then they would give up 3 beds a month for FREE to help those less fortunate. The fact that they have not thought of that on their own shows me that all they care about is the Green Paper. Shit, I mean seriously, the Betty Ford Clinic costs about $32,000 a month. Lol, btw, cliffside, selective? They are absolutely the opposite of selective. As long as you have 58 grand that’s ALL they care about!!! I’m done proving my point. I hope you’re living a very happy drug free life. ( truly mean that) Hopefully the 4th time at a state-funded Rehab worked out for you. Now please do me a favor stop being a troll and have yourself a great day.

          • Richard Taite, founder Cliffside Malibu on

            I was always taught that if more than one person knows that I’m doing something good, then I’m doing it for the wrong reasons…

          • Danielle Simons on

            Hi Julie,
            My name is Nicky and I am an addict too. I understand where you are coming from and know what it feels like to be desperate. But I have to tell you, you have Cliffside all wrong. I was schollarshiped by Cliffside 2 years ago. It was not like a vacation resort, they saved my life. They not only addressed my disease, i recieved therapy several times a week, and had incredible breakthoughs in groups. Cliffside gave me a safe place to face reality, and move forward in my life. They supported me every step of the way. I was there for almost 3 months, and when I left not only did I feel amazing, I found a career. I was inspired in a profound way by the Breathwork group. Today I teach Breathwork at Cliffside and have come full circle. Cliffside saved my life, and introduced me to my lifes purpose. They never asked for anything back.

          • You have issues Jenna. They have created an environment where you don’t want to leave and offer the best in everything. Why is that an issue for you if that is what others choose is right for their lives? There are plenty of other programs for the poverty stricken or less well off. This is a luxury rehab not for people on welfare.

          • Hi Julie, I hear that you’re struggling. And in part you’re right drug treatment is a business. Facilities are there to provide treatment for a cost. Even though they say only people with insurance can afford Cliffside, I can tell you truthfully, more often than not, insurance won’t pay for a full 30 days if treatment at a residential level of care, let alone 60 to 90 days. If a facility is telling you i surance will pay for all your treatment for a full 30 days they’re lying to you. Insurance will only pay while you meet medical necessity for that particular level of care. After the client stops meeting a “medical necessity” for residential the insurance will offer a lower level of care. If the client wants to stay at residential the client will have to pay out of pocket. Often the client stops meeting criteria due to the the facility’s and therapists lack of and substandard documentation. Now, regarding your statement about MRenee’s 3 prior treatments…..she’s tried to get sober 3 times didn’t take until the fourth time…that’s ok!! It took. Very rarely does a person “get it” the very first time. The point here is that she kept trying . You can start by attending AA or NA. Start hearing and listening to people who have some sobriety. There are some good programs out there that do scholarship treatment however usually the scholarship is granted to people who are already in a program, they are attending every group, completing all their assignments and following all the recommendations and suggestions from the treatment staff and of course there is a financial need for assistance. If you’re looking for a facility to admit you and give treatment for free right off the bat, you’re just not going to find it…..especially at facilities that charge 50k a month for treatment. With that MRENEE is right…if you really want to get sober you’ll find a way.

  19. How do you afford something like this do they have scholarship programs or is that a false statement ive heard about scholarships? ??

    • Cliffside Malibu Staff on

      Your question about affordability is an excellent one thank you for asking it.

      As I’m sure you know, with a reputation such as ours it’s an absolute fortune to provide top-notch care.

      The simple truth is if you don’t have private insurance Cliffside is not affordable.

      However, anyone can call Cliffside at anytime and get their insurance benefits checked free of charge. We know how exhausting that process can be and we have people here that do that daily to relieve the stress of someone finding the best treatment they can afford under their current policy.

      We have done our best to service as much of the public as humanly possible.

      We now have an in-network facility, so people can use their in network benefits at one of our centers (Cliffside Malibu II) unfortunately, because it’s only a 6 Bed Center the wait-list is typically long and so were hoping to add to our in-network contracts and open another facility by the end of the year.

      We also have outpatient services that are significantly less than our residential facilities.

      In addition, we scholarship a bed year-round, at the Clare foundation in Santa Monica.

      It is absolutely heartbreaking that we cannot provide the best possible care to anyone and everyone that seeks our assistance. Operating within the current climate of our healthcare system we are doing the best we can.

      I encourage anyone because it’s so difficult to understand exactly what your benefit is, to call Cliffside and have your benefit explained to you in a simple way so that you can understand it, and if we can’t help you at one of our various levels of care, we are always happy to give you a recommendation.

      Lastly, please provide any statement regarding scholarships, because what you may be referring to are the scholarships Cliffside provides to college students for our twice-a-year writing contests.

        • Well, If you’re the same Heather that responded to Julie’s comment at 10 AM today, I just wanted you to know how absolutely impressive your comments were !
          If you’re not the same Heather I apologize for my digression.
          It’s all based on medical necessity. We have a bunch of folks here who know far more about insurance than I do but I can tell you that there actually are instances that insurance companies will keep someone at the detox and residential levels of care for 30 days and sometimes even longer.
          I want to say it’s about 50% of the time for 30 days or more but I may be wrong… I would be shocked though if it was less than a third.
          The good news is, people can return home or go to a sober living and Insurance companies will typically pay for an intensive outpatient program.
          All good treatment centers make their clientele aware of this as well as multiple other options so that upon transitioning from a residential treatment facility they can get the support that is so important during early sobriety.
          If you have any other questions for me or my staff send an email to [email protected]
          Have a great day,

  20. Upon arrival, I immediately knew that this place was right for me. The location of Cliffside is gorgeous and relaxing and is exactly what I needed in my healing process. Everything, from the rooms to the one-on-one treatment, this place excels in every category. I’ve been clean since I’ve left and I have no urges for me to use. Cliffside not only helped me in the physical world but also spiritually.

  21. After looking at various places in LA, I finally made my way to Cliffside. The location and scenery is absolutely beautiful, and their facilities are modern and offer many different activities.

    The food at Cliffside is to die for. The meals they offer there are comparable to your favorite restaurants.

    As for the treatment, it is world class. The staff makes sure you have the most comfortable stay you can possibly have and supports you throughout. I’ve seen people enter Cliffside as one person and come out a totally new one, including myself.

  22. After leaving Cliffside for my 90 day treatment, I am highly convinced that this is the best rehabilitation center around. Not only does Cliffside have a lot to offer; they focus on individual needs and make sure you become the best person you can possibly be.

    • Wow you stayed for 90 days? Good for you Francis,, thats really some achievement ♥
      I hope your on the road to recovery still.
      If you ever want to chat you can mail me [email protected]
      Good luck in your recovery Francis xoxo

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  28. I just spent 60 days at Cliffside and had a great experience. I’ve been to a handful of supposed top tier treatment centers but never lasted longer than two weeks. I really felt the love at Cliffside and my therapist Alyson was incredible.

    • Kudos to you for completing 60 days Jessica. Wish I was as fortunate to be able to go there. Looks amazing and the work they do. So glad you lasted the 2 months instead of 2 weeks you said you used to last before.
      I hope your on the road to recovery now and still abstaining.
      If you ever want to chat you can mail me [email protected]
      Good luck in your recovery, Its so hard xoxo

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