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Clearview, like so many rehabs dotted around LA, is the brainchild of a former Promises West LA staff member. While The Hills and Authentic Recovery Center were launched, respectively, by former Promises West LA staff members Howard Samuels and Cassidy Cousins, Clearview is Michael Roy’s foray into the treatment industry.

The truth of the matter is that often the rehabs best at treating addiction are those run by people who are themselves in recovery. Clearview—which was launched in 2000—has a number of sober addicts on staff and are know for being dual diagnosis facility that excels at treating those suffering from mental health issues in addition to addiction.

Accommodations and Food

The women’s psych treatment house and two co-ed dual diagnosis treatment centers each have room for no more than six residents at a time. They also have two other treatment facilities in Westwood—one for day treatment of bipolar disorder and the other for outpatient (which covers everything residential treatment does); outpatient takes between 12 and 15 clients at a time.

Living arrangements are comfortable—craftsman-style homes with “Zen flair” decor. This means modern, spacious and spare interiors with several communal living areas and full kitchens in each house. The houses are mostly similar: all bedrooms have two beds apiece, though the women’s residential psych center has queen beds and the dual diagnosis houses only have twins. Clearview also employs gourmet chefs to create custom meal plans with the help of dietitians (their salmon receives high marks).

Treatment and Staff

Roy’s 20 years of administrative, clinical and management experience in treatment—he also worked at Beit T’Shuvah—have helped him build an impressive staff that receives high marks from alumni for their warmth and compassion. Clearview also boasts a large number of DBT therapists (most of which have PsyDs or PhDs), personal therapists of all stripes, life coaches and yoga and Ayurvedic specialists. They also work with a number of independently affiliated medical professionals, mostly psychiatrists.

Treatment begins with a psych evaluation, nutrition assessments, psych testing and a bio-psycho-social. Then it alternates between traditional and experiential therapies, including DBT, EMDR and somatic experiencing. Their holistic treatment options include yoga, meditation and acupuncture, though they also have more traditional offerings like 12-step meetings or one-on-one and group therapies with psychologists and therapists.


The focus here is mostly on treatment, though clients also have access to an off-site gym five days a week, as well as off-site chiropractic care for an additional fee, should they need it. Clearview also has a family program—an intensive week with individual sessions and a family support group, offered every six weeks; clients who choose a shorter program sometimes come back for it. There are also vocational services such as career placement assistance and resume writing classes, as well as educational services to help place residents in higher education programs.

Last but not least, Clearview offers a can’t-beat policy: clients can receive an additional 30 days free of charge if they relapse (though the fine print is that it’s limited to those who complete 90 days at Clearview inpatient and another 90 days through their outpatient program).

In Summary

Clearview has a solid reputation and Roy’s is also strong; in the treatment world, that means quite a lot. Dual diagnosis clients will be well served here and considering the array of holistic offerings, the price is solid.

Clearview Location

1334 Westwood Blvd #3A
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Clearview Cost

$28,000 (30 days). Reach Clearview by phone at (866) 713-7948. Find Clearview on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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    The second headline is that they will mislead you about your insurance coverage. The Indian woman who handles intake is not connected with the actual program in any way, and she’s paid only on admissions.

    The subtitle is that the place is a piece of shit and the staff is unqualified, other than the cook who is awesome, has no recovery experience, and yet she is the most compassionate person in the house.

    This place is terrifying. Let’s start with some guy who owns Clearview, talks a big game on the website, but no one knows, named MICHAEL ROY. If anyone mentions the name of this guy, just know that he is completely absent. The mission statement of the clinic does not reflect what he says about himself on his website about himself.

    Michael is just slightly edged out in presence by his second in command, some miserable *person* who walks around with a small terrier on a leash, appearing like something out of a shitty, LA-based, reality wannabe TV show whenever she enters the premises. It’s a business.

    I walked into Clearview expecting some sort of detox and gentle, gradual, compassionate recovery program. But then I noticed how dilapidated the buildings were, so I mentioned that to the intake staff and was told that despite appearances they would make my stay comfortable. I then I spent 36 hours in withdrawal without any support whatsoever, in a room adjacent to the kitchen. During my first night, they tried to tell me I had to go to a meeting. I told them my brain was screaming. After a very brief debate, I returned to my cell.

    I was then forced to ride passenger THE NEXT DAY through rush hour traffic in order to go to the doctor, who for some reason couldn’t come to the treatment center to prescribed me 3 days worth of withdrawal relief.

    The main guy, Randy, has an IQ of 12. He basically runs the place while the two mentioned above probably pay him his IQ.

    The therapy staff has zero substance abuse education. They are young people who have few to little life experiences. Imagine your child having a drug problem. sending he or she into a treatment center with some late 20’s, inexperienced, somewhat nerdy, resentful, diagnosis-hungry social underachievers. Also, ALLISON is the most miserable, uncompassionate human being I have ever met in my long and arduous journey through recovery. I emptied my soul to this person. I told her things I have never told anyone else because I thought she was there to help me. She was not. She was emotionally subjective. She was there to exercise her recently acquired mental health expertise on someone who she judged during the first 12 hours of withdrawal.


    Aside from this, the staff was completely unresponsive and disconnected from the human element.

    After 15 days, I left Clearview and checked myself into Betty Ford west LA, which basically turned my life around. My insurance covered it, the people there cared about me, and I am now 22 months clean. Seriously, be careful about your choice of treatment center. It is not at all regulated by any central government entity and the staff has absolutely no incentive to help you. They are not monitored in any way. They are not reviewed by the two faceless faces of the business, and assuming you’re the parent of an addicted child, this is not a solution.

    • I spent 3 months at this clearview and got the best care. The staff was amazing. I owe my success to the skills they have taught me and feel so blessed for my experience. Each and everyone that I came in contact with including the staff that worked with my insurance to help pay to keep me there was extremely kind and helpful. The therapist, psychiatrist, clinical director and owner along with Brutus and Tabby were wonderful.

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