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ClearPDX Review

ClearPDX is an office based Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for opioid dependence in Portland, Oregon. It operates as an alternative to a standard Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or inpatient detox. ClearPDX is the private practice of Dr. Samuel Kim, a former emergency room physician. Dr. Kim created the program in response to seeing so many young people lose their lives due to their addiction. In addition to providing medication, Clear PDX requires clients to adhere to several policies in order to remain in the program. It is an ideal program for those who are truly motivated by recovery and are willing to take the proper steps to get there.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at ClearPDX is individualized. While some clients may come to treatment at the office for a few months, others may require longer programs of a couple of years. The initial 50 minute appointment establishes what the client needs in terms of treatment and from there the staff implements a plan. When clients are strictly adhering to their treatment plan and stable, the staff introduces a recovery plan. At this point, clients step down to once a month, half hour check-in sessions with a physician for as long as they need to continue.

ClearPDX prescribed buprenorphine based formulations on a customized dosing and medication schedule. In order to reach the intended level of success, clients have some rules they need to follow. The first one is always keeping scheduled appointments and being on time. For example, 15 minutes late to an appointment is considered a no-show. If this occurs, the facility charges clients full price for the visit. After three no-shows, it lets clients go from the program.

Clients are responsible and accountable for taking their medications properly. Consequently, at appointments the staff may ask clients to prove how much of the medication they have taken. If there is any deviation from their prescribed amount, the staff dismisses the client from the program.

Further, there is also an expectation that clients remain sober throughout this program. ClearPDX does require drug screenings on a regular basis. As a result, if there is any signs of drug or alcohol use, they are not allowed to continue receiving medication until they pass the test.

While ClearPDX does stand behind this method of treatment, they also acknowledge that in office programs like this one may not be the right fit for everyone. If at any point if seems like a client may need a more intensive form of treatment, the staff can offer referrals to other facilities.

Dr. Kim is a Yale grad who is the primary physician at ClearPDX.

In Summary

Perhaps most noteworthy, ClearPDX is a solid alternative option for traditional opioid treatment. It is strictly for adults who are currently ready to free themselves of their addiction and live a healthier life. ClearPDX is a convenient and helpful treatment program located in the heart of the Northwest.

ClearPDX Location

1020 SW Taylor St, Ste #335
Portland, OR 97205

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