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Clearbrook ManorThe Basics

Tucked in the mountains of the Wyoming Valley in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania is the recently renovated Clearbrook Manor, an adult inpatient rehab that serves upwards of 60 clients at a time. Still, the Manor is a part of recovery company Clearbrook Treatment Centers, who have offered recovery services since 1980. Since its inception, it’s expanded to include a youth inpatient facility and an expansive weekend family program for relatives of those in recovery.

Accommodations and Food

After 30 years of operation, Clearbrook opened a brand new 26,000 square foot residential and detox facility in 2010. Set in Laurel Run on the outskirts of Wilkes Barre (bordered by the Pocono Mountains to the east and the Endless Mountains to the west), the facility boasts expansive natural views of the Wyoming valley.  With the exception of off-site 12-step meetings, all recovery activities at Clearbrook take place on the grounds.

With 67 total beds, it’s very large facility with each sex separated on different sides of the building. Clients share their rooms with one other roommate, and all are essentially dorm style with a basic twin bed, desk and dresser set-up. The rooms have private bathrooms but the dorm theme continues with the meal plan—everything is served cafeteria style, prepared by in-house staff on-site.

Treatment and Staff

When necessary, stays at Clearbrook Manor begin with an on-site detox. This is a medically monitored program with around the clock nursing and 21 available beds. From there comes the primary care inpatient program, which typically lasts 28 days.

This co-ed facility admits residents who are at least 18 years old, and who have sufficient hearing, speech and verbal skills to effectively participate in the program. While dual-diagnosis support is available, those seeking dual-diagnosis help for serious mental health issues should keep in mind that all residents are screened for psychiatric disorders that would serve as an obstacle to others’ personal safety and recovery efforts.

Clearbrook Manor believes in the disease concept of addiction and follows the Minnesota model, the highly 12-step oriented approach to treatment originated at Hazelden. Clearbrook has a medical doctor on staff who makes weekly visits and employs a 24-hour nursing staff; for the most part though, the staff consists primarily of counselors who work with clients one-on-one and in group sessions.

In addition to these individual and group sessions, residents participate in a daily schedule of activities including lectures, discussions and special needs groups. They are also required to attend daily AA or NA meetings held on-site or in the local community. Clearbrook Manor also offers a comprehensive aftercare plan, which begins immediately after clients leave the grounds; each alum is paired with a mentor who introduces them to other sober individuals in the local community.

Family involvement in recovery is a high priority at Clearbrook as well, and they offer a more comprehensive family program than comparable facilities; family members are able to take part in the Clearbrook Retreat program that takes place three weekends a month.

Clearbrook Manor has no gym on the premises but exercise enthusiasts can still find an outlet through various exercise bikes on the premises. Residents also have opportunities to walk and jog on the sidewalk track that surrounds the grounds, and there are also hiking excursions in the surrounding mountains. Clearbrook does transport clients to local 12-step meetings in the area, but do not provide any other field trips to restaurants or movies.


Taking advantage of the mountainous settings, Clearbrook Manor offers Sober Canyon, a special wilderness program that serves as a physical component to one’s recovery. The program uses a multitude of outdoor activities that gradually increase in intensity. For those dismayed by the lack of gym facilities, Sober Canyon may serve as a salve to these issues.

In Summary

As a long tenured recovery program, Clearbrook has established itself as a solid, reputable facility from which to enact ones recovery.  Those seeking dual-diagnosis programs may be better served by calling ahead and seeing if their particular mental health issues can be facilitated. Overall though, Clearbrook Manor’s mission is the no-nonsense business of 12-step work and aiding personal growth—and unlike many untested facilities, it boasts a reputation of over thirty years of service for those seeking recovery.

Clearbrook Manor
37 N River St
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Clearbrook Manor Cost: $18,200 (28 days). Reach Clearbrook Manor by phone at (800) 582-6241. Find Clearbrook Manor on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  1. Clearbrook Manor may be fine for all I know, but my wife never saw the inside of it due to an almost-deadly bait-and-switch. The intake staff led me to believe that they could handle her benzo addiction, but at the last minute, they palmed her off on their “affiliate,” Just Believe of Carbondale. They said Just Believe was better equipped to handle her detox, and she would be brought to Clearbrook for the rest of her treatment. The time she spent at Just Believe was a nightmare in which she was barely given enough titration meds to survive the withdrawal, constantly shamed for her addiction (a physical dependency she developed by following a doctor’s prescription), laughed at and called a “drama queen” while she was shaking and throwing up blood, and denied her regular pain and seizure meds. The few staff members who understood that her symptoms were potentially deadly were unable to get “clearance” from above to treat them appropriately. Ultimately, this combination of incompetence and institutional dysfunction landed her in the hospital, where she finished her detox. By that time, Clearbrook had no beds available, a claim which I doubt but which suits me fine as I have lost confidence in the institution and the process. Had the titration meds been available to us, my wife would have been much better off withdrawing at home.

  2. Kim Charlesworth on

    I went here in 2006. One of the nurses in detox was extremely rude. All others were nice. The behavioral techs were firm but friendly. You don’t go to rehab to make best friends with the counselors; you go there if you want someone to help you survive. These comments with people complaining are ridiculous. Inpatient treatment is not meant to be like a resort. You go there to get help, not to be cozy and be treated like a 5-star hotel guest. I actually got kicked out because I punched someone (not the right thing to do but I broke the rules!). I was so upset and when I saw Dick Conovoy before I left, he didn’t scold me or get mad. I finally got sober a year later. I called and asked to come back to visit and they welcomed me for the weekend. Going there saved my life. I now work, 9 years later, at a different rehab as a clinician. I called Dick last year when I got hired at this job. I cried when I spoke with him, because I was so grateful that Clearbrook helped save my life. He was so kind and congratulated me. They didn’t coddle me and let me have things “my way”. They taught me how to deal with life and grow up and realize tat addiction is a serious disease that wants you dead. And being there led me to my career today. I can say, from working in a rehab, it is extremely difficult to work with patients and takes practice and patience and tolerance. Staff does not counsel for the money that’s for sure! They do it because they care. And Dick Conovoy is the nicest guy. He was nice to all the patients, and their families. I don’t see why anyone would have anything negative to say about him.

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