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The Basics

Located in the popular vacation destination of Cancun, Mexico, Clear Sky Recovery is a unique behavioral health facility that provides medical detox from opiates and alcohol using the naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid called ibogaine. In this setting, the ibogaine is used in a highly-supervised treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. The facility’s founders are the only researchers who have FDA approval for clinical testing of ibogaine on drug-dependent clients. All programs are individualized and are akin to a residential detox, typically lasting for seven days.

Accommodations and Food

The Clear Sky facility has eight private bedrooms available for residents in an oceanfront villa on Playa Mujeres, a resort area in Cancun. The facility is essentially a small, private hospital with luxurious amenities. Each bedroom comes with a queen bed, dresser and comfortable decor. Each room also comes outfitted with all the necessary medical equipment to make sure all clients are stable and comfortable throughout the detox process.

In addition to the bedrooms, the facility also has an outdoor pool, shared lounge areas with comfortable furniture, outdoor lounge chairs, a nearby dock with a boat, high-speed WiFi throughout and in-room video and audio. Throughout their stay, clients are served three meals a day. Food is created by a team of on-staff chefs with plenty of options for personal preferences and support for dietary restrictions whenever necessary.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, all clients go through an intake and assessment process to help staff members determine each person’s medical history and care plans. Unlike other detox facilities, Clear Sky Recovery uses a naturally-occurring, plant-based medicine called ibogaine to manage withdrawal symptoms. The drug itself is a psychedelic which has dissociative properties, allowing residents to “trip” or enter a dreamlike state with visions under professional supervision. Once the visioning period is over, clients return to baseline and can process the emotions and the things they’ve seen. The philosophy of Clear Sky is that the process both manages withdrawal symptoms and facilitates mental and spiritual healing.

As the majority of the program is dedicated to creating a safe and stable environment for the ibogaine experience, the first two days are dedicated to orientation and medical and psychological testing. Ibogaine treatment lasts for the majority of the third day, after which clients work with on-staff therapists to process what they’ve seen and experienced. On day five, residents get an ibogaine “booster,” a sub-threshold dose to slightly alter clients’ consciousness without a full trip. Day six is dedicated to aftercare planning, with one final dose of ibogaine on the last day before discharge. Because the facility offers concierge care, the specifics of therapy may vary. Treatment can include relaxation therapy, massage, psychotherapy, holistic approaches and nutritional counseling whenever necessary.

The staff at Clear Sky Recovery consists of doctors, nurses, PhD-level psychologists, holistic therapists and additional support staff.


While ibogaine remains an experimental therapy with little (if any) availability within the United States, the initial results of medical ibogaine trials are very promising and show impressive success rates—particularly for residents struggling with addictions that have been treatment-resistant in other settings. As mentioned, the organization approaches treatment with a concierge approach, which lets clients design their own relaxation and treatment plans. As ibogaine is not considered a “cure,” staff members also stress that alums get intensive aftercare treatment as well.

In Summary

Overall, Clear Sky Recovery is a unique organization which shows impressive results for treating serious addictions. Treatment includes medical oversight, psychotherapy and relaxation therapy. The staff is well-qualified and includes many doctors, nurses and psychologists. While this remains something of an experimental approach, Clear Sky Recovery may be an option worth considering for those who have already tried more conventional therapy options.

Clear Sky Recovery
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Clear Sky Recovery Cost: Call for cost. Reach Clear Sky Recovery by phone at (305) 901-5371 or by email at [email protected]. Find Clear Sky Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo

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  1. Charles Miller on

    I went to clear sky recovery to kick a serious heroin habit. Laura Shapiro they’re marketing person told me that ibogaine treatment would take away about 90% of my withdrawal symptoms. I did not find this to be true. I voiced my concerns for this during the pre phase of treatment, during the ibogaine session itself and after the treatment. The staff there underdosed me and I was in full-blown withdrawal after my session. I wasted $8,000 and when I asked for any type of refund they told me I was trying to extort them. There is much cheaper and much more holistic ways to get ibogaine treatment. Especially in costa rica. There is absolutely no ceremony and they’re just using this drug in a medical setting and basically disrespecting the plant. please I urge you not to go to clear sky recovery, do not believe what Laura Shapiro has to say, they will tell you anything to get you there. If you end up having problems like me, they won’t do anything for you. I do believe in ibogaine but without proper spiritual guidance it does not work and you will not get guidance or help at Clear Sky recovery. you will just get a low dose of ibogaine. Also a lot of the research and posts that you find online are made by them so do your research and dig deep. God bless you all.

    Charles Miller RN

  2. Jeffrey Kamlet MD on

    I am Jeffrey Kamlet MD and recognized as the leading safety expert and treatment provider of Ibogaine for opiate detox and alcohol detox. I provide private consults to direct you to the right treatment center and also offer personalized safe and ethical treatment at many locations including Clear Sky. All the pre and post Ibogaine medical clearance and pretreatment medicine changes can take place in Miami so only 3 days abroad is needed. Sustainable recovery is what defines proper results. I am US physician, board certified in Addiction medicine and first doc to do this treatment to many. I can be reached by call 305-781-9223.

  3. I have been intrigued by my personal research which began at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins, addressing psilocybin use for depression, PTSD, and spiritual growth. I was led to believe ibogaine was yet another method of achieving this. However, this appears not to be the case. It seems instead a somewhat effective approach to addiction. (Does it seriously only last 4 months?) This seems a little frivolous unless I’ve misunderstood something. No matter, I guess, since I’m looking in the direction of a chronic depression, and PTSD cure. I kept searching your site hoping to find what I couldn’t.

  4. We’ll I am actually someone who has been to this specific exact place two different times and honestly I can definitely say that it had worked great for me the first time it had helped me with my opioid addiction but unfortunately it only lasted for about three and a half months and then after that I had went back to clear sky for a second time nine months later and I can gladly say that I been doing amazingly great and wonderful for over a year now since the second time that I had gone for treatment at clear sky recovery!!

  5. Seems like a very positive review… which is what I get (gut feeling) after initially talking with intake staff and one of the primary founders at this location. Somewhat apprehensive, but am pretty sure I’ll be following through with this treatment option! A 30-user of PRESCRIPTION opioid pain-killer and patient of four, soon to be five spinal surgeries. I hope, and plan to “shout from the rooftops” after a successful treatment, follow-up and follow-through, health and future happiness!

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