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Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery


Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery Review

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery is a 12-step based transitional housing program that helps men get back on their feet after going through an intensive rehab treatment. Residents are held to a high standard and are required to maintain their accountability by obtaining jobs, attending meetings regularly and staying active in the community.

Accommodations and Amenities

Clients reside in fully furnished apartments that are shared between four others in two bedrooms. The homes have TVs and premium cable services, provide access to community computers with high speed internet in every unit, and have new appliances throughout. The facilities are located in quiet neighborhoods that are close to activities around the city, shopping, local AA or NA meetings, and public transportation. The complexes also provide outdoor BBQs, on-site laundry facilities, and common areas that clients can enjoy at any time.

The residents of Clear Path are allowed to bring their own computers and cell phones as well.

Rules and Regulations

Within two weeks of their move-in date, clients are required to have a job or be enrolled in school full time. Additionally, within that same amount of time, they are expected to have obtained a sponsor and a home meeting location. There is a minimum of five AA or NA meetings that clients need to attend each week as well. There are exceptions to the full time job rule if the client is attending an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Staff can also connect clients to an individual therapy or mental health providers.

There are random drug and alcohol screenings performed that clients have to submit to, and if there are any relapses, Clear Path has a zero tolerance rule, and that individual needs to be removed immediately and be referred to a detox facility.

Though there is not a required amount of time that clients need to commit to Clear Path, it is recommended that they stay for at least six months. Clients are also responsible for paying their own rent, buying and preparing their own food, and paying their bills on time.

There is a curfew put in place for all clients, which is 11 pm during the week and 1 am on the weekends.

The staff of Clear Path are all sober and have gone through, if not the same program as the current clients, then a similar one. They are there to provide guidance and assistance if needed.


The staff at Clear Path assists clients with finding a job during their stay. They provide resume help and with clients posting on job websites.

In Summary

Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery offers a solid and safe sober enviornment with a foundation in trust and accountability. Men are challenged to go back out into the world and see what it’s actually like to live in recovery, with the added bonus of having a sober place to end up at the end of the day.

Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery Location

Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery
3588 Plymouth Rd #339
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery Cost

Call for details. Reach Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery by phone at (734) 645-7088. Find Clear Path Sober Living and Recovery on Twitter

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