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Clear Day Sober Living


clear-day-sober-livingClear Day Sober Living Review

Located in Los Angeles, California, Clear Day Sober Living is a high-end sober living house that accommodates five men, including a residential manager. Their belief is that a recovering addict’s mind cannot be healed without taking a holistic approach to recovery. While Clear Day Sober Living incorporates the 12 steps into their protocol, they also help clients concentrate on taking care of their physical and mental health by incorporating exercise and meditation into their lives, and they treat each resident as an individual.

Accommodations and Amenities

Clear Day Sober Living is a multi-family Colonial-style house located in the pretty Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles. The antique white exterior has sparkling white trim. An outdoor staircase leads up to a covered patio. The interior boasts modern furnishings and has a private backyard with a pristine lawn, table, chairs and trees. The house manager occupies a single room while clients are paired in double-occupancy furnished rooms, which include twin beds, closet space and windows providing ample sunlight. Clients all share one modern bathroom.

At Clear Day Sober Living, the house is stocked with food. While residents are responsible for some meal preparation, dinners are catered from Mondays to Thursdays. The food is delivered from a local Beverly Hills restaurant. Cuisine includes Mexican, sushi and other popular local fare. Additionally, residents are each granted a $75 weekly stipend for snacks and other personal food items. Other amenities include toiletries, utilities, local transportation and a private gym.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admission, clients undergo an interview with staff to ensure that they are a good fit. Additionally, they must pass a preliminary drug and alcohol screening and complete an intake form. Requirements regarding weekly meeting attendance varies per client, since the facility caters to working professionals. Typically, clients are encouraged to attend three weekly 12-step meetings, but if their work schedules are too intense, they are granted some leeway. Other requirements include participation at a daily morning meditation, being at a bi-weekly house meeting, partaking in house chores, being respectful and tolerant of housemates and adherence to a curfew.

During the first 30 days, the curfew is 9 pm seven days a week, with lights out between 10 pm and 10:30 pm. After the first month, the curfew is 11:30 pm seven days a week. However, clients in good standing are granted passes that extend past the curfew, provided that they have given prior notice to the house manager. Clear Day conducts random drug and alcohol screenings. During the first month, Clear Day practices a zero tolerance policy for clients who test positive. They are immediately evicted. After 30 days, should a client test positive, he is not automatically kicked out. The client undergoes a review by staff. He is put on seven-to-ten day probation period. Depending on his desire to stay clean and sober, there is a possibility that he is given a second chance. At Clear Day Sober Living, there is the belief that the nature of addiction is individual, and that clients should be treated on a case-by-case basis.


Other services provided include life skills coaching and mentoring. Clear Day Sober Living is a member of the Sober Living Network, Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition.

In Summary

Clear Day Sober Living is a good choice for a working professional who seeks a sober living atmosphere that allows them freedom provided that they are active in their recovery and that they treat their housemates with respect. This intimate residence teaches men the concept of building strong bonds, while allowing them a chance to focus on their own needs.

Clear Day Sober Living Location

Clear Day Sober Living
900 South Holt Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Clear Day Sober Living Cost

$2,700 (30 days). Reach Clear Day Sober Living by phone at (424) 335-0269 or by email at [email protected]. Find Clear Day Sober Living on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube

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