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Clean and Sober Recovery ServicesClean and Sober Recovery Services Review

Clean and Sober Recovery Services is a family affair; founded, managed and staffed by former addicts and their spouses. In 2007, John Perry and his wife Denise formed Clean and Sober Recovery Services with friends Chris and Charlene Wright.

Accommodations and Food

Located in Orangevale, California, the Clean and Sober residence is a large, cheery house on two acres in a suburb of Sacramento. Treatment is available to men and women, ages 18 and over. Able to accommodate as many as 24 clients, the house has seven bedrooms and three full baths. Clients share rooms with roommates of the same gender. The set-up is traditional: a living room with couches, a more comfortable “family room” with a television, a full kitchen and dining table. There is a discussion-style classroom on-site for groups and lectures, which consists of a long square table surrounded by chairs. Residents should bring a swimsuit for the outdoor pool. There is also a gym equipped with free weights and machines, a full sized volleyball and badminton court, and plenty of inviting benches on the grounds.

Nutritious meals are prepared for clients. Healthy snacks, fruit and drinks are available anytime.

Treatment and Staff

The program at Clean and Sober is 12-step in focus and peer counselor driven. Having personal experience with addiction and personal ties to the local recovery community helps staff in the task of guiding clients through this difficult period of their early sobriety.

Clean and Sober Recovery Services wants its clients to stay active once they arrive at the residence. Residents attend one to two off-campus 12-step meetings a day, and are encouraged to find sponsors and begin working their steps. Six to eight staff members meet with clients throughout the week. In addition, they lead education and process groups Monday to Friday. Groups include discussions and lectures on addiction, codependency, feeling identification, recovery and relapse prevention.

Clients wake up at 7 am and meditate before breakfast at 7:45. After breakfast, clients have an hour to attend to their morning chores. At 9:15 am, residents can exercise for a half hour before morning group. After lunch, they leave for an outside AA meeting. By 1:30 pm, clients return  from meetings and have a 45-minute step study and then a break before afternoon group. Clients exercise from 4 to 4:45 pm and then have dinner together. After dinner, clients leave for another outside meeting and return by 10 pm for lights out at 11 pm.


On Wednesday afternoons, clients have a recreational outing. Weekends are more lax, although daily meeting attendance is still required. On Saturday afternoons, the staff takes clients to local stores to purchase toiletries. Sunday afternoons, clients have free time with family and friends. Family groups meet on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings at no additional cost.

Unlike many facilities, 12 weeks of aftercare is included in the cost of treatment at Clean and Sober. Families may continue to attend both family groups (on Tuesdays and Sundays). Clients retain one private counseling session a week and can attend three study groups.

Clean & Sober Recovery Services also offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), just three blocks away from the residential facility. The IOP accepts insurance for payment.

Local families who would like to get loved ones into treatment are invited to attend the free, confidential family support meetings on Sundays, and they should call the treatment center for details.

In Summary

Clean and Sober Recovery Services has essential, promising aspects: low staff-to-client ratio, staff in recovery, a vertically integrated program (detox, residential and aftercare), a program that balances nurturing clients with demanding accountability. Clients are well cared for at Clean and Sober Recovery, though rarely alone—between the shared house, 24-hour staff, long days of group and frequent exposure to other addicts in outside meetings. The bar is set high here, but, as the addicts who run this program know, so are the stakes in not staying sober.

Clean and Sober Recovery Services Location

5820 Chestnut Ave
Orangevale, CA 95662

Clean and Sober Recovery Services Cost

$5,450 (28 days). Reach Clean and Sober Recovery Services by phone at (916) 990-0190 or by email at [email protected]. Find Clean and Sober Recovery on Facebook

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  1. I just read all the negative reviews. They all had the same tone and each mention of Gary Hill the hill was not capitalized in different emails. Seems they might have been written by one person. So sad when people can’t be responsible for their actions, get past blaming others and cooperate for their own good.

    Let me say as a parent of a previous graduate 18 mo ago and just left transitional, we couldn’t have asked for more. The staff looked after our 35 year old son, hedged him in when he needed it, and they were generous with him when he cooperated. Michael came to see that the boundaries were for his protection and benefit. Staff was a;ways friendly and ready to help parents as well. After 90 days there was a wonderful uplifting graduation celebration for him headed by the staff. I will say they all played a big part in Michael’s achieving sobriety. I still attend a Sunday meeting for the parents with loved ones and I haven’t heard a complaint from anyone about the staff. My deep appreciation to all the staff at Clean and Sober.

  2. Ignore all of the negative reviews posted here. If you just do what you are supposed to, and follow the rules you’ll be fine. Every rule is in place for a reason. If you’re too incompetent to understand why, then maybe you shouldn’t be at rehab. This place saved my life. It will save yours too, only if you are willing to do what it takes. Five stars.

    • Jordan thank you ……and you’re right 5 Stars all the way! All in recovery get this in their time ……Awesome review. I’m again happy to Open feed back. Thank you Have big smile I’m wearing today. Klean is once again open to new thoughts …
      Open to individual Treatment for All. Valuable all Staff of Klean!

      Janet Warren ? you’re in my eyes an Angel.

  3. The counselors here claim it’s not a 12-step program, but they make everybody get a sponsor right away and make them do steps before they can leave the house to go anywhere with them. The counselors contradict each other all the time and just yell when anybody points it out or tries to explain themselves. They’re all just rude and treat the people staying there like crap, even though they are telling those same people to follow the steps and treat others the way they want to be treated, git rid of character flaws and MAKE AMENDS. The counselors did nothing to help keep me sober. They’re all just rude and act like they’re better than everyobody else.

    • Thank you for your feedback. We have found that requiring residents to get a sponsor early in the recovery process is an important part of the residents’ success in our 12-step program, where thousands of people have found sobriety since 2008. We wish you the best in finding a program that is right for you.

    • Yes there is a 12 step process Yes they’re open to you all. Again redirect all to be. Part of the process and Yes AA or NA we are directed I’m a recovering Addict of Thirty some years. But only but…. if we listen to those able to help and Direct this. We do have to make that amends to redirect people. You all if engaged in this know you need Direction thumbs up to Joe believe me something’s might need to be brought to our attention. I’m blessed because Hollywood not Just Me. I’m taking direction of James. He has a Big piece of my heart benzodiazepines with drawl is long hard and at times over wheeling. But the longer you are not in the using part of our Addiction you get this my love to you all. Hope Amelia you too and Friend are fine today. Know your important to Klean Staff Joe your awesome Director too. These people are warm, Loving, and the Best to all threw this. We are never cured ..

      If you Notice I give full name….Janet Warren. One step further you have my number. Stay in AA NA and call someone that cares. 253- 376- 7239 call…….

  4. Debbie Iddins on

    I would like to say that our experience with Clean & Sober Recovery Services has been excellent. Recovery is a serious matter and can only be achieved when the individual is willing to do the work. Our son entered detox and due to breaking the rules was kicked out. That was the consequence of his behavior. We were upset with him – not the facility. Thankfully, he wanted sobriety badly enough that he asked for help from Ricki Townsend who facilitates the Sunday family meetings there. With her help he was able to enter Clean & Sober Recover Services after detoxing on his own. Rules at the facility are important and necessary in order for residents to recover. People with substance abuse issues ignore behavioral consequences from abuse, theft, loss of jobs, relationships, possessions, etc. and must re-learn how to follow rules and get along in society.

    Our son’s experience with the staff at Clean & Sober Recovery Services, specifically Gary, was positive. With their guidance and support our son was able to graduate from the facility, move on to transitional living and is celebrating almost four years of sobriety happy, healthy, and completely self-sufficient. He was willing to follow rules and do what was necessary to get clean and sober. That is the difference between those that have “bad” experiences there and those who are successful.

    Larry and Debbie .I

    • Thank you for your feedback. We are so happy to hear that your son has embraced recovery and is living a sober, healthy and self-sufficient life. Leaving alcohol or other drugs behind is hard work, but as they say, “”Recovery works – if you work it!” Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  5. Disappointed on

    The counselors in this facility don’t behave in a professional manner and make residents do push-ups or write essays when they break house “rules” that counselors change with the wind or their unpredictable mood swings. When a resident tries to explain circumstances, the counselors immediately shut them down and double or triple their consequence. They tend to pick on specific people and repeatedly threaten to kick them out for ridiculous reasons. Then they will favor other clients encouraging them to police and tattle on their peers. The sponsors they assign people are just other people who previously spent time in the house and typically have only a few months of sobriety. The morning “meditation” listed on their published schedule is only people reading short passages from various sources including the Bible and the “exercise” is just a flat-out lie. One owner repeatedly promised me that my disability claim would be filed and I had nothing to worry about. He even convinced me to visit their recommended dr. at a cost of $130 even though I had Kaiser coverage because he said the claim would be processed faster. The claim was never processed at all! The owners are concerned with one thing only, MONEY, as evidenced with their recent fee hike from $4,500 to $5,500 per month.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we recently raised our rate for the first time in years. We remain one of the most affordable and highest-caliber treatment programs in the Sacramento area. The vast majority of our residents graduate from our program and embrace sustained recovery. We wish you the best as you seek a treatment program that better meets your needs.

  6. Yes Gary hill will kick you out after your there for 15 days because they get paid for full 28.he is very degrading and honestly doesn’t care he is all about money and what he can benefit off your family for you being a patient

    • Thank you for your feedback. We do require certain behavior in our treatment center. For example, residents who threaten other residents or sneak in mood or mind-altering substances will not be allowed to stay here. Residents will be asked to leave if they break one of the rules which are designed to keep everyone safe. Those rules are clearly stated upon admission, and the vast majority of our residents graduate successfully from our program. Best wishes for a healthy and sustained recovery.

      • disappointed on

        While the reasons you mentioned are definitely valid, people were threatened with eviction by staff for idiotic reasons as well. I personally was awoke in the middle of the night by a staff member who ordered me to the kitchen and proceeded to scream across the kitchen at me for failing to unload the dishwasher for the 4th time that day. When I tried to explain that the dishwasher had been malfunctioning and the chef could confirm it, she just yelled louder, “Do you want to get kicked out? Well do you?” This can all be corroborated by the resident with whom I was assigned the dishwashing chore who stood at the sink witnessing the whole thing. He was terrified to say anything for fear she’d kick him out too.

  7. Horrible place to go to. They tell you “We Do Not Provide Professional Medical Advice” . They try to get ever patient off of their meds no matter what. I’m talking about non addicting meds too. I tried to see a Doctor in this facility and they wouldn’t let me. If you have underlying issues I wouldn’t advise of this place at all. They will not let you visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. They are not doctors at this facility and often act like it. Stay away!

    • native client on

      I know I had problems with Gary hill everyone else was great he won’t let you take care of legal issues Dr appointments I totally feel its a power trip with his military background. He says that he cares but he doesn’t soon as he can’t get anymore money out of you or you family can’t benefit him he will throw you out early and if you have any legal issues he will call and slander you and ruin your name

    • Thank you for your comment. CSRS is NOT a medical facility, and we do not provide medical advice. For the optimal resident care, we work in partnership with our clients’ physicians in order to best manage their medications and any illnesses or medical conditions. Best wishes for your health and wellness.

      • disappointed on

        While I was there, after two residents were repeatedly taken to the emergency room by ambulance for having bronchitis/pneumonia sounding coughs, the staff forbid them from taking the cough syrup with codeine prescribed by their physicians.

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