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Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place


Claudia's and Eddie's PlaceThe Basics

Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place, a female-only sober living non-profit with two different locations in the suburban Chicago area, seeks to give women the confidence they need to not just succeed in society, but also have a healthy relationship with their children. Founder Jocelyn Wells, an addict with 15 years in recovery, knows firsthand the way addiction affects family relationships. When Wells’ mother Claudia passed away and left her daughter her home, Wells decided to convert the home into a rehabilitation resource for women and named it Claudia’s Place in honor of her mother. Wells opened the second facility, Eddie’s Place, in honor of her son, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after committing a crime while under the influence.

Accommodations and Amenities

The two facilities are operated almost identically, but Claudia’s Place in Hazel Crest can house eight residents while Eddie’s Place located ten minutes away in Harvey can only house six. The homes are modest in appearance, looking no different from any other middle-class suburban home in the area. Clients share rooms, which are allotted only the essentials, such as beds, dressers and minimal storage space. Both places are equipped with DirectTV, Internet access and washer/dryers. While neither facility offers much in terms of recreation, both have yards where residents can relax outside on the grass (weather permitting).

Residents go to the grocery store twice a week and cook all of their meals together without staff intervention. They may take turns cooking and cleaning based on work schedules. The program follows this system to reinforce the internal house community and promote the learning of life skills.

Rules and Regulations

Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place offers a 12-week treatment program to get women back on their feet. Treatment includes individual counseling, group counseling, 12-step meetings (off-site), case management, support groups like the Grateful Peer Group and domestic violence support, educational workshops on domestic violence, addiction and HIV/AIDS transmission, vocational training referrals and medical treatment if needed through their collaboration with the Ingalls Memorial Hospital. Wells also owns a cleaning business where some women can work.

Because Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place encourages residents to become functioning members of the community, a typical day is difficult to define. Residents are very busy attending outside group meetings three days a week, and job training sessions like computer classes four days a week and off-site 12-step meetings five days a week. On Sundays, clients attend church. Otherwise, residents are encouraged to work.

This recovery home has a small staff that includes Wells, a licensed counselor and administrative staff. The staff-to-resident ratio hovers at about one-to-four, with each facility staffed by three or four staff members on staggered shifts.


Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place offers aftercare groups such as relapse prevention, a low-self esteem workshop and domestic violence support. Wells can also provide referrals to mental health care professionals, 12-step meetings, other housing options and community colleges as needed.

In Summary

Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place is a bare-bones facility ideal for women in dire need. With job and housing resources as well as a supportive environment, these homes could provide a jumping-off point for women who need an extra boost of confidence.

Claudia’s Place
17116 Elm Dr
Hazel Crest, IL 60429

Eddie’s Place
14714 Madison Ave
Harvey, IL 60430

Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place Cost: $440 (30 days). Reach Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place by phone at (708) 335-9711 or by email at [email protected]. Find Claudia’s and Eddie’s Place on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube

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