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Clarksburg Mission


Clarksburg Mission Review

Located a two hour drive northeast of Charleston, West Virginia in the small city of Clarksburg, Clarksburg Mission is a non-profit organization that offers a range of services for the community’s underserved population. Founded in 1971, Clarksburg Mission provides basic necessities as well as mentoring, spiritual programming and recovery meetings for clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders.

Accommodations and Amenities

Clarksburg Mission seeks to not only provide a stable foundation but also to guide residents to start a completely new life. More than just sober living, the organization also has offerings one might normally associate with inpatient rehab. The facility offers a range of services including recovery meetings, counseling, mentoring, case management, life coaching and career skills training. In addition, Clarksburg can make referrals to local treatment facilities. Clarksburg Mission provides both men’s and women’s facilities as well as emergency accommodations for individuals in dire need of shelter.

Referred to as the “Welcome Room,” the facility is equipped for between 35 and 50 people a night. The men’s home is equipped for up to 22 residents. In order to stay at the home, the men are required to remain sober and commit to volunteering in the community. The women’s dorm is divided into two homes with room for a total of 20 women and children. In addition, there is a shelter specifically for veterans equipped to accommodate 13 men and three women. The veterans shelter specializes in the customized care that veterans require.

Rules and Regulations

Clients undergo a comprehensive intake interview that includes a personal medical history, current circumstances and a complete account of alcohol and substance use. Residents are required to hand over any prescribed medications and make a commitment to sobriety.

The facility administers regular and random drug screenings that individuals must pass in order to remain at the home. There is a zero tolerance policy towards poor behaviors such as theft, smoking, sex and violence, in particular towards other residents. The facility requires residents keep their room tidy and perform daily chores.

While residents are encouraged to seek and maintain employment within the first month of their stay, individuals can instead volunteer or participate in an outpatient treatment program. Clients also must adhere to a strict 10 pm curfew on weeknights and 11 pm on weekends. Clarksburg Mission believes in the powerful effect of the 12-step model when it comes to the success of a sustainable, long-term recovery. As such, residents must find a sponsor and participate in at least five meetings a week throughout their stay. In addition, individuals are responsible for attending a weekly house meeting.  

In Summary

Clarksburg Mission is a non-profit organization that provides sober living accommodations for men, women and veterans struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. Located in the historic Glen Elk neighborhood, the organization requires a six-month commitment in order for residents to see the many benefits from their new life. Clarksburg Mission is an amazing organization and a credit to the community. It is an excellent option for anyone seeking to start over.

Clarksburg Mission Location

312 N. 4th Street
Clarksburg WV 26330

Clarksburg Mission Cost

$1,000 (move-in fee); $500 (monthly fee). Reach Clarksburg Mission by phone at (304) 622-2451 or by email. Find Clarksburg Mission on Facebook

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