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Clarity House Sober Living for Women


Clarity HouseClarity House Sober Living for Women Review

Clarity House is a luxury sober living house in the upscale San Fernando Valley community of Encino, California, run by women for women. And while its appearance may evoke Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Clarity House is, in fact, in the serious business of helping women in recovery by providing a stable environment and a tight-knit, supportive community. With an emphasis on building self-esteem and promoting leadership, Clarity offers a comfortable, family-like culture for women in the early stages of recovery for alcoholism, substance abuse and addiction.

Accommodations and Amenities

With only six residents here at one time, each woman is assigned her own private room in the six-bedroom, seven-bath house. Nestled in the hills of Encino, Clarity House has a state-of-the-art kitchen, several large shared living spaces, an infrared sauna, a workout room, a pool, a hot tub and an expansive lawn.

Health and nutrition are extremely important at Clarity. The kitchen is loaded with healthy food options including organic produce, and most foods high in fat, sodium and refined sugar are eliminated. You won’t be eating Big Macs here. But to reinforce its ethos of independence, Clarity insists that residents prepare their own meals.

Days are full and rigorous, with social interaction, physical activity, individual and group therapy and 12-step/AA meetings. Yoga and meditation are not only offered, but required. There’s no TV. Free time is meant for various hobbies, with the goal to help residents discover healthy activities. Days are packed, which reflects Clarity’s philosophy that free time leaves space for triggers.

A staff psychiatrist performs all intake assessments and provides medication management for those with a dual diagnosis. The small staff of five also includes two house managers, a house director and two staff members with LMFT credentials who lead daily group sessions. Individual therapy occurs once a week and there’s a 12-step meeting every day.

Rules and Regulations

There is a minimum 90-day stay at Clarity, though the majority of residents extend that to between nine months and a year. A strict 11 pm curfew is enforced, as Clarity believes a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining sobriety.

In the initial period after admission, rules are strict and privileges limited. There is access to cell phones, visitors or vehicles until residents have been deemed “senior members,” which means they have made progress and are well into recovery. Senior members are required to mentor newer members in the house. Being identified as senior is one of the final steps before graduation. For the last two months, clients engage in a step-down process that offers them a high degree of independence to prepare them for life outside Clarity. The very final step is placement in an apartment with a roommate who also graduated from Clarity around the same time.

Working is encouraged and during time at Clarity residents contribute to their rent and other living expenses with money earned at a job.

In Summary

At Clarity House, strong attachments develop among residents and alumni are encouraged to come back for visits and mentor newer residents who are beginning recovery. For a woman looking for recovery in a comfortable, family-like and somewhat luxurious setting, Clarity House offers an all-inclusive rate and a tight-knit community of women for support, healthy food and activities like yoga and meditation that support wellness.

Clarity House Sober Living for Women Location

Clarity House
16350 Ventura Blvd, Ste. D #521
Encino, CA 91436

Clarity House Sober Living for Women Cost

$5,000 (30 days). Reach Clarity House by phone at (844) 229-6636 or by email at Find Clarity House on Facebook and Twitter

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