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CLARE is a non-profit rehab founded in 1970 out of concern for the homeless alcoholics clustered around the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, California. It has a specific vision: “Everyone seeking recovery from substance abuse will have access to professional, effective, and compassionate treatment in a clean and secure environment that meets the highest standards for healthcare delivery. Everyone in our community will have access to drug and alcohol education and prevention services.”


These days, CLARE has 11 different programs in several Westside locations, 250 residential beds and serves an astounding 30,000 addicts a year by phone, email or in person. The primary Men’s Recovery Program is located in a CLARE-owed building in the prestigious beach town of Santa Monica. It has 70 beds where clients can stay in residential treatment for up to six months. There are group meeting rooms, office spaces and a large industrial size kitchen.

The primary Women’s Treatment program has 40 beds and also allows clients to stay for up to six months. This residence is also in a CLARE-owned building complete with communal spaces, a large commercial-grade kitchen, office spaces and solar-powered electricity and heat.

Treatment and Staff

Detox and primary care is 30 days and provides clients with round-the-clock supervision and support during non-medical detox process, followed by a full schedule of one-on-one counseling, drug and alcohol education, case management and 12-step meetings. Afterwards, many residents then transfer to either the Men’s Recovery Program where the emphasis is on helping them establish a sober lifestyle, confront personal issues and construct a sober social support network or the Women’s Treatment program which is designed to address underlying issues specific to women in recovery.

The 67-person staff (along with 75 volunteers) insures rather astounding success rates: 90% of the clients successfully complete the program, 70% find stable housing when they’re done and 75% find full-time employment afterwards.


There’s also a Women with Children Sober Living Program, which allows mothers to participate in a recovery plan while their children become a part of a safe, structured lifestyle, a Drug Court Program which offers a court-approved alternative to jail time for non-violent drug offenders charged with possession or being under the influence of an illegal substance, a Drinking Driver Program that provides alcohol education and case monitoring to help drinkers look at the habits and attitudes that led to them driving under the influence and a Clarity for Youth program, which sends counselors into local, middle and high schools to educate students about substance abuse.

CLARE also recently opened Conscious Recovery, an outpatient treatment program that provides premium, customized, evidence-based morning and evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Day Treatment Programs.

In Summary

With noble goals, a reasonable price for those who need it and a fairly complete treatment program to boot, CLARE has it all for their demographic. If finances are an issue, this is a no-brainer; for the community they serve, they are truly an invaluable resource.

CLARE Foundation Location

909 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

CLARE Foundation Cost

$2,000 (30 days). Reach CLARE Foundation by phone at (310) 314-6200 or by email at [email protected]. Find CLARE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  2. I’m a 44 y/o mother that is a CPP. I’ve was a combat medic in the Army. Honorable discharge. I went on to become a paramedic civilian side for 14 years. I was a first responder at ground zero on 9/11. I have been addicted to opiates for 10 year’s. There were times of taking my meds appropriately. I attended N/A and worked my program and had a sponsor. I relocated to L.A. In October 2013 from Connecticut. When my boyfriend of 5 year’s left and took everything, I found myself back on the East Coast more than the West and spiraled down mentally and again relapsed. I have 2 children still under the age of 18 that I need to get better for as well as myself. I never bounced back from their dad divorcing me. I haven’t really been a functioning person in society in quite some time. The drug use is beyond what I’m prescribed and triple what I am prescribed. I sit alone and do nothing. Have no support system, nothing but those 2 beautiful children. I went from hero to zero and I can’t find my way back. I have reached out to specialist like Dr Drew, Dr Phil, Candy Finnagen all to no avail. I know that state insurance doesn’t provide enough to stay in detox never mind a 90 day program. I always wanted an opportunity at a facility that wasn’t state run so I could have a chance at recovery that would last. I have had no luck. It all comes down to what you have for money or how good your insurance is. So I guess I’m screwed. That’s how I feel. I have co-occuring disorder. I have PTSD, GAD, depression and all my pain issue’s. I hate depending on these meds and drugs like I depend on air to breathe. I’m broke and broken. I need help. Can you help me? I want to live the life I had planned for my children and myself in California. I think about it everyday and cry at how it’s all slipping away. I’m tired. I need real help. Does you facility offer grants or scholarships? Im going to die if I dont get treatment. Im at a loss since I started looking for help 3 months ago and have found nothing. It seems that at the end of the day, if you dont have insurance or money, theres no help which equals no hope for the addict trying to get help. Thank you for your time


    • Hi Michelle,

      I am in a similar situation. I have insurance that doesn’t seem to cover anything but partial coverage for detox. I am currently receiving unemployment and this while not enough to live on or pay out of pocket for rehab, prevents me from taking advantage of a financial scholarship to cover the cost of rehab. I know I need more than a quick detox, as I’ve tried this and it never lasts long. I too have a problem with opates and chronic pain combined with being an addict. Al I can recommend is that if you are unemployed and not currently insured you may qualify for a scholarship or agar bed. Try Claire in Santa Monica, Cry-Help in North Hollywood, Impact in Pasadena or American Hospital in Pomona.
      I hope this helps give you some leads.


    • i just read if your Dr. sends you (talk and tell them where you want) the state must pick it up. Ive not done this yet its what Im going to look into my self. its been a year since you posted last. if you found a better way post back on here please share the info

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