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The Clara Martin Center began as Orange County Mental Health in 1966, offering psychiatric and substance abuse services to residents of Orange County, Vermont. Clara Martin and her husband, Brewster, a physician, were working at a local nursing home in the 1950’s and started to notice the mentally ill patients’ struggles. They made affordable treatment their life’s work. The facility was renamed for Clara Martin when she passed away in 1990. Today, a network of centers have been offering affordable treatment for those suffering from mental illnesses and addiction for over 40 years; they provide outpatient and intensive outpatient programs (IOP)s in Wilder, Randolph and Montpelier, Vermont.

Treatment and Staff

The Clara Martin Center provides individualized and gender-specific intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment that is open to those with co-occurring disorders. Each client works with a case manager, who helps design their course of treatment. Learning to cope with emotions, stressors and trauma is a large component of treatment. The intensive outpatient program meets three nights a week for six weeks, while outpatient treatment meets once a week, but may vary depending on a client’s needs.

Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational groups, gender-specific groups, co-occurring groups, motivational groups and psychiatric evaluations. The staff includes psychiatrists, therapists, clinicians, social workers, case managers and administrative staff.


The Clara Martin Center offers a family program for clients undergoing substance abuse treatment. This entails both family and couples therapy for clients, to open the lines of communication and educate about addiction. For those who have been in the criminal justice system, Clara Martin Center offers a weekend DWI Program, called CRASH. For individuals requiring court-mandated treatment due to a driving while intoxicated offense.

In Summary 

The Clara Martin Center’s offers comprehensive treatment which addresses the needs of both the client and the persons affected by their addiction. The affordable treatment model, multiple locations and array of outpatient services for those suffering from substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders make this center an ideal choice for addiction treatment in Vermont.

Clara Martin Center Locations

Clara Martin Center Wilder Outpatient
39 Fogg Farm Road
PO Box 816
Wilder, Vermont 05088

Clara Martin Center Randolph Outpatient
24 South Main Street
PO Box G
Randolph, Vermont 05060

Clara Martin Center Montpelier
100 Hospitality Drive
PO Box 1468
Montpelier, Vermont 05601

Clara Martin Center Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Clara Martin Center by phone at 1 (800) 728-4466. Find Clara Martin Center on Facebook

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  1. One CMC case manager named Addie Halstead propositioned a patient for sex 2 times in 2012. When he declined he was forcibly removed from the community and hospitalized and medicated long term. CMC denies it and tries to cover it up. Brock is a retarded loser who thinks crystals are alive. And, yes, Dr. Buchanan is heavy on unnecessary medicine. The place is a Nazi-liberal stronghold…evil…

  2. This is the worst place I have ever been to. I am not a liberal, nor a pro-Vermonter. It is not what you know in this building but who you know. If you upset there little oversensitive liberal feelings they will not work with you. They do not help at all. I hear more complaints from people in the town about how unsafe they are here with clara martin and gifford medical center. Nobody listens in there. It is like talking to a robot or brick wall. The lie through their teeth the whole time you are in there. They make you feel worse than when you came in there. As soon as you leave they do not do a thing they said thy will do for you. the only thing they care about is there money and vacations. Everything about this place sucks and the therapist interrupt all the time to vent about there personal lives because you say something that triggers there 3 year old oversensitive liberal emotions. Dr. Buchanan only cares about loading you up with meds and can somehow magically diagnose you after meeting with you for 15 minutes, what a joke. There are a lot of women in there because the laws in Vermont are not in favor of men. So be very careful not to hurt there feelings because they will bill you or bring you to court. These people should quit there day jobs and do somehting that works with there over sensitive emotions. Brock another counselor in there always puts his nose where it does not people and interrupts people and ASSUMES all the time. Assuming is not solving the problem nor fixing it. I feel safe talking to a brick wall then the people in this building. Why it is still up and running I have no idea.

  3. Completely disgusted with Clara Martin. I’ve been bumped by clara martin three times, due to scheduling conflicts. One time I showed up, after receiving an appointment and a confirmation call, only to find out they double booked. Another time they had to reschedule due to a conflict. The next available appointment was a month later, but was told I would be in their cancellation list and would probably get in sooner. No such luck… A month later, after taking the day off so I can make my appointment, I called to confirm and was told that I had been bumped to July. They didn’t even have the decency to call to let me know. I left a vm with scheduler, Kate, that it was unacceptable. I got a return call from one of their therapists to let me know there was a miscommunication. no apology of course. Yeah, I didn’t understand because I’m the crazy one,right? No respect for their patients. good luck future patients. Don’t show up for your appointments or take time off from work for them unless you call and confirm first. And don’t be surprised that they have cancelled your appointment even if you do.

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