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For those whose dream treatment experience includes mountains rather than beaches, luxury rehab Cirque Lodge will definitely fit the bill.

Accommodations and Food

The majestic Cirque Glacier (from which Cirque Lodge takes its name) that encompasses the property will sill appeal to those who love the outdoors. Cirque also offers two neighboring centers at two corresponding price points. The Lodge, located in Sundance, Utah, is basically a plush log cabin. Cedar and pine abound, but residents shouldn’t be fooled by the faux-rustic aesthetic; this 16-bed facility is the mountaineer’s answer to Malibu’s high-end rehabs. While most residents share a room, those willing to pay can get a private bedroom. Large picture windows open up to breathtaking views of the Rockies. Private, slate-tiled bathrooms feature Jacuzzi pools. On the top floor of the Lodge, a circular meditation room provides a 360-degree panorama of the Wasatch Range.

For a lower cost, there’s also the 44-bed Studio, found slightly closer to civilization at the base of Provo Canyon. The reason why a 110,000 square-foot establishment qualifies as a studio is that it used to be a sound stage that hosted such recording stars as Donny and Marie Osmond. It has since been converted into the 17,000-square-foot “Experiential Room,” the world’s largest indoor ropes course. Being lower down the canyon, the Studio still offers direct views of Mount Timpanogos, as well as the same cedar-and-slate furnishings as the Lodge. Men and women are separated by floor and sleep as many as four to a room, but the rooms are still fairly opulent with high windows and down comforters. The grounds feature rose and vegetable gardens, horse pastures, and a volleyball court.

Both the Lodge and the Studio boast outdoor balconies, cedar saunas, sizable gyms, and dining areas with stellar views. Healthy meals are made from scratch daily and can be tailored for different dietary needs, including diabetic, kosher and vegetarian. Residents at the Lodge can swing by the kitchen any time for a snack. No cell phones or laptops are allowed, however, and there is no TV.

Treatment and Staff

The Cirque philosophy is rooted in the idea that treatment should be fun and attractive. The experiential therapies range from equine therapy to hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, rafting and mountain biking, depending on the season. There is even a private helicopter (dubbed “the Rainbow”) that flies residents up into the more inaccessible parts of the mountains with a serious altitude adjustment. Some CBT sessions are conducted while walking outside rather than sitting in a room. The daily schedule is more relaxed than some, with regular workshops and 12-step meetings supplementing these experiential group sessions.

Cirque places a lot of confidence in the “medicine of the mountain.” While it’s certainly true that nature can aid in spiritual healing, sobriety requires more than a mountain vista; fortunately, that’s where the well-respected staff comes in. Treatment at both facilities is planned on a case-by-case basis, taking the client’s entire history into account. Detox is outsourced to other nearby facilities, but clients report feeling well taken care of. Many staff members are in recovery themselves, and counselors providing one-on-one CBT are certified at the Master’s level.

Cirque espouses the 12-step approach but also integrates some other evidence-based treatment for co-occurring disorders. Every third week is family week, which is by all accounts an intense experience.


For alumni, Cirque offers continuing care groups in cities across the country. Extended care is available at the Studio, and alumni who stay clean and sober receive lifetime guest privileges.

In Summary

It costs a pretty penny but Cirque is unique and ideal for those who connect with landscapes on a spiritual level and value fun experiences along with top-shelf therapy.

Cirque Lodge Locations

RR3 Box A-10
Sundance, UT 84604

777 N Palisade Dr
Orem, UT 84097

Cirque Lodge Cost

$48,000 or $77,000 for Lodge (shared/private rooms, 30 days); $30,000 for Studio (30 days). Reach Cirque Lodge by phone at (877) 997-3422. Find Cirque Lodge on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Cirque Lodge literally saved my life. I have been to rehab several times at other facilities, but never made a connection with myself until my experience at Cirque Lodge. The medical and treatment staff are so professional and you can feel their genuine love for helping others. My counselor was always there for me and I thank him. The mountains surrounding the Lodge really helped me to connect with God. I can never thank Cirque enough for all they taught me.

  2. Cirque Lodge in sundance is overpriced. There is no real doctors/no therapy with psychiatrist-if there is they charge you. The Lodge @ sundance is run down………….for 60,000 dollars you have roommates. They are all about the $$$$.

  3. I researched treatment facilities when my husband’s family was planning an intervention for him. I thought Cirque Lodge would be a good fit, because he loves the outdoors. I was willing to spend the money to send him there, as I believed if it was a nice place to be, he was more likely to stay. I’m very sorry now that this was the treatment center we selected for him. The counselors he worked with did not get through to him at all! He complained that they were not bright or qualified, and that they did not relate to him at all. When I was in touch with the staff during his stay, they assured me that he was “doing great.” Yet every time I spoke with my husband, he said the program was stupid and hard to swallow.
    He did indeed enjoy the outdoors, and spent many days during his two months skiing. He socialized quite a bit, and enjoyed the yoga classes and the gym. He began a romantic relationship with a female patient at the Lodge. The romance went on virtually the entire time both of them were there, but the staff and counselors had no idea. He came home from the program and pretended to be sober for a short while, but he was openly drinking again (with his new rehab girl friend) in a matter of weeks. His “aftercare” program consisted of Cirque encouraging him to sign up for a year of “Soberlink” testing, 3 times/day. He committed to the program, but managed to drink around this testing fairly effectively by drinking first thing in the morning and after his 10 PM test.
    I know not every patient has a positive outcome from rehab, but the two people I know of who have “successfully” completed treatment at Cirque Lodge, my husband and his new girlfriend, represent a 0% success rate. As far as I know, Cirque Lodge believes he is sober still. I wonder how accurate their treatment success claims are, when they don’t have close or honest relationships with residents once they leave the facility. I wish we had saved the money and sent him to a more serious treatment center, such as Betty Ford in Rancho Mirage.

  4. I was recently at Cirque, Lodge campus. About halfway through my 30 day stay, an unannounced “room search” was conducted, by a male staff member, while we were in group. He pawed through all of my personal belongings. The next morning, I went to retrieve my phone charger. I found that my brand new phone charger was gone, and in it’s place was an old, frayed, dirty charger which I immediately recognized as the “house charger”, kept in the front office. I also found that half of my cash was missing ($200 of about $400, which I kept right next to my phone charger). I packed my bags and left that day.

  5. Cirque provides decent treatment, but for the price there are far better facilities. Most residents at the main location are surprised to find once they arrive that the facility is anything but a lodge. (There is a lodge if you’re willing to pay nearly twice as much.) Most of the pictures online are of the lodge, not the main facility since it’s not much to boast about. The ropes course is cool; but you don’t get to use it whenever you want, you’ll be lucky to utilize it once or twice in 30 days & with staff only. There are no jacuzzis. The women’s rooms have jacuzzi bathtubs, but none of the men’s room do. There’s an old dry sauna that only men can use. The free salon & massage advertised is actually one of each for every 30 days. It’s a co-Ed facility, but other than meal time there’s little to no interaction between sexes. Groups are all gender specific unless you’re at the Lodge. The food is probably the best part about Cirque. Some of the staff are okay; but most people would be shocked to find the low caliber & lack of qualification of some of the folks in charge. It’s actually quite terrifying! And these people run half of the groups the residents participate in. Some of the therapists are so bad that residents often beg to be switched, which rarely, if ever happens. It’s a 12 step program which is good. All the work done while in treatment is step work that is available at any other 12 step facility. There’s nothing special or unique about it & residents often feel rushed to get through the steps since that’s the only way to “earn” priveleges. There’s no TV. There’s one night a week they get to watch one movie. The weekends are horrendously boring with little thought put into programming. It’s a rinky-dink facility that somehow gets by on its past reputation, which may have been true at one time, but believe me…it’s anything but world class. That’s just laughable!

  6. I find some points of this review to be inaccurate. I have
    found Cirque Lodge to be amazing. I have had the privilege of meeting the
    owner, Richard Losee, and have found him to be a man of great integrity and an
    individual that truly desires to help those in need ( I happen to know of
    several people that he has provided a “scholarship” for, so they could get help
    at Cirque even though they couldn’t afford it.) Each year Cirque Lodge has an “Alumni
    Reunion” that allows previous residents to come back for a free weekend of the
    most uplifting and motivating programing I have ever seen. It is wonderful to
    be able to “Recharge the batteries” and continue on the path of recovery. The
    staff at Cirque Lodge really care about doing everything they can to fight this
    disease. While I have seen many other treatment programs that are available
    around the country, none compares to Cirque Lodge.

  7. Cirque Lodge saved our sons life. The facilities, lodgings, and food were all first rate. The quality of the staff, supervision, counseling and education are unparalleled. When combined with the detox facility at University of Utah, there is no better place for detox and recovery than the Cirque. The staff are genuine, loving, calm pleasant people and they made all the difference.

  8. Cirque Lodge was a complete waste of money. There is a lot of shady things that go on at the Lodge and almost zero supervision.

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