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Circle City Sober Living


Circle City Sober Living Review

Located a mile east of downtown Indianapolis in the upscale neighborhood of Woodruff Place, Circle City Sober Living is a sober living facility that provides transitional living accommodations for adult men who are in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. Circle City offers a compassionate team that helps to heal, guide and empower clients through consistent structure, a safe atmosphere and an array of opportunities for growth. The 12-step recovery model is an integral component of the programming at Circle City Sober Living. Residents in need of dual diagnosis support for co-occurring mental illnesses are referred to outside psychiatrists. While the length of stay varies from person to person, Circle City encourages a minimum of three months. 

Accommodations and Amenities

Circle City is situated in a 7,200 square foot family-style home equipped with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. Built in 1898, the remodeled home exhibits some historical elements while offering plenty of modern amenities. The house offers a spacious floor plan, an industrial-size kitchen and dining room and a common area with a flatscreen TV. There is also a computer room as well as an art and music area and the house is equipped with central air conditioning  and WiFi. There are both private and shared bedrooms with twin sized beds, plenty of storage and lots of natural light. The home has a lush backyard and is situated near a number of places such as parks with bike and hiking trails where residents can enjoy outdoor activities. Clients also enjoy the local theaters and museums as well as shopping, all within walking distance. There is also a bike path and public transportation that runs downtown and into the IUPUI campus. 

Rules and Regulations

Circle City understands that each resident’s path to recovery is unique. As such, the facility seeks to understand the underlying issues and specific needs of each client in order to best serve and prepare them for their re-entry into society. Before moving in, clients go through a comprehensive screening that helps determine the best possible individualized care plan customized to meet their unique needs and goals. Circle City offers an array of services typically only seen at treatment facilities. Services include case management, skills training, holistic practices and an array of therapeutic and medical referrals. Residents learn key life and job skills like budgeting, time management and resume-writing. The facility also helps to immerse clients into the local 12-step support community. Clients participate in twice-daily process groups as well as weekly activities with their peers. Residents have access to a nutritionist and personal trainer. Holistic treatments like acupuncture and yoga are also available.

Circle City expects residents to take responsibility for their own recovery, and to be able to pull their weight and get along with others in the house. Clients are expected to keep their area tidy, and honor a reasonable nightly curfew. In addition, the facility staff administers regular and random drug screenings. When residents need treatment, Circle City can make referrals to outside IOP programs as well as evidence-based counseling and new innovative therapies like brainspotting and EMDR therapy. Individuals struggling with co-occurring mental health conditions are referred to outside psychiatrists. The facility offers a stable foundation where residents are empowered to implement what they learned at Circle City in the real world. There are plenty of employment and educational opportunities within walking distance of the home. 

In Summary

Circle City Sober Living in Indianapolis offers comfortable, upscale transitional accommodations for men in recovery. The facility offers a number of amenities in addition to daily structure, staff support and a vibrant sober living community. For anyone in Indianapolis seeking male-only sober living, Circle City is an excellent option that provides a powerful and transformative experience.

Circle City Sober Living Location

608 Woodruff Place Middle Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana

Circle City Sober Living Cost

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