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Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center


Squamish British ColumbiaChopra Addiction and Wellness Center Review

Addiction specialist Nirmala Raniga opened the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center in 2009. This facility, which is endorsed by renowned alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, is located in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. The  Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center offers residential treatment that is client-focused and holistic in nature. The programs include individualized treatment plans, comprised of group and individual therapy, with an emphasis on spiritual balance and relapse prevention techniques.

Accommodations and Food

The comfortable, home-like setting where clients live during their four to six week treatment is set on 10 acres and surrounded by a lush forest and serene mountains, and well off the beaten path of residential or suburban neighborhoods. The program is co-ed, but the men and women sleep in different buildings that are both offer spacious accommodations within walking distance from each other. Every client shares a bedroom furnished with a queen sized bed and dresser. Common areas of the house include a lounge with fireplace, dining room and living rooms.

A chef who prepares menus with international options prepares the food. The meals are healthy and balanced and include delicacies like Mediterranean pasta and Masala chai. There are also freshly made desserts offered daily.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment at Chopra Addiction and Wellness incorporates physical and mental health that includes two hour long individual therapy sessions per week and two ninety minute group sessions per day. The program, which is either four or six weeks in length, aims to help the client find a healthy spiritual and emotional balance that they can take back with them when they return to their communities.

The facility offers an initial medical and psychiatric assessment to new residents. The programs aim to explore the client’s personal struggle with addiction and it’s origin, and offer alternative methods for self-care and nurturing. Nutritional counseling and Ayurveda are included in every treatment plan, and establishing a relapse prevention plan, learning healthy boundaries and coping skills are covered as well.

Therapeutic methods are based on the Chopra Curriculum, which focuses on one’s ability to create peace and wellness within themselves without the use of drugs or alcohol. Some traditional modalities like CBT and the 12-steps, as well as holistic offerings like art therapy are provided as well. There are over 20 staff members at this facility that bring an array of experience and knowledge. These include medical doctors and LPNs, Master’s-level addiction therapists and LCDCs, yoga instructors, residential support workers and a psychiatrist.


The Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center has a gym on the grounds and yoga studio where the clients practice every day. Clients enjoy luxury holistic amenities like bi-weekly massages, weekly acupuncture and guided meditation practice. Health and wellness is an important part of the program and the therapists incorporate frequent hikes and exercise into daily activities. There are also cooking demos lead by a professional chef and therapeutic games organized for clients.

In addition to the four and six week programs there are specialty treatment programs that cater to corporate clients or shorter, refresher programs that last about two weeks.

In Summary

This unique facility surrounds its clients with beauty and peace in hopes they will internalize it and take it along for the remainder of their journey. With the backing of trained professionals and the endorsement of Deepak Chopra, who is a medical doctor and a well-known holistic healer, these programs aim to refresh and empower the individual through traditional and ancient methods.

Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center Location

3501 Paradise Valley Rd
Squamish, British Columbia

Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center Cost

$18,000 (30 days); $26,000 (six weeks). Reach Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center by phone at (888) 802-3001 or by email at Find Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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