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How to choose a luxury rehab center

How to Choose a Luxury Rehab Center

Could you or a loved one benefit from a luxury rehab center? Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that cannot be “cured” through willpower alone. Access to the right treatment programs, medically-supervised drug or alcohol detox, and care from a qualified addiction specialist are just a few of the things that can make a difference for the success of your recovery. Selecting a luxury rehab center for drug or alcohol abuse can seem like a daunting task. With so many different options, deciding which criteria are most important and then comparing treatment programs can be a serious challenge. This checklist will help you organize the information you have about different programs:

  • What type of therapy is available? In addition to a 12-step program, does the rehab center offer medically-supervised detox, cognitive based behavioral therapies, dual diagnosis care, or other alternative therapy options? For example, some luxury rehab centers may offer equine therapy, spiritual counseling, or other alternative and holistic treatments. Not every program needs to include every therapy; however, it is important that the program you select offers the right therapy for your recovery needs. You should also consider what type of continuing care and relapse prevention programs are offered as part of treatment.
  • What amenities are included? Most luxury rehab centers include a wide variety of high-end amenities for a comfortable, supportive environment, similar to a resort or boutique hotel. For example, some rehab centers may offer swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, putting greens, steam rooms and saunas, spacious bedrooms and private bathrooms, and large common spaces. How important is your personal space or having access to different outdoor activities? Keep these features in mind when evaluating your options.
  • Where is the rehab center located? Some luxury rehab centers are in remote locations for enhanced privacy. If you have a special affinity for the mountains, beach or countryside, consider choosing a rehab center in one of these locations. You may also wish to choose a location that is brand new to you in order to make a fresh start away from the distractions of day-to-day life.

Luxury rehab centers are not just for the rich and famous. With personalized, attentive care, high-end amenities, privacy, and a wide variety of treatment options, luxury rehab centers can provide the support you need to take the first steps to sobriety. Talk to a recovery specialist today to learn more about which luxury rehab center is right for your recovery needs.