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How to Choose a Luxury Detox

How to Choose a Luxury Detox

If you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle that is considered luxurious opt for a luxury detox. At this type of high-end drug detox you will be treated wonderfully, while being given the most innovative techniques in a stress-free environment. Note that this isn’t your average medically supervised detox program.

What is Luxury Detox

When you are dealing with a dependence to alcohol or drugs, and are in need of treatment, detox is typically the first step. Detoxing allows your body to be weaned from the substances you are addicted to, and this process can be dangerous. Normally you would detox in a hospital room or separate wing of a rehab center. However, for this specific type of detox the process is carried out in a more extravagant location. For example, here are some of the things you can expect from luxurious detoxing:

  • The setting may be an extravagant spa, nature retreat or secluded resort.
  • Everything from the medical attendants to the bedding you receive are of the highest quality—price is no problem.
  • You are provided with the best food, such as three-star chef preparations of organic, vegan meals.
  • Your leisure time is wholly rejuvenating, and you are surrounded by like-minded individuals in smaller numbers in comparison with state-funded detox.
  • You have access to the latest detox methods, procedures and medications, and your medical providers are progressive in making sure you have the most painfree detox possible.

Choosing this type of painless detox allows you to maintain your desired level of comfort, which is key to helping you move into the treatment and recovery phase.

Selecting Your Detox Provider

Start by searching among the best drug rehab detox centers using online drug rehab reviews. Here you can sort through facilities providing luxury level detox programs. Things to consider when choosing your detox provider include:

  • Types of substances that are focused on with the detox, i.e some centers specialize in alcohol detox, while others are geared at heroin detox
  • Typical length of the detox program
  • Types of medications prescribed to aid with painless detox and withdrawal symptoms
  • Follow-up treatment availability provided by the detox provider
  • Rating of success and client reviews of detox

Before you make your final decision, request a walk-through of the detox space so you can make sure it is up to your opulent standards. The last thing you want to do is choose a luxury center only to find that their level of poshness is not on par with your own.