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Located in South Bend, Indiana Choices Recovery provides adult men and women a variety of programs for treatment of substance abuse. Clients receive individualized treatment plans that integrate a broad range of modalities, including the 12-step approach, SMART Recovery, faith-based and holistic techniques. The tailored programs offer a continuum of care that can include residential treatment in 30, 60 or 90-day versions, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and additional outpatient services.

Accommodations and Food

Located in a suburban neighborhood, the facility accommodates all clients as well as clinical services in one building. It is well maintained and pleasant with warm colors and a landscaped garden. Rooms are shared with one other client of the same gender and include all linens as well as adjoining bathrooms. Clients can relax in the common and meetings areas, which are furnished with large sofas and TVs, or workout at the large, fully equipped gym. A private Chef prepares all meals in the on-site industrial kitchen and ensures personal nutritional goals are maintained.

Treatment and Staff

A counselor performs initial assessments and offers a recommendation for treatment. If needed, clients undergo medically monitored detox and mental health evaluation to address co-occurring disorders. Ongoing medication management and psychiatric reviews provide dual diagnosis support.

While in residential treatment, clients participate in weekly individual and daily gender-specific group therapy. Though SMART Recovery is most commonly utilized, AA/NA meetings and Celebrate Recovery programs are available, with clients able to attend religious service if they choose. Each of these programs ultimately focuses on replacing addictive thinking patterns with new ones, learning effective communication strategies and how to regulate emotions.

Regardless of the length in residential care, many clients choose to step down to the PHP or IOP to ease the transition to independent living. These programs continue the individualized approach of Choices Recovery and include clients entering outpatient programs as primary care. Clients remain in each phase for as long as they need, typically taking six months to complete the continuum of care.

Outpatient clients participate in a variety of therapeutic modalities that decrease in frequency as progress is made. These include group therapy and educational sessions that focus on peer-support and relationship building, gender-specific process groups that provide a safe space to discuss concerns and family groups. Self-help and 12-step programs are included for ongoing relapse prevention and support. Though time in each phase varies, the PHP is typically five to seven days a week, the IOP three to five and the outpatient one or two. PHP and IOP sessions are around six hours in length, while outpatient sessions drop to three.

In addition to a medical team, CACs, LADCs, activities therapists and specialty contracted staff provide around the clock care.


As part of holistic treatment, nutritional counseling is offered, along with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The life skills training classes foster responsibility while teaching essential tools like budgeting, work ethic, GED readiness training, vocational skills and job seeking techniques.

In Summary

Choices Recovery lives up to its name with with a broad variety of offerings and several treatment lengths. Clients can tailor programs specifically to their needs, incorporating many therapeutic modalities. Choices Recovery provides a solid foundation for recovery through the range of evidence-based practices, delivered in a supportive environment.

Choices Recovery Location

3600 E Jefferson Blvd
South Bend, IN 46615

Choices Recovery Cost

Insurance, sliding scale. Reach Choices Recovery by phone at (574) 217-7769 or by email. Find Choices Recovery on Facebook and Google+

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  1. For the last 5 years my life has been a complete disaster and only recently, since going to Choices have I been able to start fixing it. 5 years ago, I started using pain pills. I’ve tried so many times to stop, I’ve tried quitting on my own, gone to NA meetings and went to 2 other rehabs before going to Choices. Each attempt to get clean was unsuccessful. Sometimes, I’d manage to stay clean for a month or two but staying clean was always insanely hard. I hated it. I never thought I’d become addicted to something, never imagined my life turning out this way and it seemed that each time I tried to get clean, it just kept getting harder to stay clean. Choices was a great place for me. There’s so many things about the facility that I loved and that helped me. Mostly though, it was the staff there who made all the difference. The people working at Choices are incredibly dedicated to the work they do. The staff there worked with me when I first got there to help me feel comfortable with them, with the other clients and since I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost constantly, they helped me feel comfortable in the building itself. The staff at Choices made me feel that getting clean was something that I could actually do and that I could actually stay clean when I went home. For the first time I felt like I had people I could talk to, people that actually understood what I was going through. It was awkward or weird talking to my counselor because of that. Which I had never experienced before. They were there when I needed them and were always willing to help me work through whatever my issue was at the time. Being in a place where I felt safe and comfortable, with people who took the time to understand me and actually cared about me, it made such a big difference for me. Even the other clients there were great. Everyone I went through the program with was there because they wanted to be there. There wasn’t anyone there because their parents made them go, or because they were court ordered to go to rehab. All the clients were there to get help which made us all very supportive of each other. I made some really great friends there and since I’ve been home I’ve stayed in touch with them. Which has helped me a lot. I screwed up most of the friendships I had from before I started using and it’s not like I could call someone I was using with a friend. So, having them to talk to, knowing that they were going through something similar, it helped. Really, we’ve all helped each other stay positive. I went to Choices 7 months ago and I’ve been home for 5. I’m amazed sometimes at how well I’ve been doing. I got a job soon after coming home and I’ve been doing really well there. In fact, just last week I got promoted and a raise. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have something that has gone so well since coming home. Things with my mom have been really good too. We’re talking a lot more and it’s great knowing that she’s not so worried about me anymore. I wouldn’t have done this well if I hadn’t gone to Choices. It was the people there, as much as the program, that helped me get my life fixed up.

  2. Before going to Choices I had been to 5 different rehabs over a period of 4 years. I wish they’d have helped but none of them ever did. My life would’ve been much easier if they had. The problem I always had was that even though I wanted to be clean and sober I also wanted to keep getting high. Each time I was in rehab I could push the desire to get high aside but once I was out of that controlled environment I couldn’t push that desire away anymore. Eventually I’d give up trying and relapse. My parents didn’t understand the fact that I could want to use even as I wanted to get clean. To them it was simply a matter of wanting to stop badly enough. Even though they didn’t really understand what was going on with me they were always there when I asked for help. They’d help me get into a rehab they felt would help me and eventually they found that place. Last year they sent me to Choices and it changed everything for me. Choices is the best rehab I’ve been to and with the most amazing people working there. They understood what I was going through to a degree that I hadn’t experienced before. That, along with their kindness and how much they cared, it made it easy for me to open up more during my program which in turn allowed me to get the help that I really needed. I spent 2 months there and the biggest and most important changed I went through there was that as I progressed more and more through my program the desire I felt to get high became less and less until I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to use. I wasn’t just pushing the urge to use aside, it was completely gone. Going through the program was tough for me. I learned a lot about myself and my addictions while I was there. Why I started using in the first place and where the desire to continue using came from. Learning all those things and then having to deal with the problem and handle it wasn’t easy for me. The staff at Choices though were great and I was able to get through it all because of them. In addition to all that, the longer I was at Choices, the more I became genuinely happy. I realized that I didn’t need heroin anymore to improve my mood or make me feel better. I could have a good, happy life without drugs. I’ve been sober now for 13 months. It’s the longest I’ve ever stayed clean and the great thing is, it’s not hard. Sure, I work hard at my sobriety but, I don’t resent the work I have to do in order to stay sober and that makes it so much easier and doable. It amazes me how great my life has become since graduating from Choices. Just about every day is better than the one before it. Once in a while I have a bad day but even with having a bad day, I don’t want to get high. I deal with my problems the right way now and it’s made my life so much better. My favorite thing about my life now that I’m sober is the relationship I have with my parents. It’s so good and I honestly never thought that would happen. I’ve put them through so much stuff and betrayed their trust so many times that earning their trust back has been really hard. It’s a great feeling though, knowing that their trust isn’t misplaced and that I’ve truly earned it. Going to Choices saved my life. I only wish I had gone there sooner.

  3. My son went to Choices Recovery and we could not be happier with this treatment center. We did not know what to expect, as this was his first time ever having to go to rehab, and frankly this was the first time anyone in our family had to go to rehab. It was quite a shocker for us. We knew he had been up to something, but we didn’t quite know what it had been.

    Brad had finally confessed to us that he had been abusing drugs and alcohol for some time and that he had been going down a pretty dark path for some time too. That was really unfortunate. He told us that he had been abusing marijuana and pills for about a year behind our backs. We instantly freaked out and tried to figure out what to do about this new and sudden problem. The solution ultimately was that we brought him to Choices Recovery, a rehab center in the next town over. It sort of seemed like this was going to be the best answer to our problems in a pretty big way. We toured the facility first, and frankly we were very impressed with what we found there. This treatment center seemed to really be a good place and a neat facility, and the staff there were really kind. For the sake of brevity, I will simply outline the points of this rehab center that I felt made them a truly phenomenal organization:

    The staff were really great. The staff were some of the best, most honest, and kindest people I have ever interacted with. Truly good people. I feel like a big reason why Brad is better now is just because of the people working at this treatment center. These guys were of a huge benefit to us and it seemed like they truly cared about our future. It seemed like they truly cared about Brad’s future.

    The facility itself was nice and well equipped. It had a lot of nice amenities, and it was set up in such a way that was also pleasant and agreeable for multiple different tastes I noticed. I also appreciated that the location was in a sort of quiet area, which definitely allowed for people to have a good experience in the treatment process. Furthermore, the facility was especially well set up to allow for maximum comfort for clients and a pleasant setting for all who were going there.

    The program itself was pretty awesome too. It really was. I don’t know much about drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and whatnot but what I learned from this program was enough to make me pretty excited about addiction treatment and how it works and what not. At Choices Recovery, they really do give you a choice in how you get recovered. I thought that was really unique and kind of unlike what I had come to anticipate from drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. This center showed that they really cared about Brad, and that they were willing to let him to a degree decide about what kind of recovery he was going to get. I thought that was very fascinating. He was able to learn a lot and get a lot out of the program and it put him into a frame of mind that we were all thankful for.

    The length of time was exactly what Brad needed. This was very helpful because he got the time in a center that he needed to really move forward and conquer addiction. I was really thankful for that. Brad ended up staying in rehab longer than most people do, because he most definitely needed more help and more assistance than most do. Brad got more than two months in rehab, whereas I believe that the industry standard is only about four weeks for residential treatment.

    The aftercare was phenomenal. It still is. Brad is still enrolled in the aftercare services at this rehab center and is benefiting greatly from them. As Brad was getting ready to graduate from his recovery program at Choices Recovery, he entered into an aftercare program that he was able to work on through the rehab center. This was very helpful for him. Brad could engage in recovery services at the rehab center in a way that was very helpful and very beneficial, and in a way that assured that he continued to make good gains and good progress in the recovery approach. It helped him to not relapse, and it is still helping him to not relapse to this day.

    Saying that I was thrilled with this rehab center would be an understatement. I truly feel like they saved Brad’s life. They were able to help him in a way that I don’t think anyone has been able to. They were able to give him assistance in kicking an addiction struggle, and no one else has been able to do that before. They literally gave him the chance to live a free life and a new life that was unhindered by drug and alcohol addiction. Truly incredible. My wife and I have nothing but the deepest of thanks for Choices Recovery and for everything that they were able to do for us.

    If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one struggling with an addiction, I strongly encourage you to look closely into Choices Recovery. Choices Recovery offers great services and excellent help for struggling addicts. They really do. They helped save my son’s life and I don’t think he would be here if it hadn’t been for them. I really do have them to thank for everything. I wish Choices Recovery all the best and I know that they will be in my hearts and minds for years to come. Brad is still friends with a lot of people here and he is still helping people here to move forward with their recoveries and to get further assistance as well.

  4. I recently completed treatment at Choices Recovery. Probably the thing I liked the most about this program was their dedicated approach to education and to making sure that their clients really are in the know about drug and alcohol addiction and the statistics on this problem in the country today. That was monumental. Having that information and knowing where exactly this problem is going if we don’t all come together is huge. I have never seen a treatment center that would do that for someone but that is exactly what this treatment center did for me. Their entire focus was one of teaching me about drug and alcohol addiction and about substance abuse as not only a personal problem but as a nationwide problem too. Really that made a huge difference to me.

    When I graduated Choices Recovery I immediately set out on a research project, and I wanted to share some of my findings with anyone who reads this article. I think it is really important for people to understand addiction for exactly what it is, and I think it is crucial for people to not delude themselves about this problem by any means. I think when people start doing that they are taking a step down a wrong path This treatment center gave me a new perspective and a new frame of mind for my life and for my loved ones, and I could not be more thrilled about that. When I completed the program, I set about to research our country’s addiction problem, and this is what I found.

    According to the Monitoring the Future Survey, drug and alcohol addiction problems are threatening to take over and cause a significant amount of difficulty and worry for people. These are now some of the most concerning and some of the most unpleasant issues that we have ever experienced before, and they need to be addressed. The Monitoring the Future Survey is most concerned about substance-abuse amongst younger people. According to them, this is definitely a huge problem especially with the young adult population of this country. Young people are statistically speaking several times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than older people are, and they are also several times more likely to experience a serious life-threatening issue because of substance abuse as well. All of this together paints a pretty gruesome picture to say the least, as it shows us how much attention and concern we have to put on addressing such drug addiction.

    According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, substance abuse crisis problems have been growing concerning and considerably more problematic and difficult with each passing year. These are issues of intensive problems that are all very big difficulties for all of us to face.

    The Trust for America’s Health is an organization that has done quite a bit of research on substance abuse and on various addiction problems. This is a group that delivers a great amount of knowledge and understanding as a result of their research. The Trust for America’s Health survey in March showed all of the different aspects of health in America in general, studying and examining these issues intensively. The whole method and approach of this group is to create a better awareness of where exactly we need to focus our attention on addressing health in America. One of the things that the Trust for America’s Health is the most concerned about is the rapidly increasing prescription drug addiction epidemic in the United States. According to the Trust for America’s Health, people are becoming more and more addicted to prescription drugs essentially left and right. All in all this is definitely a concerning and problematic issue to say the least. To properly address it will take a great deal of work too indeed. Some of the more direct and influential areas of addiction treatment that need to be utilized on are even something like prescription drugs. What the Trust for America’s Health is so concerned about is the growth rate of interest in prescription drugs as a substance for recreational use. Essentially, prior to the turn of the century, prescription drug abuse was not that much heard of. Now, prescription drug abuse accounts for more than 70% of all drug abuse statistics in the entire country. This means that prescription drug abuse causes more problems and it’s more of a present issue and difficulty for us and all other drug problems combined. For how the statistics pan out, about 6 million of 8 million drug addicts in this country are hooked on prescription drugs, and about 30 to 35,000 of the 40,000 annual deaths from drugs come directly from prescription drugs. As one can see, this is truly a concerning and difficult issue to say the least.

    According to the Drug Crime Prevention Unit, drug crime and addiction go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, almost all crime committed in this country of any kind of serious level is directly connected to substance-abuse. This is to say very simply that people who commit crimes of the level of a felony or above are often influenced by drugs or alcohol. Study show that just over 50% of all families are committed by somebody who is either doing it for a substance or who was under the influence of a substance when they committed a crime. Furthermore, more than 60% of all arrests that are made that involve a vehicle are directly connected to substance abuse. Also, 75% of all crimes that involve violence are directly connected to substance abuse. Realistically, this is definitely something to be concerned about. For how the statistics on this pan out, this means that almost all violent crime are brought on because of a substance. Even worse than that, about 90% of all sexual assault is committed by somebody who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Or, the victim was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both. What this new statistic shows us is that substance abuse plays a much bigger role in the crime in our country then we perhaps thought it did. Because of this, it becomes all the more important for us to address the substance abuse factor even more so than the drug abuse factor. In doing so, we will not only be able to bring the crime statistics down, but we will also be able to bring the substance abuse statistics down in tandem.

    A brief glance at the substance-abuse problem and it’s various statistics in the 21st-century shows just how difficult and concerning this problem really is. The details and the very real circumstances of addiction are such that this is a very real problem and concern for those who face it. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, we now have a country with over 23 million people in it who are sadly addicted to drugs and alcohol. This is quite concerning and quite difficult to say the least, and the problem is a crisis concern that goes along with substance abuse and which are only getting more difficult with each passing year. When it comes to addressing drug and alcohol addiction, one of the things that we need to try to get a better understanding of is the exact direction that this problem is going in. 23 million people is a lot of people, and according to the study reports from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, is about 2 1/2 times as many people who were addicted prior to the turn-of-the-century. As one can imagine, this is quite concerning to say the least. If we do not become more capable of doing something effective about drug and alcohol addiction soon, then this problem will certainly get out of control.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have taken a particularly strong interest in addressing this country’s substance abuse epidemic. According to them, drug and alcohol addiction is getting quite out of control and will need to be more properly addressed as soon as possible. They do consider this a health issue, partially because of the major implications of substance abuse. The biggest concern with drug and alcohol addiction according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is of course the fact that so many people unfortunately die because of an addiction problem. This is a sad truth to say the least. A lot of people actually do lose their lives because of a substance abuse problem, and as one can imagine this creates a lot of concern and worry for a lot of people. With 80,000 to 100,000 people losing their lives because of substance abuse, as one can imagine this is the greatest death toll that this country has ever seen because of substance-abuse. What we have at our house with this issue now of course is pretty huge in implications. Studies show with statistics like that that more people are unfortunately losing their lives and experiencing severe difficulty and strife which then of course causes a lot of problems for their current lives. As for how the statistics on this pan out, about four times as many people are losing their lives now because of substance abuse then those who lost their lives because of substance-abuse 20 years ago. Furthermore, drug and alcohol addiction has now risen up to being the third leading cause of preventable death in this country.

    I hope that people who read this will read and understand the study results above. Some of this I learned as a result of going to Choices Recovery, some of it I just assimilated by studying outside of the program. But all of it is valuable information and all of it is good things to know. I have dedicated my recovery to really learning about this problem and to really educating as many people as I can about this problem to the best of my abilities. I am dedicated and committed to my recovery like never before, and I will never let anything take my recovery away from me. My hat is off to Choices Recovery for teaching me everything there was to learn about drug and alcohol addiction and for showing me my own way and my own path to recovery, as much work as it definitely took to accomplish that. I hope that people will be able to read this and assimilate its message and take comfort in knowing exactly what they need to do to get clean and sober forever.

    I will be the first one to admit that recovery is not easy. Dedicate yourself to learning. Study my research notes above. And may you never be the same again!

  5. I could not be more pleased with the services and care that my family and I got at Choices Recovery. This treatment center really helped me to gain my sobriety and to get the tools that I needed to stay clean and sober for life. If it had not been for them I don’t think that I would have been able to get clean and I might not even be here today. Truly, this treatment center got something right in their ability to help me with my addiction. I don’t know what it is but they definitely figured that out.

    I am no stranger to rehabilitation. I am also no stranger to addiction. I have tried just about everything you can try, and at some point in my life I have been addicted to just about everything. The sad truth is that whenever I get bored with one thing, I would just switch to something else. This is a pretty much no way to live but it was my life for over a decade. I am so grateful I was able to get into Choices Recovery and change all of that with the help of just one treatment center, this one.

    I have been to other treatment centers as well, but they did not help me in the same way or with the same sense of stability or peace of mind that Choices Recovery was able to do. Choices was able to give me such strength and stability as a result of my recovery, that it was unlike any other treatment experience I had from other centers before. The center and program was really quite effective and quite stable to say the least, and they offered the most well rounded service and they offer the most capable services of any treatment program I was there.

    I truly believe that this treatment center was the one that did the most good for me. Had it not been for them I am pretty sure that I would have not been able to make it. The simple truth of the matter is that I was in a bad position and honestly it would not have been that long before substance abuse would have taken my life. If my addiction had gone on much longer than it was going, I am pretty certain that this would have just been the end of me. Thankfully though, I was able to get clean and free from the habit once and for all and for good. It was with the help and the fact of addiction treatment at the Choices Recovery center that this was able to happen. They were able to help me the most because they were able to offer the most excellent and most serviceable approach to addiction treatment of any treatment center I have been to before. Truly I have them to thank for everything.

    When people try to beat addiction, this can be a very difficult thing for them to do. Basically, an addiction is an addiction, and the difficulty of it is what makes it so hard to stop using and abusing drugs and alcohol. Basically, what I found from going to addiction treatment was that the recovery services and treatment options that were offered at Choices Recovery were such that people were able to get help there, myself included. In this review I will go into great detail about the exact, specific things about the program that made the most difference to me:

    The staff at this center were phenomenal. This was really exceptional I thought. I was able to get a lot of help from them and they were always there for me when I needed them. Basically, they helped me to get my head on straight about kicking an addiction habit, and I could not be more pleased with them for that. They were kind, pleasant, sweet, compassionate, and they really had the intention of helping me to get free from the habit for life.

    The treatment program itself was grand. Wow. The actually recovery center itself was phenomenal and great. The services and the care options that I got at this treatment center really made all the difference for me and helped me to get my head on straight. I was really pleased and really impressed with how well put together this recovery service was and with how well thought out it all was. Basically the treatment program offered a multitude of different recovery services and treatment approaches that really assisted me in going free from the habit once and for all and for good.

    The variety of services was great. I was really pleased with how well put together the recovery options were and how many different kinds of service options and tools were at this center. The services offered at this treatment center were very well varied, meaning that they extend a helping hand outwards and offer a great deal of different options and caring approaches that all basically do a lot of good for helping people to go free. The key approach here is that they offer a multitude of different recovery options so as to basically give anyone and everyone a skilled and sensible way out of addiction.

    The length of time of addiction treatment was phenomenal. The amount of time in treatment that they give you is great. Basically, if you need more time, they will give you more time. The truth is that they offer all of the care options and and the basic services that are needed to help people go free from an addiction struggle. If you need more time, they will give you more time! I was amazed by that. I don’t know of any other addiction treatment center or recovery program that will let you stay longer simply because you feel like you need it.

    The insurance coverage options were phenomenal. They accept so many different kinds of insurances at Choices Recovery. I will rattle off just a few of the insurance policies I know they accept, just from my discussion with their intake counselor: The Medical Mutual Health Insurance Organization, American Health Group, The Community Health Choice Association, Gold Coast, United Health One, APIPA, Bridge Span, Care Plus, Cenpatico, Health Plan of San Joaquin, AFTRA, AmeriChoice, First Health Insurance, Great-West Insurance, Oxford Health Plans, PHCS Insurance, Beacon Health Options, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance, Magellan Health Services, Maryland Physicians Care, Priority Partners, Qualcare, Community Health Alliance, Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance, Mass Mutual Health Care, Moda Health Care, and First Health Network. That is just what I KNOW they accept. There are also many other policies that I believe that they accept too, but I do not know for sure, like Tricare for Life, Care Improvement Plus, Emblem Health, Independent Health, Meritain Health, Geisinger Health Plan, Health Plan of Nevada, Bankers for Life and Casualty, Group Health Cooperative, Hudson Health Plan, Assurant Employee Benefits, Caremore, CoreSource, Magellan Health Services, Maryland Physicians Care, Priority Partners, Qualcare, Community Health Alliance, LA Care Health Plan, Optum Health, PEHP, Western Health Advantage, and Excellus BCBS.

    In summary, I am totally thrilled with this addiction treatment center and recovery program. I truly could not be more happy with them. They did great things for me and they gave me a level of stability and freedom in my recovery that was truly stabilizing and excellent. I do not think that I would be here had it not been for them.

    Realistically, Choices Recovery saved my life. I am still in touch with many other people who went there too, and I could not be more thrilled with what they were able to do for all of us who went there. Truly this is a high quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and recovery program. If anyone is seeking help for themselves or a loved one, I feel as though this is the ideal program for them to go to. Basically, this treatment center and recovery program was able to offer the best services and I highly recommend them too.

  6. If you are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction I know it is a hard road to deal with and so many things make it hard to decide on what to do. Choices helps you so much, and they have great treatment options for each person that is tailored to fit each because we are all individuals. THe way it is structured, they will not force you to use a treatment plan that you are not comfortable with. It is not one size fits all. You have options, and you will make it work for you. When suffering from addiction, you need to collaborate with professionals who understand addiction and how to deal with it. At Choices Recovery, you get a reliable partner who has your needs at heart. You might think that your problem is so severe that no program can handle it, but at Choices Recovery, they have a plan that suits you. This program will make sure that you will understand your problems and help you get to the root of the issues you have. The staff at Choices is dedicated, committed and passionate about helping those dealing with substances abuse issues to overcome addiction they care about the people they are working with and it makes all of the difference in the world. The staff will offer you respect and support during each step of their recovery journey to a drug-free life. They will show you how to deal with things like stress and anger at Choices and how to cope. At Choices, you have Choices in your recovery process and the staff at Choices Recovery is always ready to help you with what you may need. Beating addiction is not all about kicking the habit; it also touches on your physical well-being as well. They understand that proper nutrition for you as an addict is a bit hard, and your health might suffer as a result. This is one thing many do not take into account when looking for treatment. They introduce you to fitness options as well to get you into better shape. There is a lot to learn and a lot to take in as someone that is recovering. you will be busy. You will realize you do not need drugs to live life.

  7. Our whole family has a really great experience thanks to Choices Recovery. Choices Recovery offers a stabilizing and effective recovery program, and they were able to show us the way to freedom and stability when other treatment centers could not.

    When I say us, I was the one in particular who went to this treatment center, but realistically out entire family benefited greatly from the treatment services that were offered by this treatment center. We could not be more pleased with their recovery services and how thy were able to help us find our way and our path out of our drug and alcohol addiction struggles. I am the only one who struggled with addiction, but my family members were all seriously affected by my dangerous and very concerning habits too.

    Substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction is a truly harmful and concerning factor for those who struggle. However, even the most difficult of substance abuse problems can be beaten at a treatment center, and that was exactly the help that I got at this treatment program. Fast forward till now, six months later, and I have achieved a level of sobriety and abstinence that is lasting and permanent. I am thrilled to be able to say that I am totally cleaned up and free from even the most dangerous and deadly of drug and alcohol addictions, and I have Choices Recovery to thank because of it.

    When I went to Choices Recovery, I was seriously addicted to prescription pills and alcohol. The two worst drugs in the nation, and the two legal drugs. Indianapolis is currently being hit with the worst drug and alcohol addiction problem that it has seen its history, and I had been tied up in that struggle for five years. I had been to a couple local programs for addiction treatment, but nothing seemed to work or provide any kind of real recovery.

    Then my family decide that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and out of my environment, so they sent me to Choices Recovery several hours north of my home, in South Bend, Indiana. I and been to treatment centers before remember,so I had pretty serious doubts that Choices Recovery would do any good for me. However I went to the program any way, partially because my family desired that I do so so badly. I went to the program and sure enough I was actually able to learn quite a bit about the program and all that it had to offer to me. This program did a lot of good for me and was able to give me a strong recovery option that was well with my while.

    I will briefly go over here which aspects to this treatment program that I felt were the most significant, and which really did leave a strong, stabilizing impression on me:

    For starters, the length of time of this treatment program is really great. At Choices Recovery, they essentially let you stay there as long as you need to ti ensure that you real do make a full recovery that is lasting and permanent. They pout in a lot of work to help you, and they apply what is called a results-based, open-ended recovery approach that means you get to stay there as long as you need to to guarantee that you do actually stay clean and sober for life.

    Next up, they also apply a results-based, open-ended recovery approach that does wonders to ensure that you hold onto and maintain a lifetime of recovery and abstinence. In this way, people are able to go free because they are able ti literally pick and choose which aspects and facets of the program will work for them, and which will not. In this way, I was able to narrow down exactly which parts of the program I felt would do the most good for me, and I was able to decline some of the recovery methods that I knew would not be as successful.

    Next up, the staff were some of the friendliest I had ever seen at a treatment center. They were firm yes, but they were in no way strict or cruel like most treatment center staff that I am used to. That really helped and that really made it so that i felt I could actually get something done at this treatment center and that the people there were in it for more than just a nine to five job. Plus all of the staff there had a lot of experience and really knew the answers to my questions too, and were ready and able to assist me in any way that I needed.

    Last but not least, the treatment center itself was to die for. This recovery program really does a good thing for people, and the treatment facility is well set up, is clean, is elegant, and is laid out in such a way that it is able to offer the best care possible to the clients of the program. Hands down I was very impressed with how well cared for it was and how well set up the treatment center was.

    Ultimately I was very impressed and pleased with Choices Recovery. Choices Recovery gave me my life back and put me in a place of stability and abstinence that I never really thought I would be in again. I would have to say that I have Choices Recovery to thank for giving me a level of care and stability that is now lasting and permanent.

    I would strongly recommend Choices Recovery to anyone who is trying to beat an addiction to drugs and alcohol. This treatment center actually does offer a lot of really great services to people, and it definitely assists people in building and maintaining the recovery that they need to stay clean and sober for life. My hat is off to this treatment center, and I wish them all the best in their efforts to really help people vanquish even the most devilish of addiction crisis issues in people. Five stars hands down to the treatment center that saved my life and gave me a reason to live again! I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for Choices Recovery.

  8. I was a client at Choices recovery and I can’t explain how amazing it was to to get the help I needed there. The program is very strong and has given me tools and taught me how to apply them in my life. Most of all I really enjoyed the program that they offered. The 12 steps and smart recovery and others are all well represented. I personally choose to follow the smart recovery as it suited my views. The good thing that is I feel like important to add, is that choices gives you just that, choices in regards to your recovery. What program you wish to follow, and if there is something you strongly disagree with or goes against your faith, they wont push it on you, i felt very confident sharing my problems with them, cause they offered real solutions for them. They helped me develop a network for aftercare and most of all, they genuinely wanted to see me recover. They have helped me with every concern I had and also helped me transition out of the treatment center. I came to Choices recovery asking for help and they really did give it to me. Incredible facility, staff, and therapists. It was an amazing experience that has truly changed my life. Thank you to all of the team that works at Choices, you truly gave me my life back!

  9. The great plus that Choices has to offer is really that it is a Great environment that is peaceful, comfortable, warm. You are able to express yourself, and the daily activities help you conduct your anger and focus on the positive energy. Your day is made up so you get the most out of the treatment, but you have time for yourself and to also work and be in a community setting, so it is easier to get back to life once you leave. They teach you tools that will actually be useful for you in life, and things that will help you manage and keep your addiction at bay. All of the people that work here are exceptional caring supportive individuals that truly understand what its like to go through this process. Some of them have been through similar situation, and are just so helpful, I have never experienced so much honest care. Each person has your back and provides the community with support and open-ness. I loved being here and this place helped change my life for the good. I now know what its like to really feel good from the inside. I am so grateful to all of the team that helped me come out of a very dark and difficult time in my life

  10. I wanted to say a few words here about Choices Recovery, and show my true appreciation for this treatment center and for everything that they did for my family. This program basically saved my sons life, and I don’t think that he would be here today if it had not been for that. I will try to be brief here, and just go over the key points about this program that really struck out as being exceptional.

    First of all, Choices Recovery has some of the best people working for them that we have ever seen at a treatment center. They really do. The people who work here are a true team, and they are absolutely dedicated and passionate about helping people win the battle against drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good. The people who work here are not just working here to have a job. They operate as a team, many of them are in recovery themselves, and they are absolutely focused on helping people win the battle against addiction once and for all. I found that to be quite remarkable.

    Choices Recovery also offers a very unique program. The treatment center at Choices Recovery is unique in that it utilizes multiple different approaches in their recovery program, which is uncommon. Furthermore, they also let their clients stay far longer than most treatment centers do. This combination of utilizing multiple approaches to addiction treatment coupled with letting their clients receive treatment for much longer makes their success rates a lot higher I believe. This obviously made all the difference for my son. My boy had been to multiple treatment centers before, and he just couldn’t get a break on beating addiction. With Choices Recovery though, he was able to get the help that he needed and receive the different types of treatment modalities needed to get down to his underlying issues and help him affectively banish addiction for the rest of life. Without hesitation I give Choices Recovery five stars. I am very pleased with the recovery options that they offered to my son. For anyone who is seeking help for themselves or a loved one struggling with an addiction, this is definitely a good treatment center to go to.

  11. I am glad that a close friend of mine choose Choices recovery to seek help for his alcohol addiction. After reading a few stories & testimonials on the rehab detox website, he was filled with hope and for the first time felt that he could finally break free from the mental captivity that addiction had him bound to. I asked him about this experience and he explained to me that after calling one of the specialists, they were able to help him with all the logistics and in no time he was at the rehab center in the detox program. They arranged everything with his insurance, he literally all he had to do was to concentrate on his program towards sobriety. He stayed about a months or so, and now I see such a huge change in him. He is full of joy and has so many plans for his life. He is doing so much better too at his career. Everyone was pleasantly surprised that in a bit more than a months someone can change so much. Well done to choices recovery, we are all great full to have him back in shape!

  12. My stepson went to Choices recovery early last year and he just celebrated a year sober. When he first went to Choices I was worried that it would be just another rehab like all the others he had gone to. He didn’t seem to make any sort of progress at them and whether that was due to the rehab itself or my stepson just not wanting to get better I don’t really know. I also don’t know what made him go to Choices in the first place. It doesn’t really matter why he decided to go though. Because when he got there he started taking his recovery seriously. He started taking responsibility for his own actions and the consequences of those actions. For as long as I’ve been married to his dad I have been the bad guy. He was convinced that I was trying to get his dad to hate him and that everything negative that happened to him was because of me. If his dad didn’t give him money it was because I convinced him not to. If he got kicked out of the house, also my fault. It’s like in his mind I was the evil stepmom and everything I did was to hurt his relationship with his dad. He realized on his program that it just wasn’t true and he started communicating with his dad and I in a civil manner. When he started talking to his dad without fighting every time they spoke it was a pretty huge thing. When he completed the program at Choices and came home he came to stay at the house with his dad and I. His dad wanted to be able to keep an eye on him so if he relapsed he’d know right away. He’s earned his dad’s trust again which is a huge deal. Since he’s been home from Choices I’ve gotten to know him a lot better and he’s a really great guy. He’s sweet and funny and it’s so nice seeing this side of him. He’s working and has been since he first got back and he’s doing great at his job. He’s been taking classes at night and he just seems to continuously improve everyday he’s been home. He’s going to be able to accomplish so much in life now that he doesn’t have drugs to stand in the way and I’m excited to see what he’ll do.

  13. Actually my cousin used to be a patient at choices recovery, this was quite a while ago. He used to be hooked on some serious substances, but after hi rehab he got more or less back to normal life and he has been stable for a while. So unfortunately as it happened, I got at a point in my life that I couldn’t see a way out so I got addicted and it got very bas. Hence he came to talk to me, saying I shouldn’t trow away my life I am still young etc, and that there is this place he went to when he was on drugs and how they helped him get through. I was honestly very hesitant and nothing really mattered anymore, so I was nit gonna go. But things just kept going bad. One day he said to me, you are going, there is nothing more to it. So there I went all hopeless all in a horrible shape, don’t even knew how I stayed alive at this point of my life. I was angry at the world, but now I changed and this thanks to my cousin, he couldn’t have done something better for me at that point than to send me to choices! At first I was all scared of what will happen but soon enough I was reassured everything is gonna be fine, and it was true. I want to thank to all the team and the most to my counselor, thank you guys, I owe you my life!

  14. If it weren’t for this place, I would not have been able to realize I had a problem, or have been able to pick up the tools to deal with the world around me like I haven’t in a very long time. They did an amazing job with me and I really appreciate it. They have pushed me up when I was down, and showed me the road to a better living to a sober living. A road that I can walk now all alone, cause I have the tools to do it. They have been incredibly helpful through out my stay, and I feel like I owe a lot to choices recovery for changing and saving my life. I say that if you feel like you got enough of these bad days, and druggy lifestyle, but you are too scared to face it, choices will be the answer for you. They will not make you feel bad for doing drugs, or for other things you may have done that you feel others would judge you for. They are really solely there to help you and to make you feel better. They were also very helpful though out my initial detox, the nurses were fantastic, and all the other support personnel. I also enjoyed a lot my counseling, that helped me enormously. Thanks guys for being there and doing what you do.

  15. I wanted to say a few words about Choices Recovery, because this treatment center really jumped out at me as being a truly excellent and helpful recovery organization. Choices Recovery was something special to say the least. This facility took me away from an addiction that I never thought I was going to get away from. I’m getting up there in years, and I have been addicted to drugs and alcohol almost all of my adult life. I had gone to multiple different rehab programs over the course of my several decades as a substance abuser, and different rehabs would accomplish varying levels of sobriety for me that would last for a short period of time this is true. But Choices Recovery has been the only treatment center able to give me any kind of permanent sobriety.

    I actually did beat drug addiction long ago with the help of a different treatment program. But for some reason, no matter how many treatment centers I went to or how many 12-step outpatient programs I engaged myself in, I just could not seem to beat alcoholism. This was the one that kept coming back. This was the one that kept biting me in the ass to be frank. Alcoholism definitely had its hold on me, and I didn’t feel like I was going anywhere. I had actually honestly given up hope on ever beating alcoholism, until my wife found Choices Recovery. It was a long haul for me to go there, but I flew into town a few days later and check myself into Choices Recovery.

    From day one, I noticed that there was something different about this rehab center. I noticed that it was definitely unique, and the people working there were different from other rehabilitation program staff members I had come across in the past. The people here had a level of care and compassion for me and my recovery that was alien to me. I have honestly never seen a team of people who were so dedicated and so focused on helping me achieve a level of recovery that was lasting and permanent. True enough, the staff members at Choices Recovery took me in and gave me total freedom from addiction.

    I was also very impressed with the program itself that they used at Choices Recovery. Most treatment programs I have gone to have use the pretty straightforward, cut and dried, inpatient, 28 days, 12-step rehabilitation program, the techniques in use of Choices Recovery were very unique. This is it to say that I didn’t recognize some treatment methods from my previous experiences at other rehabilitation programs, but it is to say that the method which which Choices Recovery applied them was different. The best way I can describe it without writing a short book about it is to say that Choices Recovery gives each individual client a lot of personal choice in the treatment methods that he or she interacts with. This was truly interesting and like nothing I had seen before. While some courses were mandatory, for the most part I was actually able to pick and choose which treatment methods I would use, and which ones I wouldn’t. This was especially helpful for me, a 55-year-old individual who had already gone through rehabilitation half a dozen times and who knew which programs did not work.

    I was actually able to turn down certain treatment methods that were offered at Choices Recovery that we’re not necessarily bad, but which I knew would not be effective for me. Instead, I was able to pick and choose treatment options that I knew would be workable, and sure enough, they did work.

    Choices Recovery helped me focus on my key issues, my underlying problems, and my difficulties in addiction. Choices Recovery made me see exactly why I was abusing drugs and alcohol from the get-go, and this program really helped me to see why I was having such a hard time getting rid of addiction. I was able to learn things about my past that I didn’t even know about. My counselors and therapists had more personal interest in my recovery than any addiction therapist I have ever seen in almost 3 decades of dealing with substance abuse. All of these factors combined made for an incredibly successful and pleasant experience. I definitely do not think that I would be here today, totally recovered and sober, if it had not been for Choices rRecovery. It is safe for me to say that Choices Recovery saved my life from alcoholism.

    I would strongly recommend Choices Recovery, because they offer rehabilitation techniques that actually work. This treatment center is incredibly effective, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good. I am thrilled that I was able to go to this program. My heart is with Choices Recovery, and I will continue to stay in touch with them! I want this rehab center to do well and for them to continue to be able to touch the lives of those of us who are sadly addicted to drugs and alcohol, try as we might to do something about our habits and crisis issues.

  16. There are so many detox centers these days that it can be hard to find one that’s legit. Choices recovery is without a doubt one of the best. Their medical staff is second to nine just like their counselors. They have their own detox center, that is fabulous and they have a completely holistic approach that you do not find everywhere. They have tradition pills too for the detox, but they are not gonna be the once who will get you addicted to pills. In fact they go over with you if you are on any pills that are not needed, and they help you detox from those too. I appreciate the help of all the staff, they were all so nice and listened to me what ever problem I had. I am gonna be honest, it was hard for me to face my addiction and to actually face that I have a problem, but I am very grateful that I choose choices cause without their expertise I am not sure what I would be doing now. If you are thinking that an inpatient rehab is just too much for you, i have to say i understand you fully, cause it was scary for me too. But now I know that this is the only way to really detox and rehab yourself from all toxins. So don’t hesitate much, you can’t go wrong.

  17. I went to choices recovery and just celebrated 1 year sober. Making the decision to go to choices was the best decision of my life. When I got there I was lost and didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. I was a huge mess when I arrived at choices recovery, I was very long from where I am now. The staff guided me in the right direction. I really enjoyed our one on one counseling, i felt like that gave a insight into why I have started on drugs in the first place, and I understood so many things about myself and how certain situation drove me into drugs. I know how to cope with those situations and how to be cause over my own urges. I can only thank that to the amazing team at choices. They really taught me so much. I have my life back today and have never been happier in my life. The staff truly truly cares about you and your well being. They will go above and beyond to help you IF you are willing to help yourself. You have to be want to get help, and you have to want to be willing to change, in order for this to work. Choices gave me everything I needed to get sober, and I love them for that. Thank you for all you do every day. I would not hesitate sending any family member to choices, cause I know they would come home as a changed person.

  18. My entire stay at choices was great i learned so much that i never thought i would. I am only 22 and thinking about getting clean at my age was impossible. I went there like, yeah sure getting clean, its impossible, but they proved me wrong. Everyone was very nice with me. All the staff members who i have met have been very nice and caring. I was a bit rebellious, but even like this they did not give up on me, or sent me away. They have showed me how to be sober and stay sober and have fun at the same time. I really enjoyed the smart recovery. I am not religious, so I really appreciated that there is a non religious way to go about sobriety. I really liked all the things i learned. I know how to cope with my urges, and how to stay away from drugs. I also enjoyed the music exploration, music therapy. I think that music is really important in life, and being able to integrate this into recovery was a fantastic experience for me. This is what helped me the most to express my feelings. I would recommend this to anyone with a problem of addiction they give you so much support you will not believe how much fun you can have in recovery just try it. If i could have stayed a bit more to just have fun and stay with the awesome group of staff that are there, I would have.

  19. I would choose no other place to go to treat for my drug addiction. Choices recovery provides the knowledge, coping skills, and foundation necessary in order to live a life free of addiction. Every single member of the staff is so caring, and is seriously invested in each of the clients well being; they truly care about the success of the clients after leaving treatment. They have helped me through some serious stuff while I was there, and there was always a staff member ready for me when I needed help. I feel like a member of the Choices family. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking into getting help for addiction or alcoholism. You just can not go wrong with them. The food is incredible, the beds are amazing, and the facilities are very well set up. Although the recovery process is taken seriously, Choices has the ability to show how fun sobriety is… there are numerous activities that are available, that makes things more fun, and also helped me to advance with my program. I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me and how much it means to me. Choices has truly given me hope for a better future, and provided me with a better tomorrow. Thank you guys for all your help, and don’t change the way you help others. I truly appreciate what choices have given me, especially all the staff who are amazing!

  20. I wanted to say a few words about the Choices Recovery Center because I feel that this rehab center is a diamond in the rough, and is something that should be talked about more as the program truly was magnificent. I was struggling with brutal alcoholism off and on for over twenty years, and had already been to three other rehab programs in that time. What really struck me about the Choices Recovery Center is that this was a rehab program that actually engaged me in a permanent and workable treatment approach that was lasting and totally effective. Also, they did not make me do the Twelve Step program, which was a big bonus for me.

    I don’t actually think that there is anything wrong with the Twelve Step program, not by a long shot. But it simply does not work for me and that is the truth. I tried to follow the Twelve Step rehab approach for fifteen years with no real success. I went to three different Twelve Step rehab approaches with little to no success. My whole last decade and a half was one big Twelve Step failure.

    The funny thing is, I actually believe in the Twelve Step approach. I do believe that it works and that it is successful for a lot of different people, just not for me. I needed something different, and after I relapsed, overdosed, and almost died after going to a third rehab program, I knew that I had to do something abut this problem and that I needed something different.

    This was when my wife found the Choices Recovery Center. I was a little skeptical at first, never having seen an alternative rehab to the Twelve Step model before. But the Choices Recovery Center was the one for me and, after studying up on the program for awhile and talking to some of their staff, I soon realized what a good experience I was actually in for.

    What I really liked about this treatment center was the wide variety of different approaches that you can take that they offer there. They have Smart Recovery, Spirituality Programs, Group Therapy, Communication Skills Programs, Responsibility Programs, Music Exploration, Life Skills, Physical Fitness, Yoga, Karate, Zumba, massages, and so many more activities and things to do there.

    I had a phenomenal realization about addiction while I was at the Choices Recovery Center. Addiction is something that is best addressed from multiple different angles and with multiple different techniques and approaches. Truly, I think that this is why the Twelve Step approach kept failing for me. It was only one approach and I needed more than that. The Twelve Step approach was just one approach, and I needed several.

    This is where the Choices Recovery Center really shone for me. I was literally able to pick and choose and make my own choices on what treatment paths to follow, and it was this factor more so than anything else that made this treatment center effective and helpful for me. I and thrilled that I went to the Choices Recovery Center, and I would strongly recommend this treatment center to anyone who was desiring to beat drug and alcohol addiction.

  21. I just completed my almost 2 months in patient treatment at choices recovery. This was my first time entering any treatment or recovery center for my Alcohol addiction. This center gave me the tools to move forward in my recovery. At times I felt that they were tough on some of their policies in the beginning, as the days progressed I came to believe to stop being so resistant and let them do their jobs. I realized that those policies were actually there to help us progress faster with oir recovery, I am great full that their experience and judgement was only for my own good teaching me how to deal with being sober. At the same time I made lifelong friends and and as I reflect back, they made many moments fun. I have never laughed as much as I have while I was here, or learned about myself and because of that I have a renewed belief that there is a higher power and that is a great feeling. I got so much out of their program, I view so many things differently. I also have clarity that I never had before. The staff including the medical team showed that they cared about my recovery and about my health, they were all knowledgeable about addiction, and helped me through with their expertise when I needed it. Today I am grateful that I am here and stayed in the program and participated in everything they had to offer including the art course that I enjoyed so much. Soon I will be 100 days sober, and I hope that very soon I will be able to help an other recovering alcoholic. I would recommend choices recovery to anyone who is looking for a place for themselves or their family, to fight their addiction.

  22. I had a really good experience at Choices Recovery. This rehab center worked wonders for me and really helped me figure a lot of things out and come out winning in the long run. This treatment program was engaging and successful and it completely restructured my life.

    Before I went to Choices Recovery, I was in a bad way to say the least. I had just overdosed on heroin, and I had barely made it out of that experience with my life. I had had a brush with death, and I was ready for a change that would be lasting and permanent.

    My family and I found Choices Recovery, and we decided that this was the place for me. I knew there was something special about this rehab center, and I still feel that the center is special today, given my excellent recovery that I got there. I must say that the recovery experience there was unlike what I thought addiction recovery was supposed to be. It was comfortable and it was pleasant. It was a lot of work yes, but it was also very rewarding and I had good help and great mentorship the entire way.

    The staff at Choices Recovery were great. I could not be more pleased with them. They made all the difference for me really. The staff were kind and caring. They somehow managed to maintain a position of stability and professionalism while still being able to be incredibly personable and pleasant with me on a daily basis. I am actually still in touch with several of the staff members there to this day.

    The program itself was excellent. We worked on something slightly different every day, so I never felt like I was having to do the same thing over and over again. The program was also open ended, so I got to have a say in what approaches I took and which ones I didn’t take. That was truly cool and unexpected.

    The rehab facility itself was excellent too. The facility was pleasant and well kept. The rooms were comfortable and relaxing. The food was tasty. The after class and counseling amenities were fun and engaging.

    All in all, I give Choices Recovery a five star rating. This is a solid, stable, reliable, consistent rehab center. I have never been to another rehab center, so I have nothing to compare it to. However I had a great experience there, and I have been clean and sober for over six months now thanks to them, whereas before I went there I had been abusing drugs for a good three years every day.

    This rehab center gave me an entirely new perspective on life, and a new outlook from which I could gauge and assess the future. This treatment center allowed me to really understand why I had become addicted in the first place. This treatment program answered a lot of questions that I had. They helped me find the answers, really.

    I strongly recommend this program to anyone who suffers with an addiction. With the help that this rehab gave me, I know I will have a stable and successful future, and I hope you will too!

  23. Yes, elevate is really the place to choose when you are looking for a great rehab center. They are really like goal based, meaning you can stay as much as you need, instead of kicking you out after like 30 days even if you are really really not doing well, and you feel like you can’t keep anything together as soon as you leave. Thats what happened to me at my last rehab. And it was such a huge difference for me to actually be able to stay as much as I needed. This time was the rehab that really changed so many things. I really find all the staff member very very helpful and they were really helping me out when ever I felt down. Also they personalize your program, so like me I did the 12 steps before, and it did not work much, so I did the Smart recovery, it was really good, I liked it. I think that this place is really the ideal rehab center for anyone with any type of addiction. I liked too the holistic type vibe, it is a good thing they are really holistic, cause it is really rare that you find holistic rehabs. If you want to get help, I warmly recommend this place to you. They are really efficient and you get the result that you hope for. Me I have been clean for 3 months now and I feel healthy and so sometimes it gets hard, and I have hard times, but with what I have learned at the rehab, I can apply this to these situations and I can be totally over that, and can control it and I stay off drugs.

  24. I am so glad for my sober life, and I can thank most of this achievement to choices recovery, and of course to myself, but without them I would be very far from a sober life. This was a hard road with many obstacles till I arrived at this point, at “wellbriety”. I found myself intrigued by the native 12 steps, the native teachings always interested me, therefore I did that road, and I found my inner peace, and methods to cope. I really found what I was looking for in the native 12 steps program, and I feel like I am more connected with nature too. And I also realised some things in myself that also helped me change. I can. Kt say enough how much I love the native 12 steps and all their teachings are so so amazing. This was good way to start my new life, my new me. The big big difference that exists between choices recovery and other rehab centers, thatI personally noticed, and I heard from many people too and it is definitely true, that they don’t give you psych meds they don’t give you pills. Many actually, probably like 95% of rehabs give you pills to deal with your side effects, and your urges. This was not allowed at Choices, which at first was strange, but trust me it is good. Usually you leave the rehab with prescription drugs, and when you get home, probably it also contributes to the fact, that you relapse. So at choices they actually try to help you in other ways, and I first was extremely skeptical about that, I was like what the heck this is just weird, nah this ain’t gonna work for me, but it did, and I might have stayed for a longer amount of time at the rehab, but at least I am not gonna be one of those who go in and out of rehabs and nothing works on them. Now I don’t have to take any pills, any type of drug, not even legal drug to feel good. And what ever I learned while I was at choices I feel like it really helped me cope with real life situations, that used to lead me to use. Thumbs up to choices recovery!

  25. The first time my sister overdosed on heroin she died. Before that we did everything together. Heroin included. I knew that something like this could happen but I didn’t think it actually would. She was always careful about not using too much but it’s not really possible to be careful when it comes to drug use. When my sister died it devastated our family. My parents begged me to go to rehab which I readily agreed to. I realized then that if I continued using I would die eventually and I didn’t want to die. I went to a 30-day program and when I came home I relapsed. I thought that with the motivation I had to stay clean that going to the program would be enough. I didn’t want to get high and yet for me it just became too hard to not use. I wanted to stay clean but I just couldn’t. When I told my parents I had relapsed and was using again they immediately helped me get into the same program again. I went to the rehab, did the program and relapsed again. That was when we found Choices. We all knew that I couldn’t go back to the same rehab. It didn’t work the first or second time and there was no reason to think that it would work the third time. So, I went to Choices and it immediately felt different. The staff there are so kind and caring and I felt hopeful again that I could beat this thing. The staff there have a true understanding of drug addiction and what it does to the person using and what it does to the loved ones of the addicts. It makes it easier to accept their help. I did a program at Choices that I felt would help me. There was a number of different programs there so I wasn’t stuck doing the same kind of program just hoping that this time would be different. I was able to start making decisions about my life and really take charge of what I was going to do. When I completed Choices it was so much different than the other rehab I had been to. I understood more about my addiction than ever before. I knew what things to stay away from and what my reactions would be to certain things. It helped me stay sober because I knew what I was doing instead of just praying that I could stay clean from sheer willpower alone. One of the things about Choices that make it so great is the support system you immediately get from going there. The staff are so knowledgeable and understanding that you feel comfortable asking for their help if you need it. Whether you are in the building or not. They called to make sure I was doing okay and to make sure that I was sticking with my aftercare and really working on my recovery. If I had stayed home I would have been fine. I was content there and sober and that could have been that. I decided however that I wanted to help people the same way I was helped and so I went back to Choices to work. I absolutely love what I do now. I am helping people get off drugs and it’s pretty amazing to be able to do that.

  26. I think that at choices they are very good with treating addiction, any sort, alcohol or drugs. My aunt has been an alcoholic since I can remember, and it was a very heavy situation for our entire family. She has made so many problems in our lives, when we tried to help her and others tried too, but to not much result. We always told her that this is gonna end really bad, well it kinda did, she ended up in the hospital, and they told her that is she doesn’t stop drinking. She has a hearth attack, and honestly I though that was it, she is gonna go. But she got out of it pretty well, so at the hospital she was forced to not drink, so we said that when the doctor give us okay, she goes straight to rehab, and we give her no choices. At this point she did realize that it is a very bad place where she is at, and she knew that she was too young to die, not yet. So she said okay, she is gonna go to rehab, hence we sent her to choices. It was a great choice cause first of all they kept her as much as they needed, made sure she was ready to go, even though it is always hard to continue after the rehab, but they did not have this 30 day policy. It might seem a lot already but it is not, cause for someone who has been an alcoholic for most of her life, 30 days is nothing and not enough, so she stayed close to two months, and she said she was very happy that they kept her longer, cause if she would have had returned sooner probably she would have relapsed very quickly. Than she said that the case managers were really well trained and they did help her tons. The twelve step program was amazing, and she had loads of changes in her attitude towards life. She said that now shes is very serious about this She is going to continue to go to aa meetings, she has gone every week since she is back home. She has a really amazing sponsor who is looking out for her a lot. So she got her life together and she seems much more focused than before and finally there is no drama, I mean not as much drama in my family than before. After I know that it is still hard for her, cause going to a rehab is one thing, but when people kinda see alcohol everywhere, literally, and there is a daily temptation, it is very hard. They do get you through the hardest part, but they show you the toad, after is her decision to walk on it.

  27. I have nothing but warmth in my heart and in my mind for Choices Recovery. I have been in touch with this rehab center for some years now and have been impressed with them time and time again. To me this treatment program is immensely helpful and beneficial to all who go there. My 27 year old daughter went there about a year ago, and her experience was excellent.

    The Choices Recovery program offers a variable, results based, evidence based, customizable and open ended approach to addiction treatment. This I feel is their strong suit and their most helping approach. This rehab center is engaging and helpful in what they do, and I feel like those who work here truly care about helping people and giving them a good experience. The staff at Choices Recovery are hardworking folk who care more about saving lives than they do about a big paycheck.

    My daughter had been suffering and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for a long time, and things were looking pretty grim for her. I could not state this more clearly, but it would seem that Choices Recovery most definitely had the right idea when it came to helping people, and this treatment center more so than any other I have ever seen (and believe me in my time and in my own recovery I have seen a few) is dedicated to the full recovery of those who go there for treatment.

    Since they opened, Choices Recovery has had the purpose and the passion of removing drug and alcohol addiction from as many people as possible. The Choices Recovery team is adamant about this. The care factor here is very palatable. My daughter has been clean and sober for about eleven months now, which is the longest period of sobriety that she has ever experienced, and one of which I am very proud of. If it wasn’t for Choices Recovery, I do not know if she would still be with us today. Drug and alcohol addiction is a cruel affliction to say the least, and it has a tendency to latch on and not let go of people once they become hooked.

    Choices Recovery applies a method of addressing addiction that enables each client who goes there to experience something slightly different. This rehab center is engaging and helpful to say the least, and with their help I feel like my daughter was able to find a recovery from addiction that would not have been attainable somewhere else.

  28. Going to Choices saved my life. It helped me do more than just get clean. Going to Choices helped me realize that I didn’t need drugs to make me happy or to fulfill my life. It helped me realize that I just didn’t need drugs period. I have been to a few rehabs since I started using pills. My mom finds them and I go to make her happy. I didn’t think she’d find a place that would help me as much as going to Choices did. I went to Choices twice. The first time I went to Choices I went to make my mom happy just like every rehab before it. Even with that I was happy when I was there. I never felt uncomfortable or judged for the mistakes I had made in my life. When I finished Choices the first time and came home I did okay for a couple months. I did relapse though. That last relapse was different though. I realized that I didn’t want to do drugs anymore. I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing and I decided that I wanted to go back to rehab and I wanted to get clean for myself this time. That’s what going to Choices the first time did for me. I had to convince my mom to send me back to Choices after I relapsed. She thought a different place might help me more considering I had gone to Choices and relapsed but she finally agreed to send me back there. During my first program at Choices I did everything I was supposed to I just didn’t do it for myself. This time, every class, every group, every single thing I did I did it for me. It makes a big difference. It changed the way I saw everything and each tool I learned there I learned with the intention of using it to stay clean. Since I’ve been back from Choices this last time I’ve been doing great. I don’t miss the pills and have no desire to ever use them again. That’s huge for me. I’m still clean and what’s more is that I’m happy. Before going to Choices, I honestly thought I’d be on pills for the rest of my life whether I wanted to be on them or not. It just seemed too hard for me to stay clean. Now though, it’s not hard to stay clean. I have the tools I need to stay clean and no desire to ever use drugs again. Choices is the best place to send someone who needs help. It’s more than just the fact that the program is basically tailor-made for each individual that comes in. It’s the people working there who make it so amazing. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for how absolutely dedicated the staff there are to helping every person there.

  29. This place is absolutely amazing and has saved my life. The different treatment models really help you in finding out who you really are. I owe choices recovery my life and the staff is phenomenal. I have been to so many rehabs but it was this one who saved my life. I love my life and my sobriety. I realized no matter what, with a little desire – you can make it. Choices gives you hope and helps you fulfill your dreams!!!

  30. I won’t even send my dog here. They treat like shit unless you kiss their ass. I have never been to a rehab before but I needed to get of Vicodin. They didn’t help me with anything and their program is based on Scientology. I’m in a lawsuit right now. Pay the extra and go to a Hazelton. FYI the owner is under indictment for tax fraud. There was a damn child molester there but I didn’t get that info till I got out. If you send your kid here it is a big mistake. If you send your kid here it is a big mistake.

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