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Choices in Recovery, formerly known as Bethesda Recovery Center, offers detoxoutpatient and residential substance abuse treatment in the San Diego County city of Vista, California. The administrative and outpatient facility is located in an office building, while six residential homes in Vista provide the detox and inpatient treatment locations. Choices in Recovery offers a residential treatment experience in a comfortable setting. Vista prides itself on being the avocado capital of the world and is listed in the book 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family for its cost of living, climate, parks and excellent school system.

Accommodations and Food

The detox house takes both men and women, although they are assigned separate halls, while the residential facilities are divided by gender. There is one women’s house and four for men. Houses are all four or five bedrooms and at least two full baths, each with free laundry facilities on site. There are living rooms, each with a TV that residents are allowed to watch in the evenings—no TVs or computers are allowed in the bedrooms. Homes can accommodate six residents and two house managers. There are two people per room and linens and towels are provided. Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, with twin or full-sized beds, dressers and reading lamps.

All houses have fully equipped kitchens and residents are expected to plan and cook their own meals. This is part of the life skills portion of the program, which teaches the importance of budgeting, planning and cooperation between roommates. Each resident receives a grocery allowance every week and each resident cooks once a week for the group. Residents purchase food for and prepare their own breakfasts and lunches each day.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Choices in Recovery starts with an intake session at the main office. Clients are assessed and counselors work to develop a treatment plan that is affordable for the client as well as most effective. Those seeking Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) are initially assigned to the detox house for stabilization that is supervised by a physician and a nurse practitioner, who can prescribe and monitor medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol. The average stay in the detox house is one week, after which clients have the option to transition to one of the residential homes or to enter outpatient treatment. Those who do not require medically-supervised or assisted detox are assigned to one of the homes directly from intake.

All treatment, aside from in-house 12-step meetings and daily process groups, takes place at the main office. Residents are provided with free transportation, Monday through Friday. Outpatient and residential clients are mixed into the same groups for 12-step based therapy and encouraged to bond. To promote the bonding process, clients are required to call five members of their counseling group daily. Random urine drug screens are performed on all clients at the office to ensure abstinence. Both inpatient and outpatient clients are required to attend three group sessions weekly. Individual counseling is provided for those who need one-on-one therapy. These sessions cover such areas as developing a stress-free lifestyle, job searching, finances and budgeting as well as new and previous relationships.

Residential clients are required to attend nightly 12-step meetings and all clients are encouraged to start building a support group and get a sponsor. Upon completion of the residential stay, clients receive six months of complimentary aftercare, which includes a weekly alumni meeting in the office and access to the in-house 12-step meetings. Programs range in length from four to 12 months.

The staff consists of certified addiction counselors, both in the office and at the residential locations. House managers provide 24-hour supervision to all residents. In addition to house managers, the detox house employs two registered nurses, a nurse practitioner and a consulting physician.


Choices in Recovery offers many extras in the life skills development portion of the program, including stress reduction techniques like guided meditation. Residents are required to organize weekend activities such as softball to get comfortable in a social environment. Families are invited to participate in weekly recreational activities.

In addition to job search assistance, residents are provided with information about GED completion programs and local colleges. Free co-dependency family counseling is available. Other services offered include HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, legal aid, relapse prevention and anger management groups.

In Summary

Choices in Recovery is an affordable, full-service, 12-step based recovery facility offering both outpatient and residential treatment, as well as detox. The program encourages clients to build a support group and a foundation in the 12-step community that will serve them long after treatment is completed.

Choices in Recovery Location

733 S Santa Fe Ave
Vista, CA 92083

Choices in Recovery Cost

$1,500 (two-week detox); $1,900 (30 days). Reach Choices in Recovery by phone at (760)945-5290 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. Their houses are unlicensed and house 14 people at a time in 3 bedroom homes. The staff at the residential houses are not licensed or have any type of counseling creditals ! The owner herself has no creditals and should not be making life choices for people . They have individuals leading the aftercare group that are not AOD counselors . This place is a joke I don’t see how they get away with housing men and women in the same home and 14 of them packed in like sardines . There’s no 2 people to a room in single beds they’re in bunk beds. There is no family counseling and no family activities . They should be shut down . Their facility on Santa Fe is a put patient facility .

  2. That place is amazing , the facility is beautiful and very neat which shows that the staff members are very competent in what they are doing. I love the food choices as well , its very important to eat a well balanced healthy diet when you are trying to recover. Your diet plays a big role in your mental well being. Its pretty cool that they have a lot of activities too to distract you and to help you relax between , I really like the music room as I firmly believe music can heal your soul 🙂 If you are struggling with drug problems this place is the best to go for help! I think its quite amazing that we live in a world where people can get help when they needed.

  3. Are children allowed to visit in your sober living homes where there are six people. How do you keep them safe?
    Can a person male or female be able to get there Counceling Certificate even with violent crimes, drugs, and past child abuse? As well as not current on child support.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer these important Questions.

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